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- By ChristineW Date 07.01.12 18:46 GMT
I am having a clear out of dog related items, I have a pile of magazines and show catalogues that are free with just the cost of the postage & packing required.

There's too many show catalogues to list, they date from 1987 gundog championship & open show (Scottish) catalogues.  If you PM me I will tell you what I have if you're looking for something specific, I am keeping the Crufts catalogues though.

Here's the dog magazines I have (All free, I just require my p&p covered):

Australian magazines:

Dog's Life (More pet than show) all from 1999 - Jan, March, April, May (2 copies), June, July, August, September, October, December.
National Dog - Feb 1992 (Bouvier feature), May 1992 (ESS feature).
On Lead/Off Lead - Feb '92 (Kerry Blue), April '92 (Bouvier)
Dog Showbiz June 1993 (Scottish Terriers/Whippets)
1994 Royal Melbourne Show Review

Dog Fancy (US magazine) - Jan '98 - Rottweiler/Dandie Dinmont/Border Collie

Dogs Monthly - Oct '86 (ESS), May '88 (Fox Terrier), Mar '92 (Greyhound), May '92 (Dandie Dinmont), Dec '92 (Golden Retriever), Jun '94 (Polish Lowland), Oct '94 (Rough Collie), Nov '94 (Afghan), Feb '95 (Boxer), Oct '95 (Dachshund).

Kennel Gazette: Sep '90 (Skye Terrier), Nov '95 (Bull Terrier), Jun '96 (Basenji), Oct '96 (King Charles), Dec '96 (GSP).
- By Josh1903 [gb] Date 24.06.14 22:37 GMT
Do you still have any of these
- By ChristineW Date 03.10.14 22:59 GMT
I think so, lurking in the wardrobe somewhere.
- By rutt123 [gb] Date 27.01.15 22:46 GMT
If you still have them, could I have them?
- By rutt123 [gb] Date 07.02.17 19:44 GMT
Any news on the above?
Up Topic Dog Boards / Bring and Buy / Show catalogues & magazines looking for homes.

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