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- By JulieARayner [gb] Date 27.07.11 17:11 GMT
I have an 8 month old female Akita, she keeps being sick and I don't know why. She is not showing any other signs of being ill she is just her normal self apart from being sick and her bowl movements, she is not going as much as she used to even though she is eating the same, she has not gone off her food and she is still her playful happy self. When she is sick she is not bringing up any food she is just bringing up a yellow/orange liquid, even though she has not been eating anything of that colour as at first I thought my partner had given her a chew stick of that colour. I am getting worried, I asked my pet shop about it and he said that it is not normal for her to be doing this, but my partner thinks there is nothing wrong with her as no matter how hard we try to stop her she keeps eating things from the floor. Should I take her to the vets or can anybody help me.
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 17:20 GMT
She is bring up bile, is this first thing in the morning? How often do you feed her and when?
- By JulieARayner [gb] Date 27.07.11 17:30 GMT
Its not always the same time of the day when she brings it up and its not everyday but it is regular. I feed her every morning after her morning walk.
- By JulieARayner [gb] Date 27.07.11 17:50 GMT
It is mostly in the morning when she is sick before she eats or goes out, but there have been a few occasions when she has been sick in the afternoon and evening,
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 18:06 GMT
Would say that is normal, try giving her the food split into two meals morning and early evening feeding twice a day would be better for such a big dog any way she must be having a job to eat enough at one meal anyway.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 27.07.11 18:58 GMT
Before I read any replies my first thought was she is going too long between feeds, only eating once a day can cause hypoglycaemia[low sugar] also the acids in the stomach have nothing to work on and they then get vomited up which makes the dog feel better for a while till they build up again.

She needs to be on 2 meals at least a day and measure the food to make sure she is getting the required amount for her weight in 24hrs.
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 19:08 GMT
Yes Rhodach, I do agree with you when the stomach fills with bile it will be vomited but I think that a pup should be on at least 2 meals a day and would advise it was never dropped to one.
- By amanda j [gb] Date 27.07.11 19:10 GMT
my dogs tend to have that colour sick when they eat grass
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 19:33 GMT
Think that dogs eat grass to help rid themselves of stomach content which if not including food is a irritant.
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 28.07.11 10:39 GMT
Nova I did mention that she needed at least 2 meals per day, mine stay on that for life or are free fed.
- By Goldmali Date 28.07.11 10:47 GMT
no matter how hard we try to stop her she keeps eating things from the floor

She's a puppy -it's your job to make sure there isn't anything within reach she CAN eat. Just like you would if you had a baby or toddler, the unsuitable/dangerous items must be kept out of reach. Pups that age will try to eat anything -I have two 8 month olds myself.
- By Lily Mc [gb] Date 28.07.11 10:54 GMT
Like others, I would say she's just hungry/too long between food and two meals is likely to sort it.

- By Nova Date 28.07.11 11:06 GMT
Nova I did mention that she needed at least 2 meals per day, mine stay on that for life or are free fed.
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Yes Rhodach, I know you did that was why I said I agreed with you.
- By cracar [gb] Date 28.07.11 11:30 GMT
Akitas tend to 'cleanse' the stomach quite often.  Mine would eat grass and clear out the bile every chance they got.  In fact, most my walks started with a bit of retching then off we went!!  I do agree that you are not feeding her often enough.  Akitas, like most deep chested breeds, are very prone to bloat.  I would feed her morning and evening and see if this settles her tummy a bit.
- By agilabs Date 28.07.11 12:46 GMT
I would agree with the others re the feeding. one of mine will vomit a thin spitty bile overnight if he has an empty stomach. As you say it is often before her breakfast that she's sick it sounds likely to me. I would try feeding her twice a day. if you give her last meal at about 6 so she's got time to toilet before bedtime I would give a big biscuit or something last thing too.
is she still increasing in weight?

Just had another though though, how long has this been going on?? I read it that it's been chronic but if its only in the last few days and she's also not poo'ing then I would be worried about obstructions. and would be at vet's ASAP
- By Staff [gb] Date 28.07.11 16:42 GMT
She should definitely be eating at least 2 meals a day.  If my Akita misses a meal or eats much later than normal she is sick and brings up bile.  Make sure she is rested for a minimum of before or after eating before any exercise is undertaken to reduce the chance of bloat, also feeding twice per day will also reduce the chance of bloat.
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