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- By BeaBea [gb] Date 13.09.10 08:47 GMT
Does anyone have experience of red staining on a pale coated dog? My goldens are fed a raw diet but seem to have a reddish bloom around their mouths, feet and on their undersides, especially between their back legs. Apart from this, they are very healthy.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 13.09.10 08:56 GMT
That sounds like saliva staining.
- By Justine [gb] Date 13.09.10 09:00 GMT
Could be an allergy to something too
- By sunshine [gb] Date 13.09.10 12:19 GMT
Yeast build up causes red staining.  it might be in the paws or that could be due to mites and nibbling.
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 13.09.10 16:13 GMT
Thankyou for replies. Am busy researching yeast and saliva links. Both seem plausible. I can't believe it could be their natural diet unless it is an allergy to something I am giving them too often.
- By daisysmum [gb] Date 13.09.10 17:39 GMT
Our dog Daisy has red fur around her mouth and paws. Then I read somewhere that it could be tap water, Since then she has only had filtered water and when it grew out she is now snow white.
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 13.09.10 19:56 GMT
I am definately going to try filtered water as I have read about this connection elsewhere. It would probably be good for the whole family too! I suppose it must be something to do with the minerals, and though it is cosmetic on a pale dog I do worry about what might be happening internally for my goldens. Thankyou for the advice.
- By Lacy Date 13.09.10 20:44 GMT

> I read somewhere that it could be tap water,

Thats interesting, one of ours has red around his mouth. I did give them filtered water for some time and gave up when the filter needed changing, so will try again for longer this time.
- By G.Rets [gb] Date 13.09.10 21:00 GMT
My Goldens also have this.  My vet said that the dog has been licking her feet but she hasn't. I believe it is just something that many Goldens have. One of mine has  a pink patch under her chin on her chest. All four have this dark hair between the toes yet they do not have sore feet. They walk on the forest so no insecticides or similar. Best ignored unless the dog is bothered by it.
- By sunshine [gb] Date 14.09.10 08:13 GMT
My goldie has the red feet and she does lick them.  They apparrently do that if mites are present so either give a quick dip of Thorit or boric powder, then clip out the red fur or wait for it to grow.

I've thought about the filtered water before but wasn't sure if it had to be bottled water.  Sounds like i can put my water filter to some use again.  Does it clean the water as if it was bottled.  I'd never have enough in for my Goldie if it was bottled lol.  She's a water dog through and through.
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 14.09.10 12:23 GMT
None of my Goldies lick their feet and they all have red fur, infact one of them has the red setter look in places unlickable! I think this is more common than I realised. I keep seeing blonde Retrievers all pale and wonder what on earth I'm doing. Have bought a filter so will post results as and when though I think I might have to wait for moults and regrowth. For sure they are not bothered and touch wood are otherwise healthy. If this does n't work I will explore the red mite link.
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 14.09.10 12:42 GMT
Thanks Sunshine. Do I buy these products from a pet shop?
- By itsadogslife [gb] Date 14.09.10 16:17 GMT
I was wondering if any of the affected dogs have itchy skin? Interesting that it seems to be so common with Goldies. Is it more with the paler coated ones or could it just be that it just shows up more?

The other thing I am wondering is whether they get muddy often? If so, what colour is the soil in your area? I know that some areas have reddish soil & we all know how much Goldies love to get muddy and wet. Could be staining.

BTW if you're wondering... I have GR's too!!
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 14.09.10 17:13 GMT
I think it might be the paler goldies too as I've had darker ones with no problems. Well they rarely get muddy but our soil is thick red clay. They are n't itchy either and whilst I accept this might be just a cosmetic thing I do worry about what is causing it. My previous vet had no comment. I can find no pink or red on my boy goldie at all. It's frustrating.
Have read that apple cider vinegar in the drinking water can help?
- By sunshine [gb] Date 14.09.10 17:41 GMT
Mine's a 'proper goldie' lol so no link there.

