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- By HuskyGal Date 28.02.12 18:58 GMT
I was glad to see today that the CD page has been brought out of the mothballs! I got a post on my Timeline reminding me of PDE (and who is the lovely Buzz? cheeky chops face!)

The page seemed to have 'fallen fallow' for a while, and I always used to 'share' when useful topics came up (should I breed my bitch etc etc..)


On reading the page I notice there are a few posts asking questions getting no reply and then leading to a bit of CD bashing, which I'm sure non of us CD mods/admins/members/(addicts!) want to see.

Especially when those of us that do 'share' topics  want to educate and convert to CD some of our other doggie friends but on looking at the page I think that If I were not a member of CD for 6 years and know it well, I'd be pretty put off based on the FB page :-(

Like it or not all the big business/orgs etc are all using FB and I think that the CD page is falling short of what it could be.

Can we maybe have a few more mods nominated for it?? Spend a bit of time on it?? It's a useful tool which is being under used! I appreciate the CD team as it stands has a heck of a lot to do already... Maybe time for some new Mods?

Liv :-)
- By ginjaninja [gb] Date 28.02.12 19:11 GMT
one feature I would like is if a link opened a new window.  Currently following a link closes CD, and if you forget to backtrack then you've lost CD.  Also many of the links are very interesting and I might like to explore them a bit, whilst keeping CD open.

In addition, because I spend far too much of my time on this site I use the Unread Posts a huge amount.  But if I find a post I would like to reply to, and go into it to reply, I lose my unread posts (ie; the site assumes I have now read them, and so they don't appear).

But keep up the good work - I find this is more useful as a forum like this rather than FB - where the threads get kind of lost and it's difficult to find what you are looking for.  I do wonder why FB doesn't host fora (but I guess that's a whole nother can of worms . . .)
- By Paula [gb] Date 28.02.12 19:35 GMT
I think it was me who brought it out of the mothballs!!  I went on and realised there was only one member!! And it wasn't me!!!

Haven't seen any recent posts though, will go and have a look.  Don't mind being a mod if necessary.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 28.02.12 19:38 GMT
I have to say I do use facebook to keep in touch with some people but hate it as it's such a mess, no topic headings just disjointed posts.
- By LJS Date 28.02.12 19:40 GMT
I maybe wrong but are there two versions of it the official fb Champdogs page and the the unofficial one we all decided to set up ?
- By HuskyGal Date 28.02.12 19:53 GMT
I was refering to the Official Champdogs page

(Cripes! haven't been on our 'fan' one in ages!! almost forgotten about it)
- By HuskyGal Date 28.02.12 19:55 GMT
hahahahaha... one member?? What on earth have you stumbled upon Paula!! (Denis's lair??? :eek:)
- By Paula [gb] Date 28.02.12 19:55 GMT
Ahhh, I meant CDers past and present!
- By Paula [gb] Date 28.02.12 19:56 GMT
No I think Jan was the one member, as admin.  

I'm far too young to stumble into Denis's lair!!!
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 28.02.12 20:08 GMT
No, it's a group that you used to be in too, Liv! CDers Past & Present!

There lots of members until FB rearranged itself. :-) Perhaps people will drift back ....?
- By HuskyGal Date 28.02.12 21:02 GMT
Thanks JG! :-)

(That's a weird one isn't it we all joined ages ago back in 2008!! then.. we've all dropped off with the changes on FB! I'd forgotten all about CDPP!! It was nice to finally 'see' everyone, well those that you don't get to see at shows... and eat Krispy Kreme Donuts with.. Mwuahahahaha)
- By killickchick Date 28.02.12 21:25 GMT
Yes, I think all the groups were archived and you had to set up a new group. Just had a quick look and there are 7 members! ;-)
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 28.02.12 22:01 GMT
They're coming back. :-)
- By JeanSW Date 28.02.12 22:15 GMT
Blimey!  I must be the only person then!  I loathe FB and if I could only access CD through it, I would never look at it.

Am I the only person that only looks at CD on here?
- By HuskyGal Date 28.02.12 23:57 GMT
I think you've missed my point Jean,

I'm not saying the FB site needs tidying up for the CD members sake, as you show, members come to the Main Forum to interact.

