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- By yolanda19 [gb] Date 25.06.10 20:11 GMT
I would like to air my views on American Bulldogs.
I have an American Bulldog, she's 5 years old now, and she has to be the best behaved dog we have ever had! We have owned a number of different breeds; old english sheep dog, staffy, lab.
And i would choose to own another American bulldog in a heart beat.
When we first got her at 18 months, she was dog agressive and pulled on the lead, as her previous owners left her in a flat and moved away leaving her there with just food and water. But this is were we differ from the people in the pappers, we worked with her, trained her, was strickt with her and now, she walks right by your side on a nylon collar, is not dog agressive what so ever. We find, its the little yappy dogs, jack russles, westtys etc, that bark and yapp at her, teeth showing and snarling, while my dog just walks on by, doesnt react at all.
If you know your dog, you know all the different body possitions, noises and everything that they make in different situations!
It is not the dogs fault at all it is all the owners. The dogs do as they are told and trained to do, it is purely the lack of disipline and effort on the trainers half. and this is why american bulldogs are getting a bad rep!
any dog no matter what breed can be aggressive!
and our American bulldog, is pure proof that it is all on the owner!
- By susan crawford [gb] Date 26.06.10 20:08 GMT
i agree with the training side of things. but i have 5 jack russells and they are very yappy,not agressive but you would think they were. i tried my best to stop them from barking but im sure they think its their duty .have you got any ideas on how to stop them ?
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