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- By fecimus [gb] Date 13.05.12 15:41 GMT
What do you rear your puppies on and what do the breeders clubs offer for the puppies...
I fed Royal Canin to the puppies but am not impressed at their new voucher that you give to the new owners, I have heard that Eukanuba give puppy packs with food and vouchers.
What others out there and what do the new owners get?
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 13.05.12 19:09 GMT
Proplan give a bag of food, measuring cup and voucher.
- By spudulike Date 14.05.12 11:36 GMT
Arden Grange now only give 2 x booklets with vouchers enclosed, if you have bought the food yourself (like I did) you have to ask them to send the measuring cups. When I queried the no food in the packs, they said too many people took the micky when ordering packs :-(
- By penfold [gb] Date 14.05.12 11:48 GMT
Arden Grange gives you the option of ordering a 2.5kg (I think) pack of puppy food at trade price to include with the packs.  I left it too late for delivery so just bagged up a weeks supply for each puppy from my 15kg sacks.  Not as professional but same thing in the end.

Think a lot of companies are cutting back.

TBH though, I would simply go with my preferred brand of food and then adapt in response to what that particular company supplies in the their packs.
- By JeanSW Date 14.05.12 11:56 GMT

> I would simply go with my preferred brand of food

With you on this one.  I don't see the point in changing feed just to get a freebie.  Most of us don't breed often enough to make it a priority.
- By dorcas0161 [gb] Date 14.05.12 18:44 GMT
I have not had a recent litter, but from what I understand you can buy small bags of food from Royal Canin to give to the new owner for £3 this can then be deducted from your order when you register the litter and the new owner gets  vouchers to redeem on line.
I think a lot of companies have had to review how they issue free puppy food as other posters have mentioned some people have taken the mickey and spoiled it for all of us.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 14.05.12 20:05 GMT
A diet sheet ... mine are raw fed so not easy to give food in a puppy's a bit messy!
My new owners are instructed in advance of what to get in before they collect thier pups now.
- By fecimus [gb] Date 14.05.12 20:31 GMT
My adult dogs get raw to but i have had alot of people not wanting to feed it as it is messy so like to rear the pups on kibble aswell as meat and bones.
I tried a litter on Purina but with disasterous effects on their bottoms...
I am not adverse to creating my own food packs, but one owner last time said "wheres the food pack" and when i handed over a couple of freezer bags of food they looked at me in disgust! haha!

I was really wondering what was  out there and what each club offers ... I know alot of food compaines have been taken the p.. out of with people ordering more food than they needed for their puppies!
- By marisa [gb] Date 14.05.12 21:13 GMT
Fish4Dogs have a really good puppy pack
- By gwen [gb] Date 15.05.12 08:58 GMT
Unless they have changed things since December Euknauba puppy packs consist of a storeage bucket, 1Kg puppy food, measuring cup, feeding booklet and money off voucher.
- By Gemma86 [im] Date 15.05.12 09:32 GMT
Royal give you the option to buy a smaller bag of food to give to your puppy buyers
- By Tyddhound [gb] Date 15.05.12 11:36 GMT
Skinners give you a 1.5kg bag of food, measuring cup and a voucher off your next sack of food.
- By tooolz Date 15.05.12 12:42 GMT
Royal Canin has just sent me plain brown envelopes, A4 size, with Please do not bend on. The type you send photographs in.
It contains a DIY tiny box to put a small sample of low cal training treats...although why pups need low cal I do not know... a puppy booklet and a card to log on to their site for a free bag of food.

Very bad show RC, very amateurish and naff.

It has no bearing on what I feed my pups of course but it really looks bad for such a big company.
- By Pinky Date 15.05.12 21:15 GMT
I feed my dogs on AG normally so weaned my pups on the same, the 'puppy pack' was a booklet advocating AG and a money off coupons, no bucket no cup no nothing, so be safe and sure that my pups continued with AG weaner for some time I gave each owner about 2kg taken from the 15kg bag I had bought, I bought food containers for it to be stored in.

