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- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 05.06.13 08:48 GMT
Has anyone had any dealing with ; www.
This company advertises on ebay a commercial heavy duty mincing machine, has anyone bought one of  these?
- By Esme [gb] Date 05.06.13 09:26 GMT
Sorry, no, it's a bit dear for me. I wonder if it minces bone? I couldn't tell from the description. Hopefully someone else will be able to shed some light on it.
- By Louise Badcock [gb] Date 05.06.13 13:34 GMT
I used my old Kenwood chef mincer attachment all through the 70's and 80's to mince cooked rabbits for the cats and I never managed to break it even though I left most of the bones in --not the back leg bones.
It is still going strong at 50 years old but I only mince meat with it now
Regards Louise
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 05.06.13 13:41 GMT
Esme, I was using a Kenwood PRO 1600  but I knackered it by putting a pigs tail in and it got wraped around the spindle shaft and jamed the thing up. It all happened so quickly and I did not react fast enough to hit the stop button. Untill that point the mincer used to mince whole phesants and whole rabbits, obviously cut up a bit, + vennison plucks and my butchers waste.
I have to get myself another mincer before the phesant season and Fallow deer season starts again ! Maybe I should get Another Kenwood and be more carefull next time.
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 05.06.13 13:44 GMT
Louise Badcock,  Ah yes but things back in those days were made to last. As you see in my last reply it was totally my fault that I killed my Kenwood
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