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- By susan crawford [gb] Date 26.06.10 20:03 GMT
Hi all i wondering if you all could give me some advice please. i have 6  5 1/2 week old puppies and they have had diarrea for 5 days now.they are all very active,eating,sleeping,drinking,playing well but im not sure what is causing vet told me to keep my bitch away from them as it could be her milk but 2days now away and they still have it.i have wormed them just 2 weeks ago and ive started on their second lot yesterday. its all getting a bit too much.i mean as most of you know puppies dont just poop and go away they, slip and slide and roll in it,they even trying to pinch the cloths i use to clean it up with..any advice i would be greatful. p.s i have also tried keeping them off their food aswell.
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