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- By chaumsong Date 12.07.13 13:05 GMT
Can someone point me to the diary again please, although I'm not too sure of the benefit of posting in it when it's so hard to find ;-)
- By Jodi [gb] Date 12.07.13 13:25 GMT
Crikey, I didn't know there was one. I think you have a point chaumsong
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 13.07.13 08:05 GMT Edited 13.07.13 08:09 GMT
Champdogs Diary. All Champdogs Members will find a link to it on the 'My Account' menu.
- By ridgielover Date 13.07.13 10:24 GMT
Admin, is there any reason why it couldn't be on the "Dog Boards" or "Other Boards" lists? It would be easier to find there, wouldn't it?
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