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- By janney [gb] Date 27.09.02 20:42 GMT
please can anyone advice me as to worming my pregnant bitch as the vet has told me to worm my dog each day from day 40 until 2 days before her babies are due and it seems a too much to me she is not a big dog being a cocker and i am worrying my soul case out now wanting to get everything just right for her i would be most grateful for any experienced people to advice me.the worming med is panacur syrup.
- By mattie [gb] Date 27.09.02 20:47 GMT
Im sure others will differ on this but there is no way Id do that if she was wormed before she was mated and kept up with I would leave it and then when the pups are three weeks old worm them.
Just my opinion.
- By briedog [gb] Date 27.09.02 20:57 GMT
donot do it,my vet said no not to do it,brie it due on 18 oct i only wormed her a week before she was due in season, then i will worm her when i worm the puppys at 3,5,7,weeks.there's been at lot of messeges on the flatcoated retriever site,about this subject where alot of problems have raisen,be carefull,
- By sharie [gb] Date 27.09.02 21:07 GMT
Just to say I currentley have a 7 week pregnant bitch and there is no way I would give her any unnecessary medication. I wormed her just before she came into season and will worm her at the same time as the pups, starting from when the pups are 3 weeks old. There are side effects to a lot of drugs, don't risk losing your litter by woming now.
- By Kerioak Date 27.09.02 21:03 GMT

I worm using Panacur from day 42 until whelping - the only reason I don't do the extra 2 days is because the bitch does not often eat then.

I then do pups at 2-3 weeks, 5, and 7 weeks and advise owners to do them 2 weekly until 12 weeks and then 3 - 6 monthly for the rest of their lives, depends how many dogs, where they are exercised and what they eat.

I get a 1 litre bottle of the 10% Sheep & Cattle Panacur from an agricultrual merchant (costs around £60. This is the same strength as the little bottles for dogs) and you can get a worming sheet direct from the manafacturs if you don't have one. If I have a litter this generally lasts me a year for my five adult Dobes and the pups, if I don't have any pups it lasts much longer.

I have had pups faeces tested after using this regime and no evidence of worms or lavae were found.

- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.09.02 23:40 GMT
I do almost the same as you Christine, including Bilk purchase :D Though I do share my wormer with friends at cost price when they want to worm their dogs.

I did have probs with the 3 sets of puppy worming and now do 3 1/2 and 7 weeeks.
- By shykiss [gb] Date 27.09.02 21:31 GMT
HI,i deffinatly do not worm my pregnant bitches,i always worm before mating(during the season) and then i worm the bitches when the puppies are 4wks old,then fortnightly etc,,i know some people worm their pups at 2wks but i pesonally think it can set some of the pups back if they have a loose tummy due to the wormer,
hope this helps,
- By philippa [gb] Date 27.09.02 22:12 GMT
Hi there, Just my opinion, but I would never worm one of my bitches during pregnancy. However "good" the vets say the nedication is, it is still a poison. I worm my bitches immediately before mating, and then when the pups are three weeks old.
- By Christine Date 27.09.02 23:52 GMT
Hi Janny, well what can I say. I did use the Panacur granules from day 42 till 2 days after pups were born on my 3 litters. Never had to worm the pups until they were 5/6mths old. The first 2 litters never had a faecal test but the 3rd did at 13wks & 4/5mths, then again at about 8/9mths & all were negative & the 2 pups I kept from the 3rd litter have still never been wormed in their life. On saying that tho, given what I know now I wouldn`t NEVER do it again & would wait till pups are born.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 27.09.02 23:35 GMT
I have wormed 4 bitches (7 litters) whilst in whelp, with no problems. That is 3 generations of my own breeding, and am about to embark on the fourth generation of bitches to have been treated this way.

From day 40 to 2 days after whelping. As I have children I was keen to have pups born with minimum worm burden.

The dose should be 1/4 ml per kilo body weight which in my breed meant 5ml per day.

I would imagine a cocker is about half that weight, so around 2.5ml.
- By Kerioak Date 28.09.02 07:39 GMT
The reasons for worming during the last third pregnancy is that the worm lavae are on the move then and it is a good time to get rid of them. It is also the time of least risk for giving drugs because the main organs in the body are already formed.

I would never worm just before mating because the the first third of pregnancy is the most at risk for toxicity causing problems to developing organs.

The reason for worming at 2 weeks is because this is the time when the worms start to develop within the pup and again, it is a good time to catch them.