But, the FB page is useful for those of us that have extended dog friends in other breeds/countries and walks of life for example in my breed I have a lot of friends who may not show but work/race/run/ski jor etc etc with their dogs and we all share info, so I like to be able to 'share' CD topics when good ones come up that I think will be beneficial to my friends who are not CD members!
( I do this with other good sites such as APDT/ the kennel club etc etc)

And the pertinent point I'm making is that wether *you* use it or not, it is a shop window for Champdogs and I think it needs a tidy up and to reflect the professionalism that we have here the main Forum.

CD Admin spent a long time last year trying to galvanise us all to bring in new members, to put links on our websites etc.

Do you see?
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 29.02.12 00:26 GMT
Jean I don't do Facebook at all, I don't see the fascination at all, I keep in touch with dachsie breeders by breed specific forums or email, I used to Skype but haven't done that in ages.
- By JeanSW Date 29.02.12 00:41 GMT
Oh Rhona!  :-(   I don't even know what Skype means!  

(Don't get old, it's awful!)  :-)
- By ceejay Date 29.02.12 13:19 GMT
I removed myself from the list I think - I thought nobody was using it.   Btw HG - I notice a lot more people are obtaining Huskies these days - seems to be the new fashion dog :-(  Even my son was fancying one when his colleague brought his new pup into work.  Told him to stick to his cats - no way has he got time for any sort of dog at the moment.  I pass one every day that I have never seen outside the garden.  Another person is doing his best with a rescue dog - not sure how he is coping but had complaints from another dog owner this morning. 
- By Brainless [gb] Date 29.02.12 14:31 GMT

> I loathe FB and if I could only access CD through it, I would never look at it.
> Am I the only person that only looks at CD on here?

No I like it here, hate facebook, but am forced to look in on it to see what friends and puppy owners are doing.  it does help with keeping in touch with the puppy owners who are often too shy to join in the breed groups.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 29.02.12 15:03 GMT
Jean,not easy to explain, Skype is telephone and video,it is free allowing to keep things up to date, great for keeping pups up to date as they progress or relatives in real time which may be in other parts of the world.
- By HuskyGal Date 20.02.15 15:11 GMT
Sorry to resurrect this thread, but 3 years on and I still think there's a massively missed opportunity here!!

I'm loathed to say it but some of the posts that have been linked to in the past few days are nothing short of embarrassing - linking to bun fights *cringe*
So much more could be done and companies that miss this are really missing out!

And there's no reason why you can't link back to really good threads (especially if there's nothing current you feel interesting enough. It's got to be better than linking to bun fights)

And be savvy.... Link to things that are topical (lambing season: dogs on leads hotels that accept dogs for half term.... The list is endless) <~ and we members will share!

Must confess though I don't do The Twitters... Is it any better on there?
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 21.02.15 18:26 GMT Edited 21.02.15 18:30 GMT
When we add threads to FB they aren't bun fights :roll: Sadly, some end up that way and that is as frustrating for us as it is for you! So many threads start out great and then the trouble starts. At times I do not have time to read hundreds of threads to find something to post. If there are any threads that you think we should link to please LET US KNOW :grin: We have asked for members help with this in the past but it tends to fall on deaf ears, so if you see something interesting YELL :grin:

[Buzz is one of the 'office dogs' :lol:]
- By Freyanodins mum [gb] Date 27.02.15 12:33 GMT Upvotes 8
I wonder when Champdogs was at its zenith?    I would imagine sometime around 2006 - when we actually thought that Champdogs belonged to "us"!     We happily shared our experience, our knowledge, willingly shared information about shows, best places to stay, best places to find all the "stuff" that is essential if you own a dog/dogs.   

But then I for one, realised that Champdogs didn't belong to us, that it was a business, and that we, the "members" were, in fact "assets" of the business - that it was our expertise and the number of our posts that kept CD information forum at the top of the Google search engine.   And that instead of encouraging our attempts to keep up standards, we were being castigated if we questioned the motives behind posters who would suddenly pop up asking questions about a litter of cockerpoos or some other designer mongrels when we could see that the questions raised were just a blatent attempt at advertising a litter.

I for one sit on my fingers more and more these days - I read, but don't post here much any more - why should I waste my time giving information for somebody else's business?

If I type in "I need help for my dog with allergies" into Google Search - a Cesar Milan answer comes up before Champdogs Forum now.   That wouldn't have happened a few years ago! 

Long ago, I was advised "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - sadly Mark, I think you've tried to fix it far too much.
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