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- By Dungonnell [gb] Date 27.08.13 16:20 GMT

I've just noticed that the flag attached to my profile is a German flag. Not that I have a problem with anyone or anything German but i am in fact British and if it is not too much trouble could someone in charge please change mine to the Union Jack.
- By Dungonnell [gb] Date 27.08.13 16:22 GMT
Oh thats weird?? Its just been updated.

- By Carrington Date 27.08.13 16:35 GMT
Did you use your mobile?  I think sometimes when you use it to post it comes up as another country. :-)
- By Tectona [gb] Date 27.08.13 16:39 GMT
Mine always posts the German flag when I'm on my mobile. Like this!
- By Carrington Date 27.08.13 16:50 GMT
Exactly like that....... :-D :-D
- By Nova Date 27.08.13 20:55 GMT
The flag I believe applies to the ISP and not to the member so it can cause confusion but why yours changed I don't know unless you were using a different ISP.
- By JeanSW Date 27.08.13 23:53 GMT
I only get the Union Jack when I'm at home on my computer.  (Do not have a mobile that does internet.)

But when I am down at the caravan I do take my laptop and a dongle.  This shows the German flag as well.  And if I do lottery online while down at the caravan it asks me to confirm that I'm UK.
- By Nova Date 28.08.13 06:01 GMT
As you have a German one now Jean are you enjoying the caravan?
- By Jodi [gb] Date 28.08.13 06:54 GMT
Just thought I would reply to this and see what happens. We are currently away and in our static ( still in the uk) using a mifi dongle.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 28.08.13 06:54 GMT
Well, I seem to have a Uk flag.
- By Dungonnell [gb] Date 28.08.13 10:20 GMT
Ah, that explains it. I do use my mobile sometimes when on the forum.
Thanks for the responses :)
- By JeanSW Date 28.08.13 22:35 GMT
Oh yes I am.  I've never truly got enough out of it before.  Since losing my job in March I have almost lived here as the weather has been so good.  Only returning home for hospital and vet appointments.  Each time my dog sitter has stayed at my place, and I've brought different dogs each time.  I've got 4 with me at the moment.  One had an accident yesterday and was so excited that she was going out with me all by herself!  I registered with a vet down here years ago.  They know I'm only a seasonal customer, but I've found that you do get seen more quickly because they have your details already.

I was seen by one of the partners, first time I'd met him, and would definitely recommend.  He was lovely with my girl, who had jumped out of the van and caught one of her nails in carpet thingy.  (Whatever it's called that holds the carpet down.)  It bled dramatically, and the nail looked almost at right angles to her paw.  I couldn't get a decent grip, and it didn't feel loose enough for me to just pull.  I thought about the thread we've had going about vet costs.  I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost of my appointment.  Yet checked out costs on a list while I waited and nearly died when I saw they charge just over £99 for a rabbit spay.  Wow! 
- By Goldmali Date 28.08.13 23:08 GMT
Do those of you who get the German flag from a mobile or dongle use T-mobile?

I have noticed that when I am at home in Sweden obviously I get a Swedish flag, but any posts I make whilst away then get changed back to Union Jack once I'm back in the UK again and have posted from here.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 29.08.13 07:41 GMT
My mobile dongle thingie has a 3 sim, but I still get the Union flag when using it, as can be seen on this post
- By JeanSW Date 29.08.13 21:21 GMT

> Do those of you who get the German flag from a mobile or dongle use T-mobile?

Mine is O2 PAYG because I can't be doing with monthly direct debits for luxuries like iphones.  My previous dongle was 3 when it first came out.  But I get better reception with O2 and it's very economical for my needs.  I don't download anything so don't know how it compares, but I put a tenner on when I came down here a couple of weeks ago, and I'm still going strong.  It's convenient, because if you don't have any credit on, it lets you logon to add funds.  Suits me down to the ground.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 30.08.13 07:43 GMT
We don't bother with a monthly contract either. We only use the dongle when we are away from home and although we do spend a fair bit of the warmer months away, it was a waste of money otherwise. We now use a sim that we pre buy (from Amazon as its cheaper there then directly from 3) either a one month or 3 month SIM card which allows us to get email and onto the Internet. Works out at £11 for 3 month card.
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