I have had problems with the second dose of wormer (5 weeks) but now give slightly less than specified and find that this keeps them stools firm.

(B - I have one friend I share with who has multiple dogs but most others see it is supposed to be for sheep and cattle and say they have dogs!! I am one generation ahead of you, and trying to find a suitable mate for my two year old to at the end of next year or early '04 :-))

- By Christine Date 28.09.02 08:02 GMT
Hi Christine, I was under the impression that when you use the panacur on in whelp bitches the pups born don`t need worming till they are at least 3mths old, at least that was what I was told & thats the reason I used it, so as not to have to worm the pups when weaning. Is this not right then?
- By Trevor [gb] Date 28.09.02 13:19 GMT
Hi Christine
I have been advised by my Vet (who I have every faith in) to follow the regime you describe. Day 40 to 2 days post whelp, then puppies at 2-3 wks etc etc.
I am amazed at the difference of opinion on this subject. :O
I felt that it was basically sound advice because of the reduction in the worm burden in the puppies which I imagined would decrease the worm burden generation on generation if this regime were followed at for each & every litter, but I'm concerned now that *most* members are very strongly against this course of action.
I think I will seek advice from my bitch's breeder before making a firm decision.
- By fleetgold [gb] Date 28.09.02 21:27 GMT
I follow that worming regime with my pregnant bitches with no problem at all. The only difference with the puppies is that I start worming them about a week later than the instructions say.

Take the rough with the smooth
- By Brainless [gb] Date 28.09.02 20:13 GMT
Hey Christine, the main friend has Dobes, they are sheep and Cattle aren't they , LOL. I also share with a friend with 6 BSDS (Sheep for sure :D) and a Golden Retriever.

Now I had pups a tad squitty in my third liter at the 2 1/2 week worming and violent diarhoe with the 5 week. They also lost their appetitites and were loose, whenever they were wormed over the next months.

The fourth litter on I went back to worming at 3 and 7 weeks, as well as preganancyy, and had no more problems.
- By nicolla [gb] Date 28.09.02 07:58 GMT
I worm before I mate the bitch and then not until the pups are 3 weeks old.
- By Kerioak Date 28.09.02 13:53 GMT
I imagine the reason that most members may be against the recommended regime is because of not wanting to give bitches in whelp any drugs and perhaps incomplete knowlegde in the life cycle of worms?

I *think* Panacur is the only worming drug tested and licensed for use in pregnant bitches?

- By janney [gb] Date 28.09.02 19:12 GMT
i would like to thank you all for your suggestions and i have took all of them into consideration and i have decided that i am going to worm jess with the minimum dosage according to her weight as it was i am hoping this will also give the pups a better head start when they are born, but i am going to use pancur as it is the one that is to be used at 10 % so thank you to everyone .
- By Kerioak Date 28.09.02 19:22 GMT
Hi Janney

The reason I give a slightly lower than recommended dose for the second worming is that the pups tend to get severe diarrhoea if given full dose.

- By janney [gb] Date 28.09.02 19:31 GMT
thanks christine i will keep that in mind thanks again is my first time breeding and well thought about before i took this course and i so want to get everything as right as i possibly could my husband thinks i am turning into a midwife what with all the books and things i have bought for the occasion .
- By dizzy [gb] Date 28.09.02 19:44 GMT
ive just had delivered 20 panacur puppy paste wormer-£64 !!! im frightened to give anything to the bitch when in whelp, but treat everyone from 2 weeks onward,!
- By JoFlatcoat (Moderator) [gb] Date 29.09.02 17:19 GMT
Funny this, isn't it? I've wormed my bitches day 42 - whelping with Panacur (the Cattle 10%) with no problems and big strong healthy litters.
but would never worm the pups again with Panacur - I'd choose an alternative here- it seems to scour their gut lining.
There has been a fair bit of correspondance in the past on Panacur.

Jo and the Casblaidd Flatcoats
- By dizzy [gb] Date 29.09.02 17:52 GMT
ive used it on 4 litters now with no problems whatsoever, im just a coward where in whelp bitches are concerned-im a bird in the hand sort of person----or should it be -THE EARLY BIRD ---------- --------!!! :D
- By steph [gb] Date 01.10.02 22:01 GMT
panacure....i used the granuals not syrup when i had a litter from my gsd
yes i had togive it from day 40 till should be a low dose though??
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