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- By FubarsMom [ca] Date 16.10.02 02:38 GMT
First topic, nice huh? He was eatting a popsicle and took it right from my hand and ate the stick too! I am not sure if he chewed it when he got it, but it is gone! He did it over an 2 hours ago and hasn't barfed yet. Can it break down in his stomach? My worry is it is going to get caught in his intestines as it can't bend. WHAT TO DO????
- By BethN [gb] Date 16.10.02 07:24 GMT
Hi Fubarsmum

I wouldn't worry too much !! You'd be surprised what they can actually eat and get away with it. When I first got my puppy I was always posting about what he had eaten - balloons, teabags, J cloths, sticks etc. He undoubtably did chew it a bit. Jake is always eating sticks and 99 % of the time to no ill effect, only occasionally does it make him sick.

You'll probably find that it "reappears" today or tommorrow but in the meantime just keep an eye on him and if anything seems odd take him to the vets just to be sure but I'm sure it will be okay. - By the way, I am assuming (rightly or wrongly) that a popsicle is an ice lolly. They seem to have a fascination for cold things - Jake is obsessed with the freezer and he loves chasing and crunching ice cubes - at least they have no fat in them !!!

Hope all is okay
- By westie lover [gb] Date 16.10.02 08:03 GMT
Well, I'd suggest not offering him popsicles any more. If he starts drooling, retching or being sick or refusing food take him straight to the vet. Hopefully you will get away with it, but for goodness sake dont offer any more popsicles. He's a dog not a child. :-(
- By eoghania [de] Date 16.10.02 15:20 GMT
Hi and welcome to the board...
Wood breaks down, especially since it's cheap small presswood. As long as it doesn't go down the wrong way (like a non-round pill) it should be digested ok. It sounds as if it passed through his throat without any difficulties. So relax and wait :) Dogs eat some really nasty stuff at times :rolleyes: I think a little popsicle stick is probably manageable :)

Just out of curiosity, do you know what FUBAR stands for-- at least in military speak where it originated???????? :eek: :eek: :O
Are things really that bad? ;) :)
good luck with your dog.
toodles :cool:
- By nouggatti [ie] Date 16.10.02 21:09 GMT
was wondering that too Sara

Theresa :)
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 16.10.02 23:45 GMT
I am consumed by curiosity now but suspect it may be derogotary so may never know
- By Melodysk [gb] Date 17.10.02 06:14 GMT
f***ed up beyond all repair.

Sometimes known as Fouled up beyond all repair


- By eoghania [de] Date 17.10.02 07:18 GMT
Dad told me in the late 1940s, his unit used it for:
F****ed up beyond all recognition
Vietnam vets also knew it that way too :) That's who taught it to me when I was a very impressionable young airman :)

It fit perfectly to describe a HumVee that a buddy of mine had crashed down a mountain side during training :rolleyes: It was so damaged, it was immediately consigned for scrap metal. Lucky he wasn't only wearing the seatbelt, but full combat gear with helmut, flack vest, and winterboots. Only scratches on his face from broken glass
toodles :cool:
- By steve [gb] Date 17.10.02 09:38 GMT
toodles -forgive me but how long have you been a man?
- By Melodysk [gb] Date 17.10.02 09:39 GMT
- By steve [gb] Date 17.10.02 09:48 GMT
What !!!!!!!!
- By eoghania [de] Date 17.10.02 12:41 GMT
Hee Hee liz :) I hope you're joking on that :) ;) Never been a guy, nor ever wanted to be :) :)

Otherwise you've misunderstood what I meant :)
US Airforce has two general classification terms for enlisted ranks:
Airman (E-1 through E-4) and Non-Commissioned Officers = NCO's (E-5 to E-9) usually known as Sergeants :)

Airman is non-gender specific and directly equates to "Private" in the Army :rolleyes:
In fact, it's usually pronounced "airMUn" not "airMAn"
hth clears things up,
Sara :) :cool:
- By steve [gb] Date 17.10.02 14:15 GMT
of course I was joking :) although i must admit i thought it was a typing error :eek: ( i am totally ignorant to military terminology:( ) no offence meant :)
- By eoghania [de] Date 17.10.02 17:03 GMT
None taken at all :) :D :D But I think Melody might have gotten whiplash from laughing too hard ;) :)
- By Crazy Cockers [us] Date 17.10.02 17:57 GMT
LOL @ Sara ;)
- By Quinn [gb] Date 17.10.02 18:47 GMT
Sara, it's called an ice lolly over here. ;)

Luckily for my husband, I never knew him as a SeaMUn........................... :D
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 17.10.02 12:58 GMT
Ah, quite obvious when you think about it,
- By chaliepud [gb] Date 16.10.02 21:59 GMT
Hi there, Honey my crossbreed spent a couple of uncomfortable days, not serious, before she passed a whole lolly stick (presumably given by small toddler!), no lasting effects though, and would take another if given the chance. Things can take a while to come through though, my other dog took at least four days to throw up a reasonably large lizard (the beanbag variety!!!) it was amazingly in the same condition as it went in, we were worried it had disintegrated and the beans were toxic. Try not to worry, it should come out one way or another and you'll know if things aren't right and need professional help.
All the best, Hayley
- By mattie [gb] Date 17.10.02 09:45 GMT
Go on then whats a Popsickle ?????????????
- By steve [gb] Date 17.10.02 09:47 GMT
Lollipop ?or icelolly thingy :)
- By eoghania [de] Date 17.10.02 12:44 GMT Upvotes 1
A popsicle is:
Frozen Ice Sherbert around a long flat "stick"
Basically it, I guess.
Quinn, can you describe/translate it better for the locals? ;) :D
- By mattie [gb] Date 17.10.02 12:51 GMT
That sounds fine no further translation needed ;)
- By eoghania [de] Date 17.10.02 12:56 GMT
Wasn't too sure if Sherbert was the same stuff in the UK as it is at home :) :)
Personally, I can't stand the stuff --in a dish or on a stick :rolleyes: :D :P
- By Kathleen6660 [us] Date 03.05.17 05:38 GMT
Hi. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks! This chat helped me through a very difficult time! That said, how long does it take for a 115lb Alaskan malamute to pass a popsicle stick...1 week! Wolfie did throw up a couple times two days before it passed...I think it's probably floats around in the belly a few days before leaving and irritates it. In any event. No more offering popsicles expecting him to 'be a good dog' and not snatch the entire thing! Also well that ends well and hope it's the same for all the future dogs that WILL do the same lol

- By Admin (Administrator) Date 03.05.17 08:33 GMT
Welcome back and thanks for the update. Glad he was ok too! :smile:

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