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- By Dispise [gb] Date 13.10.11 13:24 GMT
i have 4 dogs but one of them the newest one always barks at around 6 am every morning and no he doesnt want to go out to the toilet i have tried ignoring him till 7 when i usually get up i have tried anti bark collars which he just ignores now worked for a few days only just wondering what people thought of the ultra sonic anti barking devices or if you have any other ideas? as soon as i am down stairs and he can see me he is quiet and i do not let him out of crate till he is quiet and in a sit stay till i open the door.

looking forward to your opinions dan.
- By LindyLou [gb] Date 13.10.11 13:31 GMT
What time does the milkman, or the paperboy/girl come round in the mornings? Do any of your neighbours leave for work at that time? Do you have foxes, etc, visiting your garden? There is no point 'punishing' a dog for letting you know that something is going on outside. You really need to know why your dog is getting up at that time before taking this any further.
- By tadog [gb] Date 13.10.11 13:32 GMT
What times do you feed your dog? and also do you have a heating system that starts up around the time your dog gets barky? that may be the trigger.
- By Dispise [gb] Date 13.10.11 13:36 GMT Edited 13.10.11 13:39 GMT
nope there is nothing happening outside dont have milkmen or paperboys around here at first we thought it might be the boiler coming on so we changed the time it came on to 7am but made no difference and we very rarely see foxes about we feed them in the morning about 9am and about 8pm at night
- By tadog [gb] Date 13.10.11 13:50 GMT
Have you tried to cover the crate to make it dark? sometimes when it starts to get light that unsettles some dogs.
- By dogs a babe Date 13.10.11 13:53 GMT

> i have tried anti bark collars

Nooo.  You have to be right there next to them for these and they must be used alongside training.  Don't ever leave a dog on its own wearing a spray collar.  The other dogs can set it off, the anxiety can spark an attack, and they tend to just learn to bark through them anyway.  They are also too big and dangerous to wear in a crate as they can get hung up on it

When you say newest one do you mean a puppy, a youngster, or is this an adult dog?  The advice would be different depending on age and previous home or routine.
- By Dispise [gb] Date 13.10.11 14:06 GMT
he is a year now we rescued him at 6 months at first he barked and we thought we had broke him off the behaviour but he started again about 2 months ago, ill try the cover tonight great idea thanks
- By cracar [gb] Date 13.10.11 15:26 GMT
Do you get up for him when he barks or indeed give him any attention at all?
We dog-sit a spaniel that is like that.  He gets his owners up at 6am every day cos he can!  When he comes here and starts his early barking, I shout 'No'.  Takes a few tellings and a couple of mornings but he soon gets the message that I don't do early(well, not pre-7am anyhoo!!).  My lot are all in beds in the kitchen and I hear my old girl giving him a telling too if he starts.  As soon as he goes home, he goes back to early's. 
I feel your pain.  Anyone messing with your sleep soon gets old.
Another thing we do when he first gets here is a major walk in the evening to tire him out.  I feel he sleeps longer and better if he gets all his energy out.  Is your dog maybe just not tired and wanting to play?  You might need to do a bit more exercise (mental and physical) during the day/evening.
- By Dispise [gb] Date 13.10.11 15:44 GMT
when i get up i totally ignore him till about 7 and i go dog training 3 times a week and he gets walked twice a day and i do a little bit of training on days im not at training in the garden so he does alot of stuff and he is always learning
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 13.10.11 16:04 GMT
I have decided with my 7month old who is almost always up ny 7.00 at the very latest and I dont consider before that is accepteable :) The only soloution is to bringher upstairs with me then she goes back to sleep quite happily.
The slight down side is that on occasion I find a poo on the doormay because she doesnt bother to go out even if the door is open. This morning it was 2.00 and I couldnt have her barking and waking the household then
- By Dispise [gb] Date 13.10.11 16:15 GMT
yea i think thats what i shall have to do let him sleep upstairs although not best but it will keep the neighbours happy
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 13.10.11 16:19 GMT
I think in the case of my pup once awake she needs to be near me and being a velcro breed that would make sense.
Funny she is fine I am told if I go out during the day and she has to be left she seems to settle quite well. Then I suppose it is only ever a couple of hours 3 at the most 
- By dogs a babe Date 13.10.11 17:25 GMT
Some dogs, like some people, genuinely have need for less sleep, or are naturally 'morning' dogs.  I think in these cases you have to live with it the best you can and if allowing the dog back upstairs with you in the morning solves the problem then so be it.  Alternatively you could try kipping on the sofa for an extra hour in the morning so you can see exactly what your dog needs.

