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Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / My young Giant Schnauzer has MRSA!
- By FlyingFinn [gb] Date 14.06.13 23:09 GMT
Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody's dog here has had MRSA [I think it's actually MRSR with dogs]?
My boy has had elbow dysplasia and has had quite a few operations, I think 6 or 7 [too many to remember]. The last one was last thursday, when he had a metal plate and 9 screws put in to try to help an ununited cut in the ulna to heal.
The operation went well, but on sunday night the wound started bleading so I took him to see my vet on monday who took a swop. The results came back today, verdict, MRSA.
I am very very worried because he's had a lot of surgery and a lot of Abs in the past. Hopefully his body can handle one more fight.
The biggest worry is that the plate and screws will have to come out. That really would be the end :(
Any info would be helpful.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 15.06.13 08:15 GMT
Not me personally but a friend of mine has had extensive experience with it - she's on FB, I can ask her if she's happy for you to email her if you like.  I'm sure she will be, she's very keen to spread the word about it as it seems to not be that well known in terms of treatment etc.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 15.06.13 08:24 GMT
I wonder if there is anything here that might help you
Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / My young Giant Schnauzer has MRSA!

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