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- By mr murphy [gb] Date 02.10.02 13:19 GMT
Where does a virus come from?.
Why does it get sent anywhere in particular?. (like champ dogs or Fiona for instance).
Is it possible to trace who sent it?.
Im quite new to computers so Im not to sure how the virus thing works. My protection prog has caught 15 in the last 4 months. Has'nt affected me in any way though.
All info/advice welcome.
- By Ingrid [gb] Date 02.10.02 13:26 GMT
I'm not sure why people start viruses, just to wreck others fun I suppose.
Some like the Badtrans one collect keystrokes and mail them back to the original address (which was a hotmail account), the person there had a programme that could pick out bank account numbers and therefore give acceoss to your account. Mostly the virus check companies are onto them in a very short time.
Others just mess up the system, meaning you either have to reformat and re programme or buy a new PC.
My biggest problem is that my daughter's friends often run their systems without an up to date or no virus check so I have to warn them to be very careful about what they open. Ingrid
- By Leigh [gb] Date 02.10.02 13:37 GMT
You might find this of interest :-)

People create viruses. A person has to write the code, test it to make sure it spreads properly and then release the virus. A person also designs the virus's attack phase, whether it's a silly message or destruction of a hard disk. So why do people do it?
There are at least three reasons. The first is the same psychology that drives vandals and arsonists. Why would someone want to bust the window on someone else's car, or spray-paint signs on buildings or burn down a beautiful forest? For some people that seems to be a thrill. If that sort of person happens to know computer programming, then he or she may funnel energy into the creation of destructive viruses.

The second reason has to do with the thrill of watching things blow up. Many people have a fascination with things like explosions and car wrecks. When you were growing up, there was probably a kid in your neighborhood who learned how to make gunpowder and then built bigger and bigger bombs until he either got bored or did some serious damage to himself. Creating a virus that spreads quickly is a little like that -- it creates a bomb inside a computer, and the more computers that get infected the more "fun" the explosion.

The third reason probably involves bragging rights, or the thrill of doing it. Sort of like Mount Everest. The mountain is there, so someone is compelled to climb it. If you are a certain type of programmer and you see a security hole that could be exploited, you might simply be compelled to exploit the hole yourself before someone else beats you to it. "Sure, I could TELL someone about the hole. But wouldn't it be better to SHOW them the hole???" That sort of logic leads to many viruses.

Source: How Stuff Works ~ Viruses. Take a look at the other info on this link :-)
- By mr murphy [gb] Date 02.10.02 13:46 GMT
Cheers leigh
Just had a look at that link/site, looks like a very interesting one. Ihave saved it to my favourits and will study it at length.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 26.04.03 11:19 GMT
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