You can either buy the thornit at a show or some pet shops.  I think PaH sell it.  the boric powder you can buy from a chemist.  some chemists might ask you what its used for, just say its for mites.  You might even be able to get some from a hair dressers.
- By itsadogslife [gb] Date 14.09.10 18:28 GMT
I'm thinking it's probably staining from the red soil in your area.....
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 14.09.10 18:31 GMT
I'll give it a go then. Instructions on the box? If this is a common colour feature on the pale golden though I might just accept it. 
- By Dill [gb] Date 14.09.10 18:57 GMT
I don't know what the Water Filters filter out but they don't make the water like bottled, they often swap ions in the water for ions in the resin in the fitler but this can be different with different makes of filter.  Most bottled water is quite heavy in minerals and many have a  heavy Sodium Bicarbonate loading ;)

The water coming out of my taps is exceptionally pure - it's from a mountain moorland reservoir so filtered through PEAT and almost no nitrates etc.  2 of my dogs have the red feet, but the third doesn't - it's a pain and I hate it on their pale coats :confused:

If you want to know what's in your tap water you can ask the water board for a tap water quality report for your area ;)  Then all you have to do is work out what it all means ;) LOL
- By sunshine [gb] Date 14.09.10 19:20 GMT
I'm moving to you house lol.  That water sounds heaven.

To dust for mites, just get a blusher brush and nuzzle it in through the pads, making sure you get to the skin.  only need a little.  If you do this 2-3 times it should sort it out.  Alternatively, take a half a teaspoon (roughly) and desolve it in hot water.  Wait for it to cool and dip dogs paw in the water for a few seconds.  Pat partly dry and leave to finish off naturally.  Dust witha little talc when dry to ensure no damp bits.  Thornit comes with instructions.
- By Goldiemad [gb] Date 14.09.10 22:26 GMT
My pale girl used to be bothered with pink staining and tear stains. We have recently moved onto a raw diet and I can't believe the difference. The pink stains are fading and for the first time since she was 8 weeks, the tear stain has totally cleared.

I was told that the staining was causing by an enzyme imbalance, and to give a good quality probiotic. Since the recent improvements, I am sure it must have been something to with diet.

When researching the raw diet, we were advised to feed as much variety as possible, so have included the following:

Chicken, turkey, rabbit, pheasant, wood pigeon, tripe
Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, courgette, butternut squash, carrot, turnip, swede, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrant, redcurrent, apple, pear & banana

Hopefully with this combination we are giving everything we need, and to press we are really pleased with result. Nice pale goldens, with no tear stains and fading pink bits!!
- By sunshine [gb] Date 15.09.10 06:35 GMT

> I was told that the staining was causing by an enzyme imbalance, and to give a good quality probiotic.

That's what causes the yeast staining. My friend's dog has it on the face, One way to remove the current staining is Angel eyes, only from America and not allowed here as it contains an anti biotic.  The bf website do an alternative one that is allowed but personally its a waste of money as it comes back.

I will pass on the raw feeding to her for it.
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 15.09.10 08:12 GMT
Thanks for all the advice. Having fed raw for 20 years it was frustrating to see the pink appearing on my 10wk old pup. I cut out the chicken wings first looking for a link there as both dogs were looking the colour of them! Am going to vary the diet a bit more and add the probiotic. Our tap water has always tasted horrid so though the dogs have had mineral water for two weeks I am now using the filtered. I think it will be trial and error and as I'm trying several new things at once I won't ever know which solution worked. So far there has been no eye tear staining...wish I had n't said that!
- By sunshine [gb] Date 15.09.10 08:21 GMT
If the paws are red and they have licked them that could explain why its only round the mouth or you've caught it early.

Forgot to add for mites on the body on bath day (if easier)  mix a teaspoon of the boric powder to three pints of water (maybe tow goes it a big dog) and just pour over and leave for a minute or two.  If you can do just the wash even better.  Itching goes almost immidetely.  You can mix the solution up and spray bedding ect (carpets) with it.

It could also be as someone said from getting wet. 
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 15.09.10 08:30 GMT
Thanks. Will do. Thank goodness my dogs are tolerant whilst I look for pink/red bits, me, obsessive...
- By sunshine [gb] Date 15.09.10 08:37 GMT
lol.  Owning a dog so much fun.
- By Lacy Date 15.09.10 09:02 GMT
Sunshine. With boric powder does it matter if the dog then licks? Could I use it on dewlap (skin folds), where ours suffer from yeast. Many thanks.
- By sunshine [gb] Date 16.09.10 08:33 GMT
Sorry its not a cure for actual yeast.  however you could mix it with cornflower and talc/chalk to keep the area dry which helps stop the breeding ground if the dog is going to lick it, don't over load the mix with boric powder, too much ingetsed is not good.

