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- By Saffronsmith [gb] Date 02.01.12 17:37 GMT
Happy New Year all!

Are all champ show benches the same size or do they differ with breed?  I have whippets and would like to take a crate to my next show - what dimensions are good?

Along the same lines - are crates on benches allowed at Crufts or do you have to have benching chains?

- By Goldmali Date 02.01.12 18:08 GMT
Size does differ with breed, SHOULD be same at all shows but we most definitely had smaller benches than usual at LKA! You need to ask somebody in the breed. Yes cages are allowed at Crufts.
- By JAY15 [gb] Date 02.01.12 18:24 GMT
Unless your last name is Zygote you can come unstuck with crates on benches unless you check for size first. The last bench for your breed may be marginally wider, as I found at Birmingham. Having lugged a heavy crate from one end of the car park to the furthest hall, I found our crate was about 4cm too wide to fit in. I won't burden anyone with describing my reaction, but suffice it to say I was not best pleased. I would like to thank the pair of angels who swapped their last bench spot with me, though, and who set up the crate for me while I went back to get my three boys--they saved my sanity that day.
- By Lexy [gb] Date 02.01.12 21:40 GMT
The soft crates I use for my Whippets are 58cm/23"x79cm/31" & that will fit all the benches of Champ shows I have been to. I do put 2 of my girls in a cage that size quite comfortably.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 02.01.12 22:09 GMT
I thought you were not allowed to use soft crates ?
- By Lexy [gb] Date 02.01.12 22:25 GMT
There has been rhumours & until I am told by an official at the Champ shows I shall carry on. There was something brought up about it a few years ago at Crufts but I have seen a good many used there.
- By Goldmali Date 02.01.12 23:35 GMT
It said in the Crufts schedule one year that fabric cages were not allowed as you could not see into them. That has since been removed. I can't check the current schedule as I am not on my main computer (this thing can't cope with a huge pdf file) and guess what, all schedules gone at LKA when we asked so I never got a hard copy one.
- By tigran [gb] Date 03.01.12 10:39 GMT
Yes Crufts does allow soft crates. In the schedule it states that they must ONLY be used on the bench and NOT on the floor.!.Also unlike the metal crates they must be securely fastened.
- By rjs [gb] Date 03.01.12 11:39 GMT
I was at a champ show a while back and someone had a weim in a soft crate which came out quite a few inches beyond the front of the benching, the dog must have put most of it's weight on the front of the cage and the whole lot came tumbling off the bench!
- By tigran [gb] Date 03.01.12 11:51 GMT
Oh dear...!.Yes the Crufts schedule clearly states that the Soft crate must fit the bench.  Personally I am not a fan of soft crates as I feel that they do not offer the same amount of ventilation as the metal crates and also always think that my dogs are more secure in a metal crate.
- By Saffronsmith [gb] Date 03.01.12 13:41 GMT
Thanks all - I'm glad I asked as several things have been mentioned that I never thought of! 

Thanks Lexy for the dimensions!  my pesky lot chewed the zip on my virtually new soft crate, so I can't do it up! all my ringcraft pals recommend 'Croft' for shows because they're lightweight - any thoughts on these being better than any other metal crate?

Just out of interest, do you find that taking two dogs together settles them better?  I'm wondering about taking an NFC to future shows to keep my one a bit more chilled out.

- By tigran [gb] Date 03.01.12 13:45 GMT
As a matter of interest I dont find the Croft ones particularly lightweight. I have a friend with very bad arthritis and the ones we use are made by Rosewood as they are really light, not as sturdy as Croft but perfect for dog shows..!!!
- By Lexy [gb] Date 03.01.12 15:00 GMT
My metal cages are Croft & thats what I would buy again.

I take 1,2 or 3(2 cages when I have 3) and one will quite happily stay on its own but that because I train them to be. I do find that covering the cage does make them settle better...much like you would a budgie in a
NFC at champ shows is expensive so if you can train a single to be happy all the better..
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 03.01.12 19:36 GMT
I have a show trolley so hope if we ever qualify for Crufts there will be enough bench room to accommodate it.

Two years ago I went to Crufts for the first time as a helper to a friend in my breed, she had 2 crates with 3 dogs on a trolley, it was back breaking transferring to and from the car park and vowed that no way would I be able to do that alone in the future, I asked for money at Xmas and b/days and splashed out on an aluminium show trolley which is light as well as the right height for pushing long distances. Just need to make a cover for it with my affix on it. 

For basic dog crates I have always bought from Doghealth( slightly cheaper via Ebay), they are sturdy, galvanised and certain sizes include a divider at no extra charge, there are cheaper out there but they are very flimsy and not worth the money.
- By JAY15 [gb] Date 03.01.12 22:45 GMT
I always take all three of mine to shows if I can, certainly all the open shows--I only show two of them but could never leave one behind! They do settle better together I think.

If you are buying a crate check the weight with the retailer. I bought a nice crate off ebay but it weighs nearly 12 kg, which doesn't sound like much but it's an awkward shape to carry at the best of times. I've had a very sore back and shoulder before now after hoicking it from the furthest corner of the car park to the furthest hall :-(
- By Lexy [gb] Date 03.01.12 23:57 GMT

> I only show two of them but could never leave one behind!

Not a problem if you got 6 & only take a maximum of 3......
- By JAY15 [gb] Date 03.01.12 23:59 GMT
You know what a guilt trip is, Lexy? Having a tribe of welsh springers, and they all make you take them with you to the show.
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