Don't really think a great deal of food companies puppy packs.
- By Hazenaide [gb] Date 16.05.12 05:25 GMT
I have used the Arden Grange "puppy packs" with the voucher for the last 2 litters.
People were signing in for various breeder schemes to get the freebies and the companies have cottoned on so no free food now as such.Can't blame them.
The first time I gave them the option of me getting a bag from them and using the voucher which most of them did. The 2nd time I bought them all a 2.5kg bag and just gave them the voucher. Price of a puppy a bag of food was not much really.
The voucher scheme is quite generous and for those who stayed on the food I got £5 voucher for each of them when they redeemed the voucher which was a nice surprise.
I do think the cups could be provided as a useful addon.
- By cracar [gb] Date 16.05.12 07:16 GMT
Thanks Toolz, saves me opening the packs now I know what's in there!lol
Seriously, I would've prefered to hand over a sack of my prefered food rather than a voucher.  Think I will register the owners myself so they have the food waiting for the pup coming home.  Don't know if this is allowed but I'm going to ask.  I need 2 more as she had more than predicted and RC were reluctant to send too many.  Cut backs me thinks!
If you are a member of RC's breed club and you are keeping a pup, can you use one of the vouchers for your own pup? Or is it just new owners?
- By tooolz Date 16.05.12 07:28 GMT
The switchboard lady will no doubt agree to send you more ...but probably only with another order.
Cut backs indeed!
I wonder what would happen of you going online to claim a bag of food for the buyers.The switchboard lady asked me how many and owners names...hahaha not even a twinkle in their mothers eye yet, I was just enquiring if they had improved on those tatty small red folders.

Shame they used to be so good with the lovely lidded tubs, collar and lead and food bowl...those were the days!

I agree its best to give a bag of food on collection day, something I will always continue to do.
- By cracar [gb] Date 16.05.12 08:43 GMT
I recently tried the Ekanuba puppy voucher and got a bag of food, lovely air-tight tub and measuring cup and a good, info booklet.  Really good pack but I don't use the food.  I heard that RC had been taken over by Mars so I'm keeping an eye on quality of the food.  Seems the standards are dropping allready.  Not being a snob, but this was a high-end food and you would expect a bit more.  Recently though, I've noticed some online pet shops selling RC food at brill prices but I think they are trying to move the food into a better price bracket, which would be fine if the quality stays but I doubt that!
- By Jan bending [gb] Date 21.05.12 09:46 GMT
I was similarly unimpressed by RC Breeder Club scheme. The lady I spoke to seemed to have a low opinion of breeders in so far as she said that some were keeping the puppy  packs for their own use . How about a little trust in the majority who would not deceive eh ?! Furthermore, I was told that new owners from breeders in their scheme are given vouchers and then have to go online  to apply for a voucher in order to get their puppy pack. What a palaver eh ? And not everyone has a computer. So stuff that !

My guys all eat fish4dogs and their puppy packs are great. When you join their breeder scheme you get a 15kg sack of puppy food and when the pups are 6 weeks old  you get enough 3 kg bags for each puppy plus handy measure and treats and info sheet. You have to register the litter with them either online of by phone. My dogs love the food and the puppies thrive. Never a loose stool to be seen !
- By cracar [gb] Date 21.05.12 11:06 GMT
Well, after SKC, I really am fed up with RC!! I went in to get some extra puppy packs as my bitch had more than I expected when I ordered the food and I mentioned how unimpressed with the packs I was and they didn't care a jot!
When I visited the CSJ stand, I made a new friend!!lol.  Loads of freebies to try on the pups and she told me they too do puppy packs.  Suppliers are far more abundant now so it's easy to get hold of so I bought a bag and think I will phone for packs from them instead.  Their packs come in the tubs with some food and a few treats and tasters too and a booklet of all the types of food you can buy.  Much better IMO.
And, the girls at CSJ were huddled over a take-away coffee, bundled up warm among the mudslick and were gabbing away good style. 
RC 'tent' had heaters and coffee machines for buyers and the floor was covered in a plastic carpet.  The sellers were far less approachable though.
I prefer CSJ as at least my money isn't getting wasted in daft carpets and coffee for people who buy silly little bags! I didn't even get offered even though I buy £100 per month at the min from them!!Pah!!
- By LouiseDDB [gb] Date 21.05.12 11:38 GMT
Any assured breeders get free Kong puppy packs and a Kong product of your choice free. Email with your breed and you can have up to 10 packs and any Kong product.
- By Dawndwn1 [gb] Date 23.05.12 06:56 GMT
Hi louiseDDB just tried to email Tina at the kong company but emailed was returned because it was wrong,
Could you please check this and re post, I would really like to put these in my puppy pack.
My litter is 4 weeks old, growing fast pooing lots!!!
- By LouiseDDB [gb] Date 23.05.12 07:08 GMT you have to be on the ABS list with the kennel club. Hope it works out for you, i dont have a litter at the moment (did hope to, but she has missed) but have plans for later on in the year when my renewal is due so ive ordered some and a large safestix for my boys. Had a confirmation email so should get my delivery through :-))) excited to see what they are like as we have loads of kongs dotted about and i would have loved to put them in my packs for previous litters but at £17 each it would have stretched my puppy pack fund too much.
- By Dawndwn1 [gb] Date 23.05.12 08:30 GMT
Thanks I'll let you know how I get on.
- By LouiseDDB [gb] Date 23.05.12 08:57 GMT
I got my safestix this morning the dogs love it already and its orange, hopefully it wont be too hot this afternoon to try it out!
- By parrysite [gb] Date 23.05.12 17:00 GMT
I'm not 100% sure how the breeders schemes work, but if you know your puppies potential homes, could you not forward on the voucher so they can claim it before buying a pup? I imagine, from the breeder's point of view, that the puppy packs are great as they know their puppies' diets won't be messed about.
- By ash12ling [ie] Date 31.05.12 22:14 GMT Edited 05.07.12 08:20 GMT
Just wondering if anyone got their kong puppy packs yet? was wondering what is in them? I currently have a litter of 12 puppies and was thinking of applying for these.
- By Dawndwn1 [gb] Date 31.05.12 23:24 GMT
Hi ash12ling, I got my eagerly awaited kong puppy pack the other day, delivery was really fast.
I was a bit dissappointed to say the least, apart from being able to pick any kong toy for my mummy dog which I am very grateful the stuff for the pups was rubbish, you get a folder of leaflets telling you about kong products and how to choose them, size etc.
I didn't receive any vouchers though.
I did get 2 mini kong original key rings which were quite cute but I have 7 pups so can't give them out.
Oh well never look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.

