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- By suejaw Date 11.06.14 19:01 GMT
I know that if a dog has an elbow score of 2 or higher you can't advertise the litter on here. Is there's max allowed on hips at all?
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 12.06.14 06:30 GMT
Hips and Elbows are not an exact science so we use the BVA guidelines. The two tests are BVA schemes so I am sure you will agree it seems sensible to use their recommendations.

Elbows ( :

"The overall grade is used internationally as the basis for breeding advice. Ideally dogs with 'normal' elbows should be chosen and at least dogs with 2 or 3 arthrosis should not be used for breeding."

This guideline is simple to interpret and we apply the following rules to all litters and stud dogs on Champdogs :

0 - Ideal and allowed
1 - OK and allowed
2,3 - Not allowed

Hips - (

"Hip Scoring should be considered along with other criteria as part of a responsible breeding programme, and, ideally, breeders should choose breeding stock with hip scores WELL BELOW the Breed Mean Score (BMS)"

The BVA only state what is ideal for hips and not what is not OK (as they do with elbows) so we have to find our own upper limit. We consider any figure over twice the current BMS to be unacceptable. So our rules are :

Below BMS - Ideal and allowed
Below or equal to 2 x BMS - OK and allowed
Greater than 2 x BMS - Not allowed

EBV - (

We are monitoring the situation with regards to EBV (Estimated Breeding Values) and will also take into consideration the EBV if a dog has a good value with a high confidence level.
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