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Up Topic Dog Boards / Feeding / does anybody feed with "Taste of the Wild" dog food?
- By Tigerprawn [gb] Date 22.03.11 22:52 GMT

does anybody know much about this food? has experience feeding it? the ingridient list looks brilliant so far but I would be gratefull for personal opinions,  thank you :)
- By LurcherGirl [gb] Date 22.03.11 22:53 GMT
Nope, but am planning to switch my lurcher onto it... but so far haven't got any experience with it yet.
- By diddles [gb] Date 23.03.11 07:54 GMT Edited 23.03.11 07:56 GMT
yes, i have used this with my bull terriers.

It has the same ingredients as acana and orijen and is nearly £20 cheaper.

my older bully didn't take to it because he is very fussy and needs a change in diet every few weeks or he stops eating. (not ideal i know)
my younger bully and older cross breed look great on it.

wow have just checked zooplus which i have found is the only supplier in the has gone up £10 since the last bag i bought!
- By Tigerprawn [gb] Date 23.03.11 08:40 GMT
Thank you!
Naturesdiet, acana or orijen don't suit us as it has kelp and my black dog gets a red shade from it. TOTW doesn't have kelp so I am keen to try!  Arden grange lamb and rise (the green packet) is my second option but AG has beet puld which is not ideal
- By Tigerprawn [gb] Date 23.03.11 08:41 GMT
p.s. It is still cheaper than acana or orijen :)
- By rabid [gb] Date 23.03.11 17:42 GMT
I too am currently feeding Taste of the Wild.  My dogs' poos are fine on it and they seem keen.  It is paler in colour than Orijen, and the poos are also paler; I do believe the ingredients are not as excellent as Orijen, but it is still a fantastic food and, as you say, cheaper.
- By georgepig [gb] Date 24.03.11 10:42 GMT
Yes, George (boxer) has been on it for a few months now and looks even better on it than on Orijen.  He has the one with bison in it but I'm tempted to get a different variety next time to see how the others suit him.  Not all foods suit all dogs but it definitely works for him.
- By Tigerprawn [gb] Date 24.03.11 12:07 GMT
thank you all! sounds very promissing so far :)
- By mcmanigan773 [gb] Date 04.08.11 08:40 GMT
Tigerprawn how did your dogs get on with this in the end? I have just ordered a bad for my lot as a change from Royal Canin. I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who feeds this :)
- By LurcherGirl [gb] Date 04.08.11 14:18 GMT
I have been feeding TOTW to my lurcher for a few months now (together with raw) and he is doing fantastically well on it. He has stopped moulting excessively, has no more dandruff and has plenty of energy. I have also put my cocker spaniel puppy on it (again together with raw) and she is doing great on it too.
- By mcmanigan773 [gb] Date 04.08.11 17:27 GMT

> He has stopped moulting excessively

That is interesting to hear, I have one Mali that moults constantly, no matter how much I brush him so it will be interesting to see if it helps at all. Never thought food could be the cause before!
- By RoxyandBella [gb] Date 30.08.11 13:05 GMT
I feed my dog on TOTW and very happy with it.    This is the only dog food together with Acana (considerably more expensive) that don't give my dog runny poos.  And I like the smell of it from the bag.

Daily supplement of fish oil/salmon oil or even cod liver oil(watch out for excess of vit A) or any other omega-3 oils usually stops dogs from moulting, if they moult more than average in their breed.  I think TOTW is quite rich in omega, but I always add extra to guarantee to have a shiny coat.
- By dvnbiker [gb] Date 30.08.11 20:26 GMT
Well I have just started to feed this for their breakfast and then they have raw at night.  Will be interested to see how they do on it.
- By mcmanigan773 [gb] Date 31.08.11 08:03 GMT
2 of my dogs have been on this now for almost a month (on the fish one), the other 2 are in the process of being switched to it. So far I am impressed. The only issue I had was interpreting the feeding guidelines as it is measured in cups (how big is a cup?!) I found a feeding guide in grams though on Zooplus which has helped as I was feeding too much!!!
- By Elly [gb] Date 31.08.11 18:20 GMT
Hi we have recently switched to T O T W and seem to be having a lot of success with the bison...fingers crossed...he wasnt too thrilled with the salmon but I think thats simply because hes just sick to the back teeth of salmon based food but this is the first food hes taken to without fuss and that suits his stomach really well. He looks good on it, coat is nice and he is also seeming calmer. Very happy with it all in all so far.
- By dvnbiker [gb] Date 01.09.11 16:59 GMT
can someone tell me what one cup is in grams please
- By Elly [gb] Date 01.09.11 22:43 GMT
- By Reikiangel [gb] Date 02.09.11 21:18 GMT
Where are you buying it.  i did a search the other week but struggled with a UK seller.  It looked very good and should suit my brood.  i did read that there is something in it, from fish i think that isn't good for dogs on a review but they had another dog food promo link so wasn't sure whether to take any notice of it.  it was something to do with the manufacturingprocess before it gets to them??
- By mcmanigan773 [gb] Date 02.09.11 22:19 GMT
The only supplier I can find of it is Zooplus, it gets delivered by parcel force. They had an offer on it earlier in the week, 2 bags for around £80 which wasn't bad. It takes 3-4 days to arrive. I have fed my lot the fish one at first but we have just ordered the one with bird meat in it I think (not the bison one) and they are all loving it.
- By Elly [gb] Date 03.09.11 15:48 GMT
I think its Ethoxyquin, a preservative, that was being thought of and referred to but its apparantly not used in T O T W food as someone said in one of the reviews here, the 4th one down.

Heres a good review and break down of one of the flavours, I think most are the same..interesting reading of how its broken down and reviewed..
- By dvnbiker [gb] Date 04.09.11 19:58 GMT
thanks for that Elly.

My lot are doing great on it - I am using the bison one and get it from zooplus.
- By Reikiangel [gb] Date 08.09.11 20:08 GMT
Thanks for the links, interesting reading.  Still feel like swapping so will look more into it.  it gives me some idea of doing some other dehydrated foods for them.  This goes down them no problem.
- By OwnedbyaBC [je] Date 12.09.11 14:21 GMT
I have just ordered a bag of this for my "hard keeper". Orijen and Acana have so far suited him, so it'll be nice to see if TOTW also suits him :)
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