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- By blackbitch [gb] Date 01.07.10 12:12 GMT
couple of weeks ago i took my bitch molly to see her bf buster i left her with buster for a few hours while they mated (still not sure if they did or not)anyway after i picked her up we were walking back and i noticed she was limping. the next day she struggled to get up and when she did she sat down very quickly, i took her to the vets and he said they may have connected or he jumped on her back and hurt her nobody knows??????? anyway over the past two weeks n two days she has been a totally different dog her nipples look bigger, shes quiet, she has just started going off her food and she seems exhausted all the time is this normal n would her nipples get bigger quite so quickly, her nips have always been big but to me they look alot bigger especially her back ones can anyone please comment n tell em what ya think thank you!!!
- By LJS Date 01.07.10 15:08 GMT
Can I ask why on earth you left them unattended. She has been injured as a result by the look of it.

As for being pregnant I would wait until you can get her scanned. Was she and the sire health tested ?
- By kayc [gb] Date 01.07.10 15:51 GMT
How do you know  if he is the Sire is she is pregnant, since you were not there at any possible mating.. and why on earth did you leave them alone together.. this is so very dangerous to both of them... but more seriously for the dog.. it has not been unknown for irrepairable damage to be done, where dog has had to be put to sleep..

No one can tell you if your girl is pregnant, either wait to see what happens, or have her scanned around 5 weeks.. but if the dog has done damage, she may have internal injuries.. In a normal mating, both bitch owner and Stud owner are there on hand to help with mating.. never ever at any time are they left alone

excuse my stupidity but what on earth is a bf buster?
- By Harley Date 01.07.10 18:05 GMT
excuse my stupidity but what on earth is a bf buster?

I think the OP is referring to the dog called Buster and putting him in the role of her dog's BoyFriend ....
- By kayc [gb] Date 01.07.10 18:18 GMT
Where is the blushing smiley when you need one.. I need to stop pretending I can speed read lol.. I was trying figure out what breed bf was.. I even thought it was a typo for NF New Foundland lol..

shuffles off hanging head lol
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