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- By fieldacres [gb] Date 15.05.11 18:09 GMT
To all you experienced breeders out there.

My bitch was mated twice last week.  The two matings took place 48 hours apart.  I had her on Baytril antibiotics for 7 days before she was mated.  Two days after the second mating she took a urinary infection and had a temperature of 102.2F .  She is now on a course of synulox.  Im wondering if there is any chance that she will still have pups after taking this infection.  Does anyone own a bitch that took an infection shortly after being mated that went on to have a litter?
- By Justine [gb] Date 15.05.11 18:40 GMT
Pregnant bitches are ok to have Synulox tablets.  Hopefully a bladder infection wont interfere with any puppies as they will be in a very safe place at the moment as you only mated her last week :)
- By joby [gb] Date 15.05.11 21:26 GMT
my bitch had an infection (blood in water) during her pregnancy, she had a course of anti biotics and went on to have a healthy litter of 5. good luck
- By danielle-k9 Date 15.05.11 21:32 GMT
My bitch had an infection 2 weeks after being mated. She was on abs for 10 days and went on to have 8 puppies.
- By fieldacres [gb] Date 16.05.11 22:12 GMT
Thank you everyone.  You have all given me some hope that there might still be some puppies. 
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 17.05.11 12:47 GMT
My girl often gets post season infections, but she had 2 litters, albeit small ones.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Bitch has taken infection shortly after being mated

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