Hope that helps.
- By georgepig [gb] Date 16.09.10 17:09 GMT
Would hibiscrub work?
- By freja [gb] Date 19.09.10 07:22 GMT
2 months ago my male GSD had his abdomen incl. penis (ouch ) shaved. Now that the hair is growing back, the colour is dark red. As this is in line with the penis I am thinking is urine staining,or,could it be saliva from licking himself. Prior to being shaved he was pale gold underneath. I have also changed the diet in the last two months to raw + Orijen (90/10%). His urine kills everything in the garden on which he deposits,unlike the bitch. I used to use blob of tomato puree to food to stop this,but, I can no longer obtain Asda's own which was the only one I found that didn't contain citric acid.    The colour of the regrowth is really dark red.
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 19.09.10 14:43 GMT
I think the red may be urine and saliva the more I research. This obviously indicates an imbalance in diet? I am now trying esterC vitamin supplement and a short term addition of B vitamins with the food. Apparently dogs with red staining need to alter the Ph in the urine? I feel like Sherlock Holmes!
- By suejaw Date 19.09.10 22:25 GMT
One of my dogs at times gets very dark pink staining in between his paws. The vet has said its down to an allergen, so I give him piriton to help clear it up. When really bad I use hibiscrub on his feet and make sure that they are dried well. Leaving a dogs paws damp can also make it worse.
- By freja [gb] Date 19.09.10 22:56 GMT
HOLMES,Watson here!  Would you kindly direct me to the place where you have read this.
- By freja [gb] Date 19.09.10 23:12 GMT
Am reluctant to start putting any pressure on his abdomen such as rubbing and then drying. He is still quite sensitive in this area. The wound stretches down underneath the penis on the left side.  I would love to give him a clean under there.but think I should wait a little longer. I wonder if hibiscrub could irritate the penis? He had strong "doggy" smell when he came home that disappeared after a while,but this week is back. The rusty coloured fur is only noticeable when he is stretched out on his side.
- By suejaw Date 20.09.10 08:23 GMT

> I wonder if hibiscrub could irritate the penis?

It may do, ask the vet on this or do you have Maleseb which won't have any roughage in it.

Also I was told to use Thornit on the feet, though not sure that would be suitable for the area you need it for..
- By freja [gb] Date 21.09.10 07:58 GMT
Thanks suejaw will check it out.
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 23.09.10 10:34 GMT
Sorry for delay. Reading a book by Wendy Volhard, The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog which is brilliant. She has a website, just Goog her name. I will only give the B Complex short term but already my dogs have more energy? One of my girls is moulting, it will be interesting to see if her abdomen hair grows back pale.
- By goldie [gb] Date 23.09.10 12:17 GMT
I also have goldens but not with the pink tinge....only from our devon red mud and we have plenty of that.

I also understand the pink comes from the saliva from licking.
If you find a cure from moulting do let me know lol
- By freja [gb] Date 24.09.10 00:35 GMT
Thanks for the info will try and get hold of the book you mention.
- By Trialist Date 31.10.12 08:38 GMT
BeaBea - I know I'm bringing up an old thread, but it came up on a Google search. I note you're not a frequent poster to CD but you did post last week :-)

I'm just wondering if you did work out the cause of the pink staining and resolve it?

I've got a couple of collies with similar. One just on feet, the other feet and belly ... I know for her I'm working through food intolerances. She starts a new hydrolized protein diet today :-o

Would be greatful for any feedback on your experience ... if you can remember ;-)
- By annieg3 [gb] Date 31.10.12 15:55 GMT
Gosh this is an old post. Well my golden TT has an itchy foot and the red staining. Also her hair on her tummy turns red when pups are feeding. My vet told me that its actually the saliva digesting the hair which turns it that colour!!!!
- By JeanSW Date 31.10.12 16:05 GMT
I've always thought it was saliva too.  One of my Beardies had been licking between her toes and the fur did stain quite pink.
- By Trialist Date 31.10.12 16:14 GMT
Hi, resurected this thread as I was googling the saliva pink feet and up pops this CD thread. Hoping BeaBea will come back and say if she ever sorted it. She was on last week ... I know you're there! First time on in a long time though I think.

