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- By MarkR Date 13.08.10 14:10 GMT Edited 03.03.15 14:36 GMT
A list of frequently asked questions and interesting posts relating to breeding:

Should I breed from my pet bitch? - A must read for anyone considering breeding their pet
Should I offer my dog at Stud? - It is not a decision to be taken lightly
Puppy Sales Contracts - Sample sales contracts used by forum members
Tax implications of Breeding - Keep a log of all your expenses. It might be needed in the future
Vetting Puppy Buyers - How do you ensure your pups find the best homes possible
Safe Flea Treatment - How to treat a pregnant bitch
Breeding from Carriers - An explanation of why and when it is OK
- By MarkR Date 03.03.15 14:40 GMT
I have just come across the excellent thread on Breeding clear to carrier

Have you seen any recent threads worthy of inclusion ?
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 04.11.15 11:13 GMT
Help - first time breeding my staffy
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 22.12.16 09:39 GMT
Please do not add your questions to this thread.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Breeding Forum - FAQs

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