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- By Hazenaide [gb] Date 11.12.12 06:02 GMT
My friend's bitch was scanned and they saw a single puppy. Only one mating as the dog was not interested 2nd time. It is now 70 days since the mating and the vet said you can easily wait until then without concern, cervix was not open the other day.Bitch acting perfectly normally.
I've never had that situation. How long do you go from now?
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 11.12.12 08:10 GMT
I would want an x-ray now to see if there's anything in there. If there had been a single puppy it's possible that it has been reabsorbed and the bitch is no longer pregnant.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 11.12.12 09:08 GMT
If the dog lost interest that to me would signal that she was going over, therefore as bitches reliably whelp 663 days plus or minus a day from ovulation (several days before conception) I would have expected the bitch to whelp early.

I would be concerned and either the pup died and was absorbed, and scan with a competent should operator should let you know.

I'd have kittens if a bitch went 70 days and would not expect live pups that late.
- By Hazenaide [gb] Date 11.12.12 18:45 GMT
I have not heard from her to-day and don't like to bother her but that is what I said that I'd be having kittens at this stage.I urged her to see the vet on Friday as I cannot imagine how I would have been feeling but the vet reassured her.
I will report back when I hear from her as it may help others.
- By JeanSW Date 11.12.12 22:41 GMT
Like Brainless I would have expected  a bitch to have whelped by now.  Well, let's be fair, I'd have a bloody seizure, and would change vets pretty damn quick.  It still gets to me when I see how little vets know about breeding.  I can't believe anyone would say you can easily wait.  If a pup is in there, the bitch is going to end up a very poorly girl.
- By Hazenaide [gb] Date 12.12.12 00:27 GMT
I know I agree but just checking it wasn't just me. I'll ring her tomorrow to see what the news is.
- By Hazenaide [gb] Date 12.12.12 20:18 GMT
Well first of all I was at the vets to-night with my youngster and thankfully he thinks she is just suffering from a Phantom because the "lumpiness" is all over not in any particular part around the mammary area.
I asked him what he would suggest if I had been in this situation and one of the options was a scan.
I have called my friend to-night and she says she has seen some movement? It is 72 days tomorrow and she is going to the vet again. Trouble is I left her feeling more worried than she was when I rang her as I was stating all the possibilities.
She'll let me know tomorrow what they say. I gather that the vet had said he would prefer her to have a natural birth.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 12.12.12 23:46 GMT
Is she sure of the dates? I have never known of a canine pregnancy lasting this long, normally any pups would be dead by now and the bitch very ill.

Yes we all want a natural delivery but sometimes no amount of waiting is going to make it happen, if any bitch of mine got to day 65 and showed no signs of labour I would be off to the vets for a scan to check for live pups or an xray to check for maturity and puppy/pelvis ratio to see if they have room to come out, it will also show any badly positioned pups which could hold up proceedings.
- By Hazenaide [gb] Date 13.12.12 07:32 GMT
That was one of the questions my vet said he would ask me of course about dates but there was only one mating. I think exactly the same as you. My friend has had just one litter before which was text book from the same bitch. I believe the puppy they saw has gone but because of what the vet said and she does say she saw movement  she believes it is still there. They are going to the vet to-day because this is when he suggested going back if nothing had happened.
My vet did also say that one action he would do before a scan was to palpate but I suppose one puppy could hide away anyway.
- By Hazenaide [gb] Date 13.12.12 16:25 GMT
Thought I had better post that the bitch in question had a ceasarean to-day after a scan showed a live,large puppy. The Mum and puppy are doing Ok and she was off to the vet about an hour ago to collect them with a number ending in three noughts to pay!. Well I've got to be honest and I was shocked and assumed she was ringing to say that there was nothing there. The vet thought there was no sign of her getting started and worried about size of puppy. Well what did I say - she must have calculated her days wrong but with only one mating???? It is a boy by the way. I am really interested to learn the weight of the puppy.
So alls well that end well for this little ( or large ) puppy.
btw the mating took place on the 3rd October.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 13.12.12 20:20 GMT
Glad there was a happy outcome

She must have ovulated late and one sperm lived longer than expected.
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