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- By penny clifford [gb] Date 21.05.10 22:21 GMT
My adorable Hilda is spirited GSP 5 month old puppy. We made (I think) the mistake of letting her run free in the woods with our 3 other dogs at first. THEN she got her confidence and was off all over the place. So, we now have to restrain her with a lead. I first tried a long (4m) lead which was awful. She was learning nothing and just getting tangled up in everything. So now its "heel" training on a short lead and there is a lot of pulling ! This is such a pain, she hates it, and I feel sorry for her as her exercise is now seriously curtailed.  
I read somewhere that its OK to have training sessions with collar and lead , then to let her walk with the other dogs as a treat but with a harness on just so some level of control is maintained. What do you all think ? Would I be undoing the lead training ?
PS She's now great at a recall whistle  - at home only !
- By louiseqm2 [gb] Date 23.05.10 23:33 GMT
I had a boxer much the same, I found it's best to do you training session with her with an empty stomach , get some tasty smelly treats, the sausages from pets at home are great, buy yourself a treat bad that clips on your belt,walk her for a good 15 mins first don't let her stop and sniff then when she's off leash constantly call her back give her a wee bit and let her go off again,when they are a bit hungry they tend to be more willing to listen to you, the pulling will also stop if u keep a treat in your hand, engage her nose so you are the most exciting thing outside, good luck I'm sure she will come good
louise x
- By penny clifford [gb] Date 31.05.10 20:32 GMT
Thanks ! Still working on it - good tips. Bag of treats at my side!
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