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- By Suffolk Maid [gb] Date 29.10.12 12:39 GMT
Hi, Although I have been with Champdogs for years , and always was able to upload and change everything, shortly after the layout and new form of uploading pics,I am unable to see or upload pics to the gallery so my info is not always up to date.

We have 2 computers here and both won't let us connect or view the pages by internet explorer, Google chrome or firefox

This is the only site that I have had problems with. Does anyone have any idea what I can do or had similar problems?

I can only see the red crosses , where pics are supposed to see and I can't update or upload any pictures, where I always used to be able to.

I also keep being told that I am unable to connect to champdogs but again, its the only site that this ever happens with.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Has anyone else had this issue and managed to get it sorted?
- By Nova Date 29.10.12 14:05 GMT
It is not possible to load photos to the forum, if it is to the breeders section perhaps you should send a PM to Admin.
- By Boody Date 17.03.13 07:21 GMT
Another thing i don't like about the gallery either is when you upload pictures you have to crop far to much off, which has ruined the look of some of mine.
- By Nova Date 17.03.13 08:19 GMT
Do we have a gallery?
- By Boody Date 17.03.13 08:41 GMT
For the breeders website you have to upload to gallery and then transfer to page.
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