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- By Akitamummy [gb] Date 19.11.15 18:20 GMT
Hi, anyone traveling to Tyne wear and tees hound association from Newcastle upon Tyne, it's for me and my friends mini wire dachshund... she's 6 months old and its her first show... thank you so much in advance
- By Brainless [gb] Date 19.11.15 23:19 GMT
Are you coming to the Nordic show on Saturday, we will be there in ring 5.
- By Akitamummy [gb] Date 21.11.15 09:58 GMT
No I'm not, where is it? If it's local I could always come along :)
- By Akitamummy [gb] Date 21.11.15 10:04 GMT
Just checked, it's not local but we will be trying to get along to the next one! I hadn't seen it anywhere! Best of luck though :D how many of your little furries are you entering
- By Brainless [gb] Date 21.11.15 20:27 GMT
I took three, first time out for the pup of 6 months, and she got 4th in Junior, won Open bitch and best bitch with Inka and lower placings with the others.

The Nordic is the same time each year, and the only show that has al the Spitz breeds scheduled together.
- By Akitamummy [gb] Date 21.11.15 20:40 GMT
Ah fab! That's really good, tell all of them a huge well done, I hope to be there with little miss looker next time! :lol: :grin:
- By Brainless [gb] Date 21.11.15 20:54 GMT Upvotes 1
Yep keep an eye out for this weekend date next year.  it's run by the Finnish spitz club.
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