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- By Graciemay [gb] Date 25.08.12 07:32 GMT
I don't know what I would do without this site,  I can ask all the questions I want and not feel silly and get a great response from all kinds of people who are full of useful info. No one makes you feel that there info is right just what worked for them, is great and I can also look through and find things I didn't think of yet.  So keep it up all you champ dogs I can't do with out you :)
- By Brainless [gb] Date 25.08.12 08:24 GMT
Thank you, it is useful I find to realise there are often different ways to get same results and no one size fits all situations.

Glad you appreciate the input, as so often posters who don't like the honest answers they get, get upset/huffy.

If the majority of responses are against their course of action, or disagree with them they accuse people of bullying.

Having a majority of replies of the same opinion from different people is not bullying but consensus.

Posters also have to remember the written word can often be more easily misinterpreted regarding tone, and style.
- By Graciemay [gb] Date 25.08.12 12:28 GMT
I find you can usually either get all you need from one comment but often you can pick something from different ones, and what works for one dog/owner doesn't work for another.  I feel like a fish out of water having not had a puppy for so long and sooo many things have changed and there are so many things out there to help make things easier then all I need to do is come on here and see what the feelings are of different people.  I can't say enough about how helpful you've all been and having a lovely fairly small vets practice who nothing is too much trouble for.
If you keep an open mind most things can be read in the context in which they were written but as with texting it can also go very wrong lol
- By inka [ie] Date 25.08.12 12:34 GMT
I feel the same, love this place :) (it also helps during the working day on occassion- whoops!)
- By Nova Date 25.08.12 13:25 GMT
It is so nice to hear from people who are happy with the replies they get even, one assumes, if they are not what they want to hear. I find it sad when someone asks a question and then criticises those who have taken the time to answered in a straightforward and honest way just because it is not what they want to hear.

If a poster is convinced they are right why do they ask for our opinion, I love to read all the replies and differing opinions and if I do not agree I say so and most of the time that is accepted in the spirit of things but I have to say one can never stop learning and even if you don't agree with a post it makes you think and re-evaluate your opinion.

Long live CIE I say.
- By Esme [gb] Date 25.08.12 13:51 GMT

> It is so nice to hear from people who are happy with the replies they get even, one assumes, if they are not what they want to hear. I find it sad when someone asks a question and then criticises those who have taken the time to answered in a straightforward and honest way just because it is not what they want to hear.

I agree it's nice when board users are happy with the replies they get. But I don't think you can automatically assume that those who are not happy with their replies have to be at fault.

There are some posters who seem intent on being confrontational under the guise of being "straightforward and honest". So I can see why some posters get upset with their treatment.

It is a great board on the whole. But if everyone on here was justified in being as, shall we say, forthright as they like, then there would be no need for the Ignore button. Nothing's perfect, even Champdogs!
- By Graciemay [gb] Date 25.08.12 14:06 GMT
There's an ignore button lol I have so much to learn from this site and a lot has nothing to do with dogs. It's a bit like a dog owners Facebook without the constant status change from 'in a relationship' to 'single and proud' or whatever lol I would like a 'like' button as sometimes I find I have to add bits in at the last min or it reads completely wrong and at one point I nearly sounded like going around the house naked was an option to stop a certain doggie hanging off anything I wear and sometimes you could put things on that they've done like surfed on a football (that's the dog not me - see what I mean lol )
- By dogs a babe Date 25.08.12 14:15 GMT
It's a very useful site for sure, and invaluable for obscure medical advice.  It's so reassuring when you learn that others have experience of a medical condition and they can share ideas and information.  I tend to come here to revise before vet visits so I'm armed with some extra facts :)

Over time you tend to find that there are a bunch of people you usually agree with, a few you sometimes agree with, and others you rarely agree with on particular subjects.  Training topics tend to divide opinion, food does too but that's a topic that rarely gets heated, health is usually fact and experienced based and idle chat can go anywhere!!  Woe betide the fluffy-bunny, my-bitch-needs-a-litter, I-want-my-children-to-witness-the-miracle-of-birth, or need-some-money-for-my-holiday bunch on the breeding board but there is a wealth of experience on this site if you genuinely need help (even if they disapprove).

I tend to check in regularly and I feel like I know some of these people by now - some of them I really do -  and I recognise good breed advice when I see it (even if their breeds/experiences are very different to mine).  I also try and read with an open mind and I've learnt a lot over time.  Can't complain about good advice freely given (even if I don't always agree with it!!)
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 25.08.12 14:27 GMT
It is nice when folk come back and say Thanks no matter the size of the problem, I try to thank anyone who has posted to a topic I have started as they have taken time out of their busy day to do so.

Many ask a question and get replies which you don't know if the OP even read because they are never heard from again.

It is very hard when typing for it to come across as intended because serious subjects need to come across right and not upset/offend the OP.

There are going to be differences of opinion, we can only go by our own experiences and leave it up to the readers as to which way they want to take it.
- By inka [ie] Date 25.08.12 14:31 GMT
It's also invaluable to come somewhere where you can talk dog all you like without your friend/oh/family member glazing over ;)
- By Merrypaws [gb] Date 25.08.12 15:42 GMT
Absolutely agree, there's only so much dog talk friends and family will take!  Also this is such an informative site, it's almost like a correspondence college for doggy people.  I like the sensible tone of (most of) the posts, and the wide range of breeds and breed knowledge, even though it's added several entries to my "dream dogs" list :) . 

Like others who've contributed to this thread, I hadn't had a puppy for many years until this spring, and so much has changed since last time.  Things which were available then have vanished, and loads of new stuff has appeared.  There's new thinking on everything from vaccines to beds and it's so good to be able to read up on it all.
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