If you get up to him when he shouts, and quietly let him out, will he settle back down again after?

What time to you go to bed?  Have you tried going later?  Does it help?

If you want to check if he is being disturbed by something try having him upstairs with you for the whole night or swapping his sleep room for another.  Ideally you want to monitor it to see if something is waking him.  IF he were to spend the whole night in your bedroom you might also find he settles for longer.

It's worth experimenting with different options to find something that works.  I feel very blessed to have sleepers - I'm not sure I could cope with early risers!!
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 13.10.11 18:28 GMT
Yes i have two sleepers and Brooke yes I know she is young.I have found it makes no difference when she goes to bed. she sleeps naturally from about 9 anyway. Also makes no difference if she is walked before bed. I think she stirs in the morning realises she is not with me  and so decides its time to find me.
Back to the op I think DaB has some good ideas if not yes I would go for having him upstairs.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 13.10.11 21:02 GMT
I've got one of those early birds here, she starts yapping at around 6.30 - 6.45 am most mornings, sometimes it's as early as 5am, but then I do go and let her out because I assume she needs the toilet, and she usually does. But when hubby is away she sleeps on the bed and is totally happy to sleep in until 7 or 7.30, so I know it's just that she wants company. She is crated at the moment because she would wee on the floor overnight if she slept with the others, but her crate is right next to the bed the others sleep in so she's not completely alone. We've tried closing all curtains to make it darker and it doesn't have much effect. Oh well, hubby is away for the weekend so I get my dogs for company on the bed and a nice peaceful awakening (if you don't count the cheery good morning licks!).
- By Brainless [gb] Date 14.10.11 04:53 GMT
Well the reason I am up I expect is wildlife, either Hedge pig or 'shudder' a rat????
- By Charlie Brown [gb] Date 14.10.11 05:06 GMT
We must have an early visitor to our garden between 4 and 5 every morning!
- By Dispise [gb] Date 14.10.11 05:43 GMT
haha cheers for all help guys time to put it into action
- By judgedredd [gb] Date 14.10.11 05:55 GMT
i have the same problem but it is a 5.20am start. she is in the bedroom with us at first thought she wanted out but would then just run around the garden like a loon and then go to sleep on the back of the sofa,it would not be so bad if she wanted to go out but once i get up my body tells me i am not tired and the other dogs also then get disturbed and want out it is a vicious circle i have even tried a 11pm walk at night and still she starts in the morning there is no noise, no people going to work etc, i am so tired by this .
we did a training session for pre agility training last weekend, that was in the morning, in the afternoon she still had her run in the woods etc with the others, and had her late night walk and i thought she must be shattered as she was on the go most of the day she will sleep and guess what 5.20 she was up and about .
- By tadog [gb] Date 14.10.11 08:09 GMT
Hi, I am keen to know how you got on this morning, did the cover on cage help at all!
- By codysholasmum [gb] Date 14.10.11 09:28 GMT
My 6 month GSD gets up with OH at 6 ish I dont !!!,When he goes to work at 7 my 8 year old GSD opens hall door for pup to let him up to me & he then starts to bark at me to get me up ,As we have close neighbours I get up to shut him up ,ten mins later hes asleep on sofa I am wide awake then & carnt go back to sleep lol.Have tried to tell him to be quite ,made him lie down by side of the bed & gently stroked him ,hopeing that he will go back to luck.Whilst up with OH has a garden visit a game with other boy ,a biccy fest ,so hes then worn out ,but seems to think that Dads gone to work mum must get up now.
- By Dispise [gb] Date 14.10.11 17:43 GMT
the cover didnt really work
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