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- By Jilhal [gb] Date 26.07.11 17:24 GMT
I have fallen in love with this stunning breed, having had Great Danes before and now owned by two cocker spaniels would like to add to the four legged family possibly at the start of next year with a male Irish wolfhound. Can anyone recommend good breeders who we can get to know before taking the step to ownership. Have just moved to Lincolnshire from Scotland but would be willing to travel or the best
- By Nova Date 26.07.11 17:34 GMT
At the Hound Association Championship show held at the showground Stafford on the 6th of August there will be about 90 present with their owners and breeders, why not go and take a look and have a chat. You will be able to see the different types and if you buy a catalogue you will have address and phone numbers of most the exhibitors.
- By Tadsy Date 27.07.11 07:04 GMT
My (canine) hydrotherapist breeds Irish Wolfhounds, and their youngest boy has just been made up at the age of 8 months! They're in Kent though, so a massive trek from Scotland. I can pm you their details if you would like. edited to add that these are the only ones I've met in person, and I am continually amazed at how calm they are, even as tiny (well as tiny as a wolfhound pup can be) puppy.

- By Nova Date 27.07.11 08:59 GMT Edited 27.07.11 09:01 GMT
Hate to contradict but I am sure it is impossible to make up a UK champion at 8 months I believe at least one CC must be won over the age of 12 months. Also surprised in a breed that is so late to develop that any pup could win 3 CCs in 2 months, feel there must be some misunderstanding here.

Perhaps they mean they have qualified the pup for Crufts, that is more than likely and not that difficult to do.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 27.07.11 09:14 GMT
You're right, Nova; in the UK at least one CC must be awarded after the age of 12 months before a dog is made up. I suspect a confusion of terminology here.
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 09:19 GMT
Confusion about something JG - suppose it has happened but with a I W at 6 & 7 months it would take courage indeed for a judge to declare that in their opinion this pup would make a champion, they are so very unfinished and so very much could go amiss.
- By Tadsy Date 27.07.11 09:19 GMT
Apologies ladies, going by what the OH said after going there yesterday. I know he got his 3rd CC, but I thought he was older than 8months (although not much), he was insistent he was still a pup.

I shall defer to your better knowledge. :-)
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 09:24 GMT
By the way Jilhal I also live in Lincolnshire and will be stewarding for IW at the Hound Association show so if you go make yourself known to me, I'm the elderly over weight on with a big voice.
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 09:26 GMT Edited 27.07.11 09:31 GMT
Guess there is a misunderstanding PM me the kennel name (affix) and I will know who you are talking about.

There are a couple of nice young bitches about it may be one of them but not as far as I know not made up. (Opps just noticed it's a dog)
- By suejaw Date 27.07.11 09:32 GMT
Tadsy I know who you're talking about as ive done some work experience there. They have recently made up a dog but he's not a pup however he's still a young dog.
They also have another large breed hound there.
- By Tadsy Date 27.07.11 09:35 GMT
Just done some searching, and knew I should have stuck to my guns (with the OH that is). The dog in question must be around 18 months old (rather than 8 months), I found some results for him at a puppy class in an open show back in July 10.

Will pm you his details I couldn't find his dob anywhere, I just remember giving him a cuddle when he was about 5 weeks old. I could only hold him for a few minutes as my arms started to go numb, they're huge even as puppies.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 27.07.11 09:39 GMT
Tsk! By the time I've wrangled my way round the horribly circuitous KC website to find the info about making up a champion (Q. How is a dog made into a Champion?
A. A dog is awarded the title Champion if it has won 3 Challenge Certificates at championship shows where CCs were on offer, under 3 different judges and one of the Challenge Certificates was awarded when the dog was more then 12 months of age.
it's all been sorted out anyway!
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 09:41 GMT
Have sent you a PM the dog was born in November 2009
- By Tadsy Date 27.07.11 10:00 GMT
Thanks Nova.

