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- By ridgielover Date 10.03.15 19:14 GMT
As it says in the title - thank you
- By Lacy Date 10.03.15 20:12 GMT
I lost my password, can you send it to me?

The original password isn't stored anywhere for security reasons. But on the login page you can request an email with a ticket link that is valid for a limited time. After using that link to login, you can set a new password.

Found the above, hope it helps? Good Luck.
- By ridgielover Date 12.03.15 08:53 GMT
Thanks, Lacy, I've used the link to log in but I can't find where to go to actually change the password :(
- By MarkR Date 16.03.15 15:37 GMT
If you are a member of the main champdogs site, either as a breeder or on the litter waitinglist, then your password for the forum is the same as your password for the main Champdogs site.

In this case to change your password click here
- By ridgielover Date 16.03.15 16:56 GMT
I'm not a member.

I still don't know how to change my password so am having to follow the temp link if I want to login :( Could you tell me how to change it please, Mark?
- By MarkR Date 16.03.15 17:40 GMT

>I'm not a member.

Yes you are :grin:

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