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- By Tish30 [gb] Date 13.06.10 16:45 GMT Edited 13.06.10 18:31 GMT
My bitch whelped 9 days ago giving birth to 7 healthy pups and one stillborn. I took her to the vets to make sure she had no other pups or placenta retained and the vet gave her an X ray showing nothing left inside, she was also given a jab of Oxytocin.
She is feeding the pups ok and the pups are thriving. The concern with the bitch is she has little or no appetite and I have tried feeding her chicken, tripe, cheese and she is also on JWB puppy complete. I can hand feed her although yesterday I was having to open her mouth put the food in, more or less force feeding her! She has lost so much weight and is also looking run down. Her temperature is 37.7, her gums are a little pale. Poo's vary from formed but sloppy to firm, her coat is shiny although she is begining to develop sores around her muzzle and the crease of skin near her eye which I have been treating with cream and is responding well. The main problem is feeding and weight loss. I am going to the vets tomorrow with my cat so will speak to her about it, but if anyone has encounted any of the same problems post whelping I would love to hear from you.
- By triona [gb] Date 13.06.10 17:01 GMT
Sophie had 11 pups 9 days ago aswell, she is being a little bit delicate with us having to hand feed her, sometimes she doesnt want to eat but I usually give it an hour and try again, by then she eats anything put under her nose all be it hand fed.

She hasn't got any sores though as we wash her undercarrage and face every few hours making sure she is dry between her teats.

If she is looking down id talk to the vet sraight away as she has little charges to look after and you dont want anything to happen to mum, we have had a couple of bloods done for sophie as she needed calcium but it also showed it was low in other area's so that might be worth having done.

Also if you bitch is sore she might just be down.
- By Gema [gb] Date 13.06.10 17:05 GMT
Hi Tish, My bitch whelped 10!! on Friday. She is also on JWB puppy but she finished the small 'tester' (lamb flavour I think) bag and I tried to start her on the fish flavoured puppy one and she won't go near it. Maybe it is just the flavour as she really is not a fussy eater. She is eating tinned puppy meat and basically everything else that is thrown at her but won't go near the JWB?? 

- By Tish30 [gb] Date 13.06.10 17:09 GMT Edited 13.06.10 18:32 GMT
Hi it's not the JWB as she is picky with everything I put in front of her. I wouldn't be too worried if she was keeping her weight but she looks more like a greyhound at the moment
- By Dill [gb] Date 13.06.10 17:11 GMT
I feed a bitch with pups in her whelping box several times a day and hold the bowl for her as mine won't leave their pups to eat or drink ;) 

It could be that her mouth and tongue is sore from cleaning the pups.  Try feeding her puppy meal really well soaked in warm water or home-made chicken stock, scrambled eggs, poached fish, tinned pilchards - anything that can be served soft/sloppy and smells good.   Butchers Tripe tins also may tempt her.   Have you tried the frozen minced lamb and chicken available through pet shops?  this can be defrosted and fed raw - most dogs love this with a little garlic and herbs ;)

I keep Lactol in the house if I have a bitch with pups and offer it several times a day.  Not for the pups, but for the bitch, goats milk is also good  and both contain the extra calories needed to boost the bitch.

If she seems to be turning her nose up at food, it could be that as she hasn't eaten much for a long time her blood sugar is low which can make you feel sick, glucose added to her water/stock will give her enough of a boost to start feeling hungry ;)
- By dogsdinner [gb] Date 13.06.10 17:47 GMT
white lilly had this problem recently this is the thread:;hl=#pid1150034

