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- By CVL Date 28.06.12 18:44 GMT
The RSPCA Wirral have issued the following warning:

ROYDEN PARK ALERT - There have been a few reports now of sandwiches being laced with rat poison. One dog has already died and another is on a drip at the vets. This won't just affect dogs, please spread the word. Children and wildlife might be at risk too.

I just thought it was worth posting  here in case anyone walks there.
- By s4az [gb] Date 01.07.12 21:53 GMT
Do you have the link as sometimes I walk my dog there.
- By STARRYEYES Date 01.07.12 22:14 GMT
Thanks for posting... have put it on FB
- By CVL Date 02.07.12 07:44 GMT
My friend saw it on the RSPCA facebook page.  I can't find the original, so can't provide a link sorry.  I guess there is a chance it is a (not funny) wind up, but I'd rather be safe than sorry so thought I'd crosspost. 
- By parrysite [gb] Date 02.07.12 11:04 GMT
Thanks for the warning! We used to walk Nando there an awful lot but because we were working on his recall, there were too many distractions at Royden and instead started using Bidston Hill.
- By Reikiangel [gb] Date 03.07.12 11:31 GMT
I've been told about this where i live and various other places.  I still don't know if its true but wouldn't take the chance
- By parrysite [gb] Date 03.07.12 12:43 GMT
I know of one gentleman who's poor ridgeback died from rat poisoning in Birkenhead park. The council had used meat as bait! I do believe he successfully took the council on over the bait that was used. The poor dog was absolutely beautiful and absolutely huge so there must have been quite a large amount of poison!
Up Topic Dog Boards / General / Warning to dog walkers - Royden Park Wirral

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