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Up Topic Dog Boards / Missing Dogs / 4 year old Husky missing - BRADFORD
- By codysholasmum [gb] Date 08.01.15 09:11 GMT
As title. Murphy a 4 year old husky  he went missing in Bradford area on the 4/12/14 .He is still missing .
This boy has a facebook page relating all infomation to contact his owner Andy Smith,
Andy is very pro active trying to get his boy back ,Radio interviews ,local paper, Actress Claire King has been on local radio asking for help to get this boy home . Infomation leads Andy to belive that Murphy who had slipped his collar to run after squirels ,was then stolen by people from eastern europe.they then sold him on ,that person then contacted Andy to give/sell him back but has now changed his mind , any sightings of a nearly all white husky (brown patches round ears & a brown patch on his left side near to his bum ).
Please Please can you all join Andys facebook page it is not only Murphy but the page is linked to a lot of dogs that have been lost/stolen .They have 32.000 members already 

Title of the page is Get Murphy Home & thank you all....................xx
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 08.01.15 10:13 GMT
Please add direct contact details (phone number) to this type of post.
- By codysholasmum [gb] Date 08.01.15 10:48 GMT Edited 08.01.15 11:08 GMT
Sorry as all information is on the Get Murphy Home facebook site, I thought that was enough,
Owner Andy Smith. mobile number 07759 851895.
Andy rescued Murphy 2 years ago ,who has had 8 owners before him, he slipped his lead ,then was picked up by 2 people in a car & sold on to someone from easten europe .
A group of his followers are meeting in Bradford on Saturday to bring awareness to this ,
Any sightings or information please contact Andy .He is desperate to get his lad home
Any more information is available on the Get Murphy Home facebook page .
Please Please help get him home
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 08.01.15 11:08 GMT
Thank you :)
- By georgepig [gb] Date 04.03.15 06:50 GMT
This dog has been found now. Great news!
- By MarkR Date 04.03.15 08:21 GMT

Looks like the microchip did its job.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Missing Dogs / 4 year old Husky missing - BRADFORD

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