Hope that you find something here to help, it went on for a long time.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 13.06.10 17:52 GMT
Is her food being well soaked, almost to soup?  The mouths can get very sore.  I find cleaning and then putting Vaseline on them helps.  Feeding in the whelping box is par for the course with some.
- By Jaycee [gb] Date 13.06.10 18:16 GMT Edited 13.06.10 18:32 GMT
Hi Tish, l used to breed the same breed as you and l always used to have to hand feed them in the whelping box. They would not touch dried food, - only tinned food, and that had to be mushed up really sloppy and fed bit by bit by hand. But what l did find was, if l left a bowl of their complete food down - not in the whelping box, but in the same room - by the next morning, most of it would have been eaten. I hadn't used to soak it, l just left it dry. I did find tho', that until the puppies were about 3 weeks old, their appetites were not very good, especially with a first time litter. I think it was to do with being so absorbed in their babies. Good Luck. Josie
- By Tish30 [gb] Date 13.06.10 18:31 GMT
Hi, thanks for your replys. I always soak the feed for all my dogs. I am feeding frozen minced tripe and chicken along with the JWB. You could have a point about the sore mouth as if she finds any kibble that is not soft enough she spits it out.
I always feed her in the whelping box and always by hand, although I also leave a bowel of food just out side the box at all times which she picks at. I have to get a small handfull of minced slushy soggy food, roll it into a ball and then shove it under her nose. She spat some minced meat out in her box and a puppy started licking it up!
I will have a word with the vet but all my past bitches have been picky post whelp, just not this bad!
Many many thanks
- By Tish30 [gb] Date 13.06.10 18:39 GMT
OMG White lilly's problem is mine down to a tee! At least I seem to be doing everything I can including rolling food into small balls and popping it in the back of her mouth and rubbing her neck till she swollows. Glad I am not the only person with this problem, it gives me a little bit of reasurrence.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 13.06.10 19:44 GMT

> She spat some minced meat out in her box and a puppy started licking it up!

You may well find that you will need to start weaning as soon as the eyes are open if pups already showing an interest in mothers food.

This will also help reduce the strain on the bitch if she is not eating as well as she ought.
- By copespeak [au] Date 14.06.10 00:10 GMT
My litter is five days old and my bitch is being very contrary. She also has had diarrhea from the high protein from the raw chicken and minced beef, which was all she would eat. She won't eat dried or canned food. I made her a meatloaf yesterday with minced beef, eggs, Wheat Bix, fine shredded veg, milk powder and Slippery Elm for the loose bowels. Cooked in the microwave in a loaf tin and she ate it! She also likes 'egg bread' cooked in a dab of butter.

It's hard work when they're so fussy but need the food.
- By Moomins [gb] Date 14.06.10 05:14 GMT
Hi Tish30,

Funny you mention JWB I had a friend who was feeding his pregnant bitch the puppy range from about 6 weeks into her pregnancy..there were problems at whelping in that she didnt go into the second stage. He took her to the vets they did some blood tests and it turned out that she was dangerously low in  Calcium which the vet said was down to diet..I have since heard other stories about JWB and problems with pregnant bitches could be a coincedence But seems a bit odd?? girl has pups almost 3 weeks old and I have had the odd problem with her too, although ive never had any trouble with her eating at all. I always find lambs liver never fails if I have a picky eater..Have you tried Orijen this food smells fantastic and dogs just seem to love it although I know its pricey an alternative possibly the Fish4dogs complete made with sardines it smells so fishy that might get her interested!! Tinned Pilchards in tomato sauce is normally another winner. I would certainly take her to the vets anyway and just get her checked for the sores I tend to tiddle the pups before mum comes in when ever possible so she doesnt have to do it,  especially seeing how much they do now! so can imagine it would make their mouth sore.. I hope your girl picks up anyway x 
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 14.06.10 09:15 GMT
Probably a coincidence, my bitch was eating JWB Puppy when she had puppies 2 years ago (and is on it again now she is expecting another litter) and we had no whelping or rearing problems. Hopefully all will be well again!
- By peaches1 [gb] Date 14.06.10 10:10 GMT

I recently had this problem with my girl. Pups are 3 weeks old today and i still have to feed her in the whelping box by hand whilst she is feeding the pups. Won't look at food when she is away from them. The only thing she will eat, dog food wise, is Bakers Complete 2 in 1 Gravy Bites with Butchers Premium meat mixed in. Its very rich but shes eating it well. Before that we tried pretty much everything and she was surviving on scrambled eggs, chicken, bread and butter, toast, goats milk and a gruel which our breed often use, which is made of oats,complan,glucose,honey, an egg and goats milk. I've never had a girl refuse that so if you want the recipe let me know. Might be worth a go.

- By PennyGC [gb] Date 19.06.10 11:51 GMT
I would be careful, I put my bitch onto Orijin and fed the pups it too - bitch did well but pups very poorly with diarhea and one has required surgery to repair a concertinered bowel.  I put pups onto Fish4dogs and all was well.  Now I only feed Fish4dogs, still expensive, but not as expensive as Orijin and tums are all well.  Everyone likes it and the fish treats they sell.
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