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- By lucysmith [gb] Date 21.11.10 19:21 GMT
Hi , can anyone shed any light on the behaviour of one of my 18 month old male shepherds pls. Since this morning he has been obsessed about humping one of my younger males (6 mths) , they were fine this morning , nothing out of the ordinary then i took the younger one( Maverick) to puppy class and when i came back the 18 mth old (Bear) started humping him , this is not the ordinary type of humping as in showing him who is boss, it is manic , he is desperate to get to him. The only way i can describe it is it is almost as if Bear is acting as if Mav is a bitch in season , when i seperated them and crated Bear he was screaming to get out , as soon as he settled and was allowed out he went straight after him again. He is making that annoying noise they make when a bitch is in season and pacing , none of my girls are due in season!
Any ideas???
- By Brainless [gb] Date 21.11.10 19:26 GMT
Was there a bitch pup at class that had just come in or just finished a season.

Has the youngster got any injuries/sores or any kind of infection as this will often smells like in season bitch to many males.
- By lucysmith [gb] Date 21.11.10 19:29 GMT
Hi Brainless , there were only 3 other pups in the class and they were males as hardly anyone turned up due to the fact it was piddling down.
As for any sores or infection , none that i can see/am aware of. Bear does keep sniffing at Mav's boys bits but i would have thought that if he had an infection the other dogs in the house would be sniffing him too ???
- By STARRYEYES Date 21.11.10 23:10 GMT
or it could be a neighbours bitch in neighbours dog doesnt bother when my girls are in but he kicked off for 3 days solid 2 wks ago because a bitch up the road was in.
- By lucysmith [gb] Date 22.11.10 11:08 GMT
Hi , no i don't think so , he is just obsessed with this young dog since he came home yesterday , he is just as bad today , i have never seen anything like it , my other males aren't showing any interest whatsoever but it is driving me nuts , not to mention poor Mav who is a bit confused about Bears advances.
Any other ideas??
- By STARRYEYES Date 22.11.10 11:29 GMT
maybe he is giving off a smell..try bathing him?
- By lucysmith [gb] Date 22.11.10 12:54 GMT
lol he is just drying off from his bath as i type , lets hope that sorts it , poor boy is very confused as to whats going on.
- By Staff [gb] Date 22.11.10 15:24 GMT
Could it be his anal glands?  I know when my bitch had a problem with hers the other dogs would not leave her alone. 
- By lucysmith [gb] Date 22.11.10 15:57 GMT
I did think that , there is no obvious smell and the other dogs aren't pestering him. I have had a look and can't see anything untoward , i am at a loss to be honest but it is not letting up !
- By lucysmith [gb] Date 22.11.10 20:21 GMT
Anyone got any ideas please ?!
- By sugar [gb] Date 22.11.10 20:24 GMT
One of the girls I work with had a dog who was constantly pestered on walks by dogs trying to mount him all the time. She was advised to spray him with bitch spray before the walk and so far it has worked 100%. Hasn't been bothered at all by any dogs. May be worth a try??
- By Brainless [gb] Date 23.11.10 01:07 GMT

> One of the girls I work with had a dog who was constantly pestered on walks by dogs trying to mount him all the time.

Was the dog castrated?  This often causes entire males to see them as a bitch.
- By michelleb [gb] Date 23.11.10 07:05 GMT
Interesting subject for me.
My 3 and a half year old entire GR has taken to humping a castrated Rottie friend of similar age who he has known since they were about year old.   He doesnt do it to any other dogs.
He adores this Rottie - they are very good friends and hell often just stand beside him and just lick his face - its very sweet to see him do that - so I dont think its dominance.   When we are travelling to meet him, Ill tell him and he gets really excited and can hardly sit still.   The Rottie mostly allows it but now and again growls at him.
Ive tried saying 'NO' or 'DOWN' and he will stop for a short while but within minutes, hes back at the humping.   Ive also tried putting him back on his lead for a while.   It sometimes seems to me as though he is obsessed - it goes on and on and on and on.....   And he has this most stupid expression on his face!
Any ideas please at what I can do to stop it?   Ive seen a comment here about 'bitch spray'.   What is that and is it something that might help?
Cheers folks.
- By Nova Date 23.11.10 07:49 GMT
IMO there are 3 main reasons for a mature dog to mount another male.

A/ It is used as a way to remind the target dog of the other dogs position
B/ The contact dog has an infection or sore
C/ The contact dog has been castrated

Or it could just be juvenile behaviour or play. There are some of the smaller breeds who are nuisance bonkers and they never seem to mature and become sensible adults but most dog do and are then only interested for some good reason.
- By lucysmith [gb] Date 23.11.10 09:02 GMT
I can only assume that my pup has an infection as i have tried bathing him , it is not just the normal type humping to show him he is boss , its manic , obsessive humping but it came on all of a sudden when we came back from that puppy class , he literally jumped on him within seconds of him being home and hasn't stopped since , they are now seperated. He is acting like he does when a bitch is in season.
All of my males (4) are entire too so its not that , i think i will take him to the vets for a check up as apart from the fact that its driving me and poor Mav nuts its also upsetting the rest of the dogs as i am stressed about it now.
- By Nova Date 23.11.10 10:01 GMT
May well be a UTI and a short course of ABs will have peace returned.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 23.11.10 10:54 GMT
As the pup is coming into Puberty it could be a bit of balinitis (infection in the sheath) not unusual at this age, as it vaginitis in prepubescent bitches.
- By Jocelyn [gb] Date 24.11.10 13:37 GMT
As the behaviour started after puppy class and not before maybe the instructor or one of the other owners has a bitch in season, and is carrying the scent on thenselves or thier puppy. Or maybe a bitch in season has been in the training hall or ground. If so the scent will be on your puppy.
- By lucysmith [gb] Date 24.11.10 14:27 GMT
I think you must be right as it is starting to settle down now , thank god . I took Maverick to the vet for a check up and he got the all clear , was showing no signs of any discharge or anything and nothing to suggest a urine infection. I have bathed him again twice and now it seems to be stopping , i have never seen anything like it , bloody boys ;-)
- By Jocelyn [gb] Date 24.11.10 21:19 GMT
It would be interesting to ask at the next puppy class if anyone has a bitch in season.
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