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- By BostonsRus [ca] Date 02.04.13 02:29 GMT
My female is aproximately  46  days pregnant  and no movement yet, her last litter started to move around day 45 , could litter size affect this?  ). As last litter she gave birth to 2 puppies and were quite large for the breed. She is currently abput the size of she was 3 days before delivery of her past litter was. We aare hoping for more than two this time for smaller pups at birth. As the breed norm for them to be born 6-8ounces amd past liter was 10 ounces a pup.  So long story short if she expecting a larger litter will it be longer til you feel the pups moving?  She is getting xrayed friday for litter size for what to account for  at whelping.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 02.04.13 15:37 GMT
The more pups the tighter they will be packed with less room to move.

I found most movement was when the bitch was asleep, I would lie beside her on the bed, once she was asleep slip my hand under her belly and wait to feel flutters at first then true kicks as the days went by.

Some carry the pups high up in the ribs so less likely to see activity.

If I was to Xray to get numbers and pup/pelvis ratio I would leave it to a week before due date to get a clearer pic as too early the bones won't be calcified enough to show properly and they could still grow a lot making them too big for the pelvic outlet.

Good Luck with the whelping
- By JeanSW Date 02.04.13 21:56 GMT
I had a bitch who had a pup high up under the ribs, and it didn't come down until a few hours before whelping.  You obviously can't feel them when they are up that high.

Some people on CD have mentioned that they never feel a pup move.  So I wouldn't be worrying over it.  While you mention the difference in size being so different from her first litter, it often has no relevance.
- By Trialist Date 03.04.13 20:15 GMT
I've never felt a puppy move :-( Had three successful litters of my own and helped with 13 of my breeder/mentors! If you feel/see your pups move then count yourself lucky :-) If you don't, don't worry!!
- By BostonsRus [ca] Date 03.04.13 20:49 GMT
I only mentioned last litter size as she carried them low... we may have felt some soft movements last night but could have just been gas bubbbles... I swear I felt atleast one diffinate kick appart from gas bubbles.  2 days til xray and our waiting list of potential homes are filling up with one male going to stud owner already. They arent even here yet and dreading the day they go. 

She refused to go for a walk today... is that normal?  I havent walked her far except back and forth down my street( Short street 2 minute walk fr om one end to the other)

Introduced her to her whelping pool last night and she was very excited to have someswhere with more space... She's growing more everyday
- By claire_41 [gb] Date 04.04.13 09:19 GMT
I was so lucky to have felt puppies move in both litters i used to sit for hours with my hand on her tummy :)
- By BostonsRus [ca] Date 04.04.13 11:03 GMT
That was me with her last litter... it was just an amazing experience I hope to experience soon... last litter there was one really god kick that could outline the pups head, and legs and almost look like he was going jump out so wished I got it on camera:(
- By Brainless [gb] Date 04.04.13 11:33 GMT

> I've never felt a puppy move

Ditto, also medium size coated breed.

I have seen the occasional shift.
- By Goldmali Date 04.04.13 12:37 GMT
I've felt the movement clearly in every litter. With the small dogs they lay on my lap all evening and it is amazing to feel how the kicks increase in strength day by day. With the big dogs that are shortcoated I can always see the movements when thy are laying down. Often see it in cats as well, even the Persians. Love it. :)

I think it's okay to link to this as it is on YouTube. It is one of my bitches' stomach 4 days before giving birth (years ago). She had ten pups in that litter. You can clearly see the movements inside her in the first few seconds of the video. Biggest movement after 7 to 8 seconds. (After that you can't really see anything.) Look in between but above the two visible teats in the darker coloured area of fur. (Sorry Brainless, you might not be able to as I know your eye sight isn't good. It's had a lot of views and it seems as many people cannot see it as can.)
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 04.04.13 13:20 GMT

>I've felt the movement clearly in every litter.

Me too. Even in Clover's small litters (4 in the first, 5 in the second) by week 8 her belly used to be visibly leaping around like a pot of boiling porridge. Great fun to watch. :-)
- By claire_41 [gb] Date 04.04.13 15:23 GMT


Thank you for sharing :) i wish i'd done this as thats how my bitch was :)
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 04.04.13 15:51 GMT
Cute! I got some ripples with Ellie, but nothing huge.
- By BostonsRus [ca] Date 04.04.13 21:34 GMT
Thanks Goldmali for the video it only makes me so much more anxsious to feel and watch the babies move... tomorrow is her xray just hoping for more than 2 this time.
- By Goldmali Date 05.04.13 10:31 GMT
As several people have said they've not felt or seen movement, please don't worry too much BostonsRus.
- By BostonsRus [ca] Date 05.04.13 22:49 GMT
Went to the vets today and got xray done... 3 pups confirmed but I believe theirs more as the pups were not as old as we suspected... shes about 45-47days as the skeletons were very hard to see... and the vet only did the one side veiw-.- I saw the xray and it was not clear and was just of her right side and not a top or bottom  view. So Im wondering does the veiw the do the xray does it affect the count and bekng earlier scanned?
- By Chiman [gb] Date 06.04.13 08:17 GMT
Wouldn't worry, we have only just started to feel pups move (toy breed) and she is day 60-63 today. Most i've felt was yesterday, nothing up till about a week ago :)
- By BostonsRus [ca] Date 06.04.13 13:31 GMT
Im not as worried now knowing they are a few days behind what we thought she was mated every other day for a week and must have caught on the last 2-3 matings... making her about day 45-47...
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