Linked into my other post at the mo I think re hydrolyzed doggy nosh. Interestingly her tum turned pink when pups about 5 weeks old in summer - I did wonder whether it was hormone linked. Had never heard of saliva turning white fluff pink 'til went to vet yesterday and the receptionist commented on it. I have to admit that I've trimmed the fluff around her feet/toes this morning :-O :-O :-O  ... I know you 'show' lot ;-) on CD wont be aghast at this but I am ... we're rufty, tufty mountain working dogs here :-D Anyways, figured if something were bothering her feet I'd trim the hair a bit (she is the only dog I know to get tats between her toes!), specially as it's so wet and muddy at the moment and I don't always have time to clean her feet off instantly after her training sessions. Trouble is, I haven't actually noticed her licking her toes much.

Anyone know if there's a reason for the saliva to react with hair this way? I've just been informed she has a low B12 level, probably as a result of the chronic diarrhea she's had, as a result of a food intolerance. I wont tell you what she ate last week but it was on the forbidden list :-O I think she may think twice about it in future.
- By waggamama [gb] Date 31.10.12 16:32 GMT
Schnauzers can be prone to this too, I've only had it once with my lot and it was when we moved house. The only difference in this house was that we had grass outside, and I suppose a new water? Anyway, after a few weeks it faded, but up until then I'd only given filtered water and was convinced this was why my dogs white beards and feet stayed that colour. Turns out it isn't, because our filter broke and after a few months of tap water they stayed white! I've fed different foods and nothing has changed that.

However in the breed it's common and I've heard lots of tips about how to stop it happeing; a small piece of copper pipe in their water bowl, a tablespoon of cider vinegar in their water bowl, filtered water, and low additive foods without colourings in them.

You could try the Spa Facial Blueberry shampoo but from what I understand you have to use it frequently over a period of time for it to make a difference.
- By annieg3 [gb] Date 31.10.12 17:05 GMT
My vet gave me the impression that nothing at all is wrong. It it simply what happens when saliva meets hair for a prolonged period of time, thus when dogs have itchy paws and lick them frequently or when they are feeding their pups.
- By Graciemay [gb] Date 31.10.12 18:33 GMT
My last goldie was fairly dark but should have had 4 white feet but she was a monkey for biting her nails and I was told it was saliva as well. I've ot a pale puppy now so ths will be interesting lol
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 31.10.12 18:38 GMT

>I'm just wondering if you did work out the cause of the pink staining and resolve it?

Saliva stains hair pink at best, darkening to brown. Look around your dogs' lips - the hair there will probably be dark brown. It's perfectly natural and there's nothing wrong with the dog. The cure it you need to stop the reason for the licking, then the hair will slowly regain its normal colour.
- By Trialist Date 31.10.12 18:54 GMT
Hi Jeangenie - I'm trying to make life more complicated than it is. I hadn't particularly focused on the pink until my vet receptionist mentioned it yesterday! I've decided not to worry about it. I've trimmed the hair between her toes (she gets 'tats' there!), so that should help stop some of the mud sticking. I've not noticed her licking unduly, but maybe she is at night time. I was trying to figure if there was a link between that and the food intolerance problem. I doubt there is. Interesting though, specially as I'd never come across saliva causing pink hair before :-D
- By JeanSW Date 31.10.12 21:30 GMT

>(she gets 'tats' there!),

My last Border Collie was a merle with white feet.  He "helped" my dad out on the land, and often I would see him messing between his toes, only to find that he was trying to remove said tats.  Where mud had hardened and was uncomfortable.  I used to snip the hair out too, but his spittle always made him pink between any toes that had tats.
- By mastifflover Date 31.10.12 23:27 GMT

> I was trying to figure if there was a link between that and the food intolerance problem. I doubt there is.

My sisters white boxer had problems with food intolerences/allergies, they'd make her itchy, mostly her chin & feet. When her feet itched, she'd lick/chew them and the skin would go redish pink. It was easy to see if she'd had a flare up, just by the colour of the hair on her paws.
- By Trialist Date 01.11.12 11:38 GMT
mastifflover - thanks, that's the initial thoughts I had. I guess time will tell. She starts her 'special' diet today or tomorrow, whenever it's delivered! She's only had this pink tinging since July, on her tummy too, and not licking excessively, unless overnight. I wont worry unduly about it, she certainly isn't :-D
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