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- By crofty [gb] Date 16.03.11 09:39 GMT
Hi My Sammy is day 64 today and started stage 1 yesterday at about 10am, well I was with her all night and not once has she tried to push, at about half 3 this morning she was losing green/black fluid, I have not seen this before, when no puppies have arrived.  At half 6 ( not sure if I should of done any earlier) I spoke to my vet, she went in and had oxcitocin injection.  She still did not try to push, now because one of the puppies heart beats wasn't as strong they told me to take her back at half 8 if no puppies are produced, which I have done and she is now in theatre for a C section. Her 1st litter two years ago, was plain sailing, didn't even know she was in labour and then was suddenly pushing and they were delivered within 2 hours all five.  Can anyone help me to understand why this litter would be so different?? It was the same stud dog.  Thank you x
- By Zajak [gb] Date 16.03.11 09:55 GMT
Green/black fluid is a danger sign, the vet should have been called immediately.  I had this with my 2nd litter and when I rang my vet he said it was not a problem (I now know better)!  She had the green/black fluid at 9.30am and my vet eventually saw her for a c section at 2.30pm.  The puppies did not survive due to placental separation.  Oxytocin should not be given if there are have been no puppies born as it could lead to a ruptured uterus.  Sounds like your vet is not particularly knowledgable about whelpings!

All whelpings are different and using the same stud dog makes no difference whatsoever.

Hope everything goes well with the op and that both mum and pups are ok, this waiting bit is the worst isn't it?
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 16.03.11 09:55 GMT
I think the BOTB says green fluid before puppies arrive is a bad sign, so just as well you took her in, hope the op goes ok.
- By kenya [gb] Date 16.03.11 09:56 GMT
I would be taking my bitch to the vets asap!!
- By crofty [gb] Date 16.03.11 10:30 GMT Edited 16.03.11 10:33 GMT
I have read BOTB front to back several times and last night when I looked for anything to do with green/black fluid I couldn't find it.  But your right it is in there somewhere.
Only news so far is that there are six babies.  But sounds like they are all okay..  Fingers crossed x
- By Wirelincs [gb] Date 16.03.11 11:36 GMT
Oxytocin BEFORE a puppy arrives!! ???????
- By toffeecrisp [gb] Date 16.03.11 12:18 GMT
Hope both mum and pups are doing ok Crofty ((HUGS))
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 16.03.11 12:35 GMT
Yes green fluid before any pups is a danger sign, after pups it's fine as it is caused by placental seperation, it is also a sign the waters have broken so labour has to be in progress.

I have heard of oxytocin being given before pups if the contractions are just not strong enough to push a pup out which is already in the vagina, think I would have stayed at the vets till there was at least one pup out.

I hope Mum and all the pups are fine, how many were you expecting?
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 16.03.11 13:21 GMT
Yay, glad they are ok, and mum too hopefully!
- By Reikiangel [gb] Date 16.03.11 14:09 GMT
Good luck, hope all goes well for mum and pups.
- By crofty [gb] Date 16.03.11 15:48 GMT
Thank you everyone, all home now and doing well.
- By Reikiangel [gb] Date 16.03.11 16:23 GMT
Thats good to here.
- By white lilly [gb] Date 16.03.11 19:13 GMT
so glad all is now ok ,well done!
- By kane [gb] Date 16.03.11 23:21 GMT
Congratulations glad all is well.x
- By JeanSW Date 16.03.11 23:29 GMT

> I have heard of oxytocin being given before pups if the contractions are just not strong enough to push a pup out

As long as the bitch is dilated.
- By annastasia [gb] Date 17.03.11 11:05 GMT
We had this a few weeks ago i had never seen it before, had read about it in book of the bitch, so rang my vet, she had our female in within minutes, had to do a c section resultin in 1 huge dead pup. :-(
I know now this sign could be something is very wrong.
- By annastasia [gb] Date 17.03.11 11:07 GMT
Glad all is well with both mum and pups.
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