Just to add I phoned Butchers pet food ( I give half a tin of their tripe with my older dogs complete food) to ask them if they had puppy samples and they don't but the lady sent me a voucher for £3 off of next purchase, again only 1 not enough for pups.

The best I've had is pedigree ( I dont feed anymore)
They give you a box of pup complete, a pouch of pup meat, a neat yellow storage box, and a puppy booklet plus vouchers.  
- By Dawndwn1 [gb] Date 31.05.12 23:39 GMT
Oh I forgot to say Simpsons Premium (food I now feed) gives you 1kg food a booklet and a money off voucher.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 01.06.12 00:24 GMT
Not any more you can buy puppy packs.
- By Dawndwn1 [gb] Date 01.06.12 07:07 GMT
I've just had my Simpsons puppy pack delivered, I didn't pay for it.
I rang and ordered it though cos it's not on website.
- By gwen [gb] Date 01.06.12 08:47 GMT
Range for my Eukanuba puppy packs yesterday to be told the scheme is on hold till 1st July when a new scheme comes in - great customer relations, why not email the breeder club members and let us know in advance.  It took me 2 emails and 4 phone calls to eventually get someone to agree to send me the measuring cups and literature so I can make up my own packs.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 01.06.12 09:40 GMT
That's interesting as I know they said they did them with my bumph, but the guy at the show said they didn't? so must order them for mine.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 01.06.12 09:56 GMT
On the website it shows the puppy packs on the breeder link as £3 each for 1kg of food.
- By Dawndwn1 [gb] Date 01.06.12 15:30 GMT
That's really strange, I've just looked at website and your right ythey are charging £3,
I didn't order them on line I rang them as I didn't see puppy packs on the site ( didn't scroll down far enough!!)
I asked if they do free puppy packs and they sent them to me with my order of adult dog food, I definitely did not pay, I got them about 2 weeks ago.
- By madasarat [gb] Date 01.06.12 16:02 GMT
Jameswellbeloved do a small bag of food, bowl, measuring cup and literature :o)
- By WendyJ [gb] Date 01.06.12 17:19 GMT
I'm a member with both JWB and Healthy Paws  Both of which do a small bag of puppy food along with information.  Healthy Paws also gives a money off Voucher.  And I also registered the litter with Natural Instinct raw complete and they gave vouchers for 4kg of raw complete I think.  I gave all owners a 1kg box of puppy from my own stock, then they could choose to use their vouchers or not.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 01.06.12 17:24 GMT
I woudl be quite happy to provide the new owenrs with food from my won stores, but I fidn the owners need a packaging they cna recognise.

It must be rather costly for the companies to send out the packs so if they sent you empty small bags for you to fill, then this would give the new owners brand recognition.  Pedigree Advance used to do this, the breeder was sent a 15kg bag of food plus how ever many small empty 2kg bags.
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