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- By fieldacres [gb] Date 04.09.11 15:27 GMT
Hi All.  I have a 12 week old puppy who has one undescended testicle. There were 5 boys in the litter and he is the only boy in the litter that doesnt have two descended testicles. He is one of the nicest puppies that I have ever bred and he stood out a mile from the rest of the boys in the litter.  I show bitches but I dearly would love to show this young puppy some day.  The vet cant feel the undescended testicle yet.  Does anyone know of anything herbal or homeopathic that would help the undescended testicle to appear or does anyone have any advice they could give me.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks.
- By fedup [gb] Date 04.09.11 15:31 GMT
give him time. I have known dogs have one at this age and then the other pops down from no where.
- By Goldmali Date 04.09.11 16:18 GMT
Been there, done it, tried everything -in both dogs and cats, two different breeds in dogs. My new rule is if there aren't two testicles at 8 weeks, the puppy will be a pet. In my experience they seldom drop at a later date -but even if they do, it's not advisable to breed from such a dog as you could end up with a line that all are such late developers. The fact that your vet can't even feel the testicle makes it more unlikely for it to drop. I've had ones where you clearly could feel the missing one an inch or so away -very frustrating, but they still never came down. I know there are cases of where it happens, but then you do need to be prepared to keep the pup and risk it -and I would still not breed from it personally. Sorry to be pessimistic -it is so frustrating, I know.

I had a litter of 4 dogs and 2 bitches once where 3 dogs had both testicles, the fourth never got his second and was finally castrated aged 5. The same sire later gave a few other pups with missing testicles to a different bitch. (Different breeder.) As far as I know it has to be carried on both sides to come through -certainly that is the case in cats. I've bred from the sister of this dog and all her pups have had both testicles -total of 7 dog pups.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 05.09.11 05:11 GMT Edited 05.09.11 05:24 GMT
I know of a breeder who hung on to a male till he was nearly 6 months old as he was a great example of the breed but only had one teste in his scrotum, 2 weeks after rehoming him as a pet the second one came down she was so upset as she had spent many years trying to produce a show worthy pup, next time she says she will wait longer before giving up.

Unfortunately a repeat mating only produced females and that wasn't what she was hoping for or need at that time.

Is your vet able to feel the other teste up in the abdomen,they start off up by the kidneys, if not then there is no point in waiting. There is a gap which both testes have to pass through before it closes over, when this happens seem to vary and for a time they can travel up and down as I found with the first male pup I produced, I was relieved to feel 2 grape seeds in his scrotum at 4 weeks and 2 days later they had gone only to return again within a few hours, after that there was no time they weren't there when I checked and the grape seeds soon grew in size which would also stop them travelling up and down to the abdomen.
- By Henri3402 [gb] Date 05.09.11 07:19 GMT
We too have been there (twice), tried all the remedies, nothing worked (herbal pills, massaging etc etc.)  Agree that if they are both not there by 8/9 weeks then will probably not come.  
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 05.09.11 07:27 GMT
Think 8 to 9 weeks is early myself.  Though to be truthful I would not be feeling for them, massaging, giving treatments etc. as I think messing about can cause them not to come down.  If I had a male though whose hadn't come fully down by 6 months then I wouldn't want him being used.

Leave them for a bit don't look, don't touch and see what happens for a few more weeks, dependant upon how long you want to wait before ? homing him elsewhere.
- By Cani1 [gb] Date 05.09.11 07:50 GMT
I had a pup , best in litter who's testicle was undescended at 12 weeks and was a bit worried as you are . His litter brothers were there at 9 weeks. His dropped at 17 weeks , so if it were me I'd give him a little longer if you can :)
- By crinklecut [gb] Date 05.09.11 09:08 GMT
A friend of mine was panicking as her pups first show was fast approaching and only one testicle had descended. The second one dropped three days before the show. The pup was six months old.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 05.09.11 10:57 GMT
You could have the pup scanned by a vet proficient in scanning.

If the testicle is above the inguinal canal, it is probably at this age too big to come down, if it is below the inguinal canal but above the scrotum there is still a chance ti will appear.

My friend had her boy scanned at 4 months (large breed) and his was clearly above the inguinal canal and would not be able to come down, so he was found  PET home.
- By fieldacres [gb] Date 06.09.11 07:45 GMT
Thank you to everyone who has replied on this topic.  I will keep him for another while to see what happens because he is such a beautiful puppy and I dont want to make the mistake of putting him in a pet home too early.  I will keep my fingers crossed that his testicle drops.
- By fieldacres [gb] Date 06.09.11 07:54 GMT
Hi Rhodach  I think I can feel the undescended testicle about an inch away from where it should be.  He is booked in next week to get his last puppy vaccination so I will ask the vet to check him then. 
- By fieldacres [gb] Date 06.09.11 07:57 GMT
Hi Henri3402  I have heard that massaging can sometimes help.  I have only ever kept girls.  How do I go about trying to massage it down?
- By fieldacres [gb] Date 06.09.11 08:02 GMT
Hi Cani1  Im really glad that your puppy's testicle dropped.  Yes I am a bit worried.  I think Im starting to panic a bit because he is such a beautiful puppy.  I think I will stop checking for it for a few weeks and then maybe the next time I check I will get a surprise.  Lets hope so.
- By fieldacres [gb] Date 06.09.11 08:07 GMT
Hi Brainless  I asked my vet last week about scanning him and she said that it wouldnt show up in a scan yet.  So I am going to wait patiently and see what happens.
- By Henri3402 [gb] Date 06.09.11 13:30 GMT

> Hi Henri3402  I have heard that massaging can sometimes help.  I have only ever kept girls.  How do I go about trying to massage it down?

We were shown many years ago, it's not something I would describe and wouldn't advise you to try and do it without being shown how to by someone who's experienced.  As I said previously we've been there at least twice over the last 20 odd years, to be honest I don't think it helps (well it certainly didn't help us), we put both of the boys into pet homes, the second testicle didn't come down with either of the boys.

We since decided that if we were ever in that situation again we wouldn't run on a boy with only one.  It's too heartbreaking to keep them until 6 months and then rehome them.
- By Goldmali Date 06.09.11 13:54 GMT
We since decided that if we were ever in that situation again we wouldn't run on a boy with only one.  It's too heartbreaking to keep them until 6 months and then rehome them.

Ditto. This is a time though when I wish there were neuter classes at shows, like there are for cats. My best show cat at the moment (one certificate away from his Grand title) is a neuter who was neutered only because he had just the one testicle. I so wish he was entire as he is stunning, but at least I can show him!
- By Gemma86 [gb] Date 06.09.11 14:17 GMT
Also been there.........could feel the other but it just never came all the way down, we waited & waited & waited and eventually had to give up.
We were sooooooo gutted as not only was he a very nice dog that we thought would do very well in the ring he had the perfect showing temp, wasn't fazed by anything & was so very out going and fun loving, ah what a stunner Paddy was.........*sigh*

However he's ended up making a lovely family the perfect pet :-)
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