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- By Moomins [gb] Date 25.03.11 09:00 GMT

Does anyone feed AG fish and potato senisitve? I recently had a delivery and noticed that the biscuits have changed, they are darker and slightly bigger than the last batch I had, they also seem to be a bit shiny? just wondered if anyone had heard about them changing their reciepe at all..I  looked on their website but there is no mention of it. I also noticed when I opened the bad it didnt have a strong fishy smell that it normally has, I am just wondering if perhaps there has been a mix up or something when they were packed?
- By Moomins [gb] Date 25.03.11 13:12 GMT
FoS???????? Anyway, back to the subject I raised earlier. I have since spoken to AG a  lovely lady called Rebecca and she asked me to give her the batch number as well as post off a sample of the food along with some of the previous order of fish & potato. As it could be possible the bags we have were incorrectly packed with something else. She is going to send me out a free bag with a different batch number, test what I have sent off to her and if it turns out to be different (which I am sure it is) she will send out another bag FOC.   
- By dogs a babe Date 25.03.11 14:19 GMT
That's a big thumbs up for AG.

Exceptional customer service isn't that common BUT I must say that I've always had good experiences with Arden Grange, they take this aspect of their business very seriously and it is to their credit.

Hope you get it sorted :)
- By Moomins [gb] Date 26.03.11 11:11 GMT
Thanks I must say I was very impressed with their efforts in getting to the bottom of they get a big thumbs up from me as well.
- By Tyke757 [gb] Date 28.03.11 20:45 GMT

A friend of mine feeds one of hers this as it seems to be the only one he can tolerate. Would you be able to let me know the batch number so I can let her know and then she can check before she runs out.

Thank you
- By Moomins [gb] Date 29.03.11 07:50 GMT
Hi Tyke757

Yes, the batch number was BBD 04/06/12 W212659 GB193E1446 L070063

- By Tyke757 [gb] Date 29.03.11 09:23 GMT

Many thanks.

- By Tyke757 [gb] Date 01.04.11 11:01 GMT
Hi Moomins

Have you heard from AG yet.  It would appear that my friend has the same batch number at the end there are also the following numbers


I guess these are times of the batch run.


- By Moomins [gb] Date 06.04.11 10:06 GMT
Hi Tyke757,

Not been on CD for a few days so sorry for the delay in replying. I am still waiting to hear back regarding the results of the biscuits I sent in.  I think yes, they are the times the batch ran etc..once I hear from them I will let you know.

- By Moomins [gb] Date 08.04.11 08:06 GMT
Hi Tyke757

I got a letter back from AG about the analysis of the kibble I sent into them as follows:

'This is the second complaint from this batch. We packed a total of 1500 x 15kg of this bag. The newer batch we have just made is also darker in colour. The darker product is due to the amount of potato startch and potato flake used in the recipe which has darkened the product somewhat. The nutritional specification is exactly the same as before. There is however a problem with the size of the kibbles returned, which is too large. This is not so with the whole batch as our retained samples are in specification. There must have been some adjustment to size taken place probably at the start of the batch which should have been rejected. We apologise for this fall in quality.'

So the most important thing is that it was still fish and potato sensitive not some other flavour and the nutritional quality was not different . We did receive a free 15kg bag from a different batch and due to that fact they did find error in their product/quality control they are going to send us out another 15kg bag free. I am very impressed with how AG dealt with this. sadly not something you get to say very often these days about companies/customer service


- By dogs a babe Date 08.04.11 10:50 GMT

> I am very impressed with how AG dealt with this

How brilliant!  I think I've said before how very good they are at customer service, they really seem to take it seriously and it pays off.  I've always heard good things :)

Shame the same can't be said of Currys who are in the process of completely dropping the ball on a customer service issue - she says whilst muttering darkly, saying rude words and kicking things...
- By Tyke757 [gb] Date 08.04.11 19:46 GMT
Hi moomins

Thank you for the update will let my friend know and let her decide what to do.

- By suejaw Date 08.04.11 19:54 GMT

> I am very impressed with how AG dealt with this. sadly not something you get to say very often these days about companies/customer service

I'm sure they'd love to actually here this - We all love positive feedback ;-). They are great people there and this is true to form of them as people themselves.
I have to agree their customer service is faultless..
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