Sorry everyone, wasn't trying to deliberately mislead, and I have no personal affiliation with this kennel. I just think their dogs are gaawwgguuus. It also goes to show you shouldn't listen to anything a man says, without first double and triple checking the information. ;-)
- By Nova Date 27.07.11 10:03 GMT
Don't think we thought it deliberately just impossible - men are, as you say, easy to mislead. The dog is a very nice example and will no doubt be at the Hound Association Show I will look out for it again.
- By Jilhal [gb] Date 27.07.11 17:42 GMT
Hi Jackie thanks for replies will definitely try and get along to the show and look you out xx
- By Tadsy Date 01.11.11 11:25 GMT
Just wanted to re-iterate that the details re the age of the dog in my original post were incorrect (for those who didn't read the rest of the thread, so whoever it was that contacted this kennel to berate them about getting their facts wrong can stand down. I shall contact admin to see if my original response can be removed to save them any further calls!
- By Stooge Date 01.11.11 15:21 GMT

> (for those who didn't read the rest of the thread, so whoever it was that contacted this kennel to berate them about getting their facts wrong can stand down.

Surely not :confused:  Who would have known which kennels apart from Nova and she, like all the other readers of this thread I am sure, would have known from the outset that the error did not lie with kennel.
Did you post this on another board?
- By Nova Date 01.11.11 17:00 GMT
Would like to make it clear I have plenty going on in my life and contacting a breeder over such a silly matter or any other is not my style. 
- By Stooge Date 01.11.11 17:09 GMT
I don't think anyone would believe you did, Nova.  Or anyone else here for that matter. 
It just doesn't make any sense.
- By Tadsy Date 01.11.11 17:12 GMT
No - I didn't post this anywhere else, and I didn't for one moment think that Nova made the contact.

Someone who does have too much time on their hands took it upon themselves to google the information gleaned from my erroneous post to find out which kennel it was and has contacted them within the last 3 weeks. They're quite upset by it all, and so am I to be perfectly honest.

- By Nova Date 01.11.11 17:17 GMT
I don't think anyone would believe you did, Nova.  Or anyone else here for that matter.
It just doesn't make any sense.

You are right Stooge, who would care anyway, it is not as if the person was accused of doing anything strange or unusual with their hounds. It was so obviously an error in reporting and hurt no one or no hound, it is hard to believe that any one with any sense would waste their time contacting the breeder, what tosh.
- By Stooge Date 01.11.11 17:19 GMT
Well they must have put a lot of effort into it because I'm blowed if I can see enough info there.
I can understand why you are upset for them but I can't see anything malicious in your post just a straightforward error.  I think you and the dogs owner should just shrug your shoulders and put it all behind you. :)
Ditto to Nova really :)
- By Nova Date 01.11.11 17:21 GMT
No - I didn't post this anywhere else, and I didn't for one moment think that Nova made the contact.

Thank you Tadsy, can only think that some idiot stumbled across the information and decided to cheer up their boring lives a little by trying to make trouble. Sorry for the people concerned they must be annoyed and I am sorry for you who, after all, thought you were passing on happy information.
- By suejaw Date 01.11.11 19:15 GMT
On my phone and just seen this and wanted to say wasn't me either.  I'm quite confused how anyone can twist what you said in anyway, bizarre. You've made it clear you got the age wrong of the dog but that's it. Nothing negative has been mentioned about the dog, he is a sweetie x
- By Tadsy Date 01.11.11 19:27 GMT

I don't want anyone to think I'm pointing fingers here. I can only assume that somebody has chanced upon my single post, without reading the rest of the thread and has taken it upon themselves to stir things up.

OH was there today and they told him that they'd had this phone call, and have asked that I put the story straight. (They're lovely and are fine with us about it). As everyone has pointed out, there was nothing negative said, and the boy in question is a sweetie. WHoever it was obviously wanted to make a point, as it wouldn't be immediately obvious from my post whom I was referring to.

I have asked admin to remove the post, or at least the incorrect ages from it, so that this can't happen again.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 02.11.11 08:08 GMT
This thread is a classic example how something said in all innocence can get blown up out of all proportion!
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