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- By Charlysays [gb] Date 24.09.15 17:33 GMT
Hi there

I have a large Dog Jogger Treadmill for sale £600 ONO. We paid about £1200 when new.  It's still in very good condition, as has only had light use.  There are a few scratches but only cosmetic.
Has adjustable incline, you can increase and decrease speed and has attachment to stop machine in emergency so your dog will always be safe.  Digital exercise monitor shows speed, time and distance covered.  This is an ideal bit of kit to exercise your dog if you're not able to take them out for the runs/walks you would like.  We found it really helpful in the winter when the weather's terrible, as the dogs get to run even when it's snowng outside!
This is a very heavy item, and would need a van to collect and at least 2 people to lift.
The sides are removable which makes it a bit easier to manoeuvre.
Comes with original instructions.  Any questions or if you would like any pictures, please message me and I'd be happy to help.  You can see the treadmill on the Beny Sports website. 

Thanks for looking.
- By treakybeak [gb] Date 18.10.16 08:42 GMT
do you still have this?
Up Topic Dog Boards / Bring and Buy / Large Dog Jogger treadmill

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