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- By Catkinsam [gb] Date 12.07.10 18:23 GMT
Does anyone have any idea were people get there statistics form. As far as the research i can see on websites,
German Shephards are listed as one of the top 10 dogs to have as a safe family pet, infact they were rated as 5th.
But yet on another website they are listed as the 3rd most dangerous dog in a top 10 servey.

I have owned my dog for last 2 years in Sept 10. He came to us as a 2year old cross German shephard / Border collie, with no history. We bought him from Leigh cats and dogs home. he was thin hungry and looked very sad. We named him Sam. Introduced him to our cats, friends neighbours and family, hes was the friendliest dog you could own. Sam wasnt toilet trained so that took 6weeks to do. But still the odd accident when Im out.  We took him for long walks, and were even able to let him off the lead, were he never ran off,  never chased anything, and was totaly friendly with every dog we came into contact with. Our new dog was brilliant, having had no history thought we had got a winner. The only exception was another coming over my wall end of last year to chase my cats, our sam being protective stopped this other dog in his tracks, the dogs had a to do, I ran out to stop the fight. The owner came into my yard grabbed his dog and walked off without a word. a Staffordshire bull terrier off the lead!!! I had words with this man, and not polite ones.  From what I can gather this is were our problems began, Sam then began to growl at other dogs going past our garden and would bark to warn them away. Out on walks Sam is now no longer allowed off lead as he has had a few growls and has gone for other dogs!!! In his defence I think he had got sick of other dogs going for him that he thought he would retaliat. Sam no longer came back when shouted, totally ingoring every comand. He now walks on a long line unless i am on a dirt track and I can see for sure there arnt other dogs approaching. For last six months he has been on the lead for his walks.
He growls and constanly barks at my neighbours shaky dog, he has wrecked my fence trying to get to him, he is now supervised in the garden. Sometimes if i leave him alone in the evening for an hour or so he does cock his leg on my fridge or hoover. Last week I left him and came back to a puddle and did shout at him, he looked straight at me and growled at me, i was shocked and sent him to bed, where for days he just looked at me weird. I am now thinking, Is he dangerous?
He does follow house commands such as sit, lie down, up, down, he waits for his food nicely, but does steel other food left out if i am not watching, he shakes a paw, does a high five and other tricks.
He does pull on the lead, I have read and read to get tips to stop him, but nothing seems to have worked.
I have got the name and address of a dog trainer in Golborne, its a training class for dogs, and they do assess the dogs aswell.
I dont know what to do with this dog, he is very loving, and loyal and follows myself and my daughter everywhere.
Im at the end with him. Dont know what to do, earlier in the year I did think about rehoming him, but he is our dog and cannot do that after seeing him in that dogs home.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do with him.

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