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- By freja [gb] Date 23.07.10 16:13 GMT
Had to rush my male gsd in the early hours  tuesday with gastric torsion. Horrendous experience! Thought we had lost him on the way there. Vet worked on him all night. Stomach now stitched toabdominal wall,intestines re-arranged etc,. I have found AG lamb and rice produces the best poo for him, anything else gives him the runs.  Have always owned gsd's and am very aware of dos and donts to prevent this occuring and have been lucky through the years that this has not happened before.  I wonder if ther is anyone else out there with gsd who has experienced this and what did you feed once the dog had recovered. At the moment he is on 2 tins a day of ID, divided into four feeds until  weekend One vet said he must be on special diet from now on, another when we took him back today for post-op check said AG ok but to introduce gradually from this weekend mixed with ID.  If anyone has any other suggestions would be very grateful.  Having read extensively now about this condition,the one thing I have done differently with the dogs I have now, is to feed and have water bowls on stands which is something I never did with any of the others and this apparently is a no-no. Trouble is, when you have a "tall" dog it seems such a long way to the floor!
- By annastasia [gb] Date 27.07.10 18:04 GMT
Sadly we lost our 5 year old male GSD to this dreadful condition last year, it is the most horrendous thing i have ever seen, within minutes of spottting it w e were in the vets, sadly it was too late he faded fast, glad your boy is ok, hope someone else can help answer your question.
- By freja [gb] Date 31.07.10 01:44 GMT
I was so sorry to read the sad news about your gsd. Horrendous is the right word to describe seeing a dog in such dreadful pain and distress,and it all happens so fast. He was really pretty much in his prime at 5yrs as well. My dog is recovering quite well,it is now 10 days since it happened. I have to decide after the weekend what to feed as special diet tins finish then. Do you have any other gsd and if so what do you feed?. Thankyou for responding. I posted this in the wrong place I think,first time I have posted asking for advice.
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