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Up Topic Dog Boards / Controversial Stuff / First prosecution ever in Wales on use of Electric collar (locked)
- By Olive1 Date 12.04.11 06:20 GMT
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 12.04.11 07:05 GMT
So not only was he breaking the law, the device didn't stop the dog leaving the garden anyway! Well done to the authorities for bringing the prosecution.
- By Adam P [gb] Date 12.04.11 16:07 GMT
I bet he just changes the fence to stock fence when he needs to, this will probably keep the dog in but will give it about 10 times the stim of an e collar!

- By HuskyGal Date 12.04.11 17:18 GMT
In respect of the Dog wardens previous interaction with this owner I wonder why it was not reported then? Or do they operate a 'yellow card' type of warning before proceedings are taken? If thats the case shame it wasn't documented so the owner could not claim it had not happened.
    Glad to see the ban is not a total 'toothless tiger' though. :-)

p.s Thanks Olive1 for posting that.
- By Eddieluck [gb] Date 24.05.11 19:03 GMT
Hi notsure how to begin. my job to me to horse racing stables were there was approx 4/5 differant bred of dogs running loose. i didnt notice until my friend that i was working with ask one of the person working at the stables  what was type of  collier this only dog was wearing and she replied a shock collier my friend ask why this particular dog was wearing it she replied that he was a chaser! ie horse/deer!!! and went on to say that when dog would go pass bounderies he get shock. as as much as you called him he wouldnt stop. i had to bite my tongue as i could lose my job!
- By victoria01 [au] Date 15.12.11 23:12 GMT
I use the containment fence collars & the remote training collars on my dogs, I have also tested the sting it gives on myself & other people, it's no worse than a light electric shock, I have to control my dogs from great distances, (over an average area of 30 kilometers....   when the dogs where younger & learning the trade, these collars where invaluable.  the containment fence collars have no doubt saved there lives - where we live - if dogs are seen on other cattle properties chasing stock, it is legal to shoot the dog & bury it.  don't under estimate the intelligence of any dog.... they learn how close to the boundary wire they can get without getting zapped, I have the ones that sound a warning tone before zapping, the training collars on the other hand can be turned up to the number 15....  (I control that from a remote) I have ever only gone as high as 5 for a very stubborn, naughty dog.  Professional pig shooters in Australia swear by these collars.....  There is nothing worse than spending hours calling & looking for a young dog that didn't hear or listen to vocal commands.  (the thoughts that go through my head while I am looking are terrible - these dogs bale up mobs of pigs numbering in the 30's & more, inexperienced dogs can & do get ripped to pieces. (always have a first aid kit) In saying all that - Me & mine don't chase pigs these days, we chase cattle.......  But - This is "Australia"    & after all of that - I do think the collars you are talking about are different to the ones we have...  mine are all completely "right" for my babies...  Over the years my family & I have had a LOT of working dogs... & I just wish we had of had these collars many more years ago. 
Up Topic Dog Boards / Controversial Stuff / First prosecution ever in Wales on use of Electric collar (locked)

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