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- By Admin (Administrator) Date 06.03.15 13:35 GMT
We would love to hear how you get on so please let us know by posting your results in this thread. Don't forget to tell us your dogs name and their placing(s) and if they have a page on Champdogs, we will link to it for you :grin:
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 08.03.15 17:15 GMT

Cotonalba Rudha Mor - 1st Veteran Dog

INT & MULTI CH Jespersen's Excalibur At Cotonese - 1st Open Dog

Pridesden Personified - Bitch CC

Bamtybo Arya Of Winterfell For Rovilo - Best Puppy

Estivals Miss Dynamite at Bobitch - Reserver Bitch CC

Norcairn Dark N'dazzling At Bankholt - 1st Junior Bitch

Rischale Ophelia - 1st Post Grad. Bitch

Norcairn Dark Encounter - 1st Limit Bitch
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 09.03.15 12:15 GMT
Nothing for my girl though she looked her best and showed beautifully, but several of my friends were shortlisted or placed, and particularly my friend whose dog got 3rd in Veteran Dog and 1st in GC Dog! :-)
- By Henri3402 [gb] Date 09.03.15 21:14 GMT
Ynnizin's Jean-Pierre Papin at Mossport (IMP SWE) - 1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog
Up Topic Dog Boards / Showing / Crufts Results 2015 - Toy & Utility

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