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Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Bitch on day 13 yesterday but wont stand?
- By susiecm3 [gb] Date 16.09.11 09:10 GMT
I have her booked into vets later today for testing, took her on day 10, stud owner said bring her back day 13, stud owner says she is ready as stud is keen and wanting to do his job, but she keeps sitting down, if I run my hand down her back she is sitting down and no sign of flagging, this is the second time with this stud who is a lovely clear health checked stud who has not loads but enough experience, but I have never had any success from this girl, she is happy to play unlike last time when she was scared silly of him

I know the vet will tell me but wanted your input from experiences breeders, my vet is lovely but is very much a let them get on with it vet :)

It has been 5 years since I was last involved with mating a dog as it was my dad who done all this but we dont have him with us any longer, forgot how stressful it can be :(
- By Lucy1012 [gb] Date 16.09.11 12:23 GMT
In my experience if she is not standing she is not ready, some stud dogs will be interested regardless to when the bitch is ovulating. I would just continue trying, I find having the stud to the bitches home often helps with any nerves she may have. Day 13 is still quite early, so you still have a few days to play with... are you letting them run in the garden (then plannin on holding when they tie) or have you got her on a lead?
- By susiecm3 [gb] Date 16.09.11 12:28 GMT
Thanks for the reply, let them run in garden first time, then kept her on lead yesterday, been to vets so just waiting now, she is relaxed around the stud this time but just seems too cautious around her bottom area, got vet to check her thinking she may have a reason but he cant see anything, even checked her glands but they were fine, thankfully the stud owner is calm as I feel like an over anxious mum but lol and after coming across many stud owners who still look it as easy money I am always slightly cautious even though I was very choosy in my dog  :)
- By rocknrose [gb] Date 16.09.11 12:57 GMT
Don't panic yet :)  I have one bitch who is all over and done with by day 13 and another who will not let a dog near her until day 17/18. 11 to 13 is only an average, they are all different.
- By millymoo [gb] Date 16.09.11 14:12 GMT
We pre mate every time unless the bitch is staying with the stud until the deed is done. Otherwise there is no way to be sure your on the right day. Especially if your traveling hours to the stud, however if your using joe blogs dog down the road I suppose you won't need to bother pre mate testing ;-)
- By Goldmali Date 16.09.11 15:11 GMT
however if your using joe blogs dog down the road I suppose you won't need to bother pre mate testing ;-)

Well I've never travelled less than 3 hours single way to a stud dog and I've never had a blood test done. Every time I've had a bitch mated they've got pregnant.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 16.09.11 15:28 GMT

> Every time I've had a bitch mated they've got pregnant.

Wow that is really good, as I have had a number of misses over the years.
- By Lexy [gb] Date 16.09.11 16:50 GMT
We dont do any blood tests either. The only time we had a bitch miss, is the day we wanted to take her the stud owner was having a party, so we had to go a different day!! She took the next time, on the day we wanted!!
- By lilyowen Date 16.09.11 17:18 GMT
I have just mated my bitch on what was at least day 18. Not 100% sure as I was away and she came in earlier than I was expecting.

I had her swabbed and was told she would be ready on what was probably day 15 but no  joy. Stud not interested. Had another swab the next day and was told she was definitely ready. My own dog agreed she was ready and she would stand for him,  so went to stud next day. Still no interest from the stud and she wouldn't stand for the stud. So then decided to go to my second choice dog rather than miss out all together and they mated almost immediately. Only a slip though.

First stud owner said she wasn't ready in spite of the swab and my own dog  saying she was. The day after the mating my dog stopped being interested and she stopped standing so I think she was ready but for what ever reason the dog didn't want to mate her. Maybe some dogs just aren't interested in each other?
- By susiecm3 [gb] Date 16.09.11 21:09 GMT
I dont have too far to travel, about an hour in the car, good job as she gets really car sick, she got tablets from vet this time thankfully :)

I am leaving her for the weekend tomorrow, stud owner had another bitch there for another dog this week and he did not have enough room plus like i say not too bad a drive, he thinks she may relax more if I am not there, I would so love pups from her, she is such a good example and although not showed as such (I have been told off big time from others)  would love to carry on such a good line :) the pups will all be staying in the family too so I know where they will be :)

Will let you know how we get on :)
- By JeanSW Date 16.09.11 21:14 GMT
Don't lose heart.  I'm not the only person that had a bitch have one single mating on day 19 and produced a litter.

Never say never.  :-)
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 17.09.11 08:27 GMT
I would be very wary of giving tablets to a dog I was trying to get pregnant for fear of causing defects to the pups.
- By susiecm3 [gb] Date 17.09.11 09:21 GMT
I was concerned but vet has reassured me they are safe for her, he has given her a very mild dose and has stopped her vomiting which stressed her out last time :)
- By cavlover Date 17.09.11 10:04 GMT
I had one bitch conceive 12 pups on a day 21 mating and another on day 19 resulting in 11 pups. They were the only matings we got too - but we did know from ovulation scans that it was the right time for those bitches (not cavaliers btw !).
- By white lilly [gb] Date 17.09.11 15:08 GMT
dont worry we had a girl visit here 2weeks ago on day 16 because the vet said she was ready even tho her bloods was saying she was ready to ovulate (shakes head!!)....i told her to wait 2days but she wanted to bring her ,i knew what was going to happen and i was right!!...she just sat down when our boy went near her...i excplaned she wasnt ready so she came back the next day (her worring she will miss lol)....they did get a 15min tie but i knew she was still early she came back 2 days later her girl was jumping and going made for our boy they had a 25min tie just let your girl tell you when shes ready plus this was a maidan girl too...good luck.
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