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- By concept [gb] Date 27.01.15 12:38 GMT Edited 27.01.15 12:41 GMT Upvotes 1
Hi All, I have just joined and was given a password that is very complicated to remember. Can anyone please give me advice as to how to change it? I received an e-mail with the link to activate, and said e-mail says I have the option of changing password to one more memorable. However, I have had a look around the site, and for the life of me, cannot work out how to do so. Many thanks in advance :) ps I did try the options but to no avail
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.01.15 13:22 GMT
Click on options, link at top right of page.
- By Daisy [gb] Date 27.01.15 15:25 GMT
Hmm - it used to be there ..... I can't find it now ???

Has anyone been able to change their email address recently ?? I have tried but don't get the verification email ?? I assume that it is sent to the new address ?
- By concept [gb] Date 27.01.15 15:52 GMT
Brainless, I tried options, it only gives me the link to change my e-mail address :( x
- By MarkR Date 27.01.15 17:26 GMT
To change your password you will firstly need to logout.

Then go to the login screen and enter your email address in the Forgot Password form.

You will be sent an email containing a link and when you visit that link you will be prompted to enter a new password.
- By Daisy [gb] Date 27.01.15 17:49 GMT
What about changing email addresses ?? I've tried twice now and not received the email. Does it go to the new address ?
- By MarkR Date 27.01.15 18:32 GMT

> Does it go to the new address ?

Of course, where else did you think it would go :lol:

I would check your spam folders etc.

If you pm me the email address, I will check our logs to confirm the emails were delivered.
- By Sullysmum Date 12.03.15 19:58 GMT
Hi, I am an older member who totally forgot about this site when I changed laptops a fair while ago. I am having the same problem as main poster. I just got a reminder about this site from 'Champdogs', then as I had forgotten my password i sent for a new one. I got an email, clicked on the link, it sent me to a page that said did I accept the rules to which I clicked yes, it then took me to main forum said I was now logged in. I cannot see anywhere to change to a new password that I was told I could and I also don't know what password I am logged in on as it was done automatically when I clicked on the email link? Thankyou
- By MarkR Date 16.03.15 12:06 GMT
Welcome back. It is good to have you around.

If you follow the instructions again I suspect this time around you will be able to change your password.
- By saxonjus Date 16.03.15 12:34 GMT
Hello Sullysmum pleased to meet you :grin:
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