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- By darren69 [gb] Date 25.03.10 14:09 GMT

I need some help folks what are the really early signs of a bitch going into season possibly even before she starts to have any swelling or discharge.

- By Goldmali Date 25.03.10 14:10 GMT
Not so sure there are any real signs before that really. However a few of mine will have a heavy moult a few weeks before they come in.
- By darren69 [gb] Date 25.03.10 14:14 GMT
Funny u say that she is moulting.

Her nipples have got bigger and for the last two days she has been sick i dont know if these could be signs or not
- By LittleGreen [gb] Date 26.03.10 20:51 GMT
Do you have another dog Darren? I usually find my girls start humping each other about a week before the onset of a season.
- By fushang [gb] Date 26.03.10 21:11 GMT
one of mine always has accidents in the house about week before her season, stops eating aswell.
- By rocknrose [gb] Date 26.03.10 21:25 GMT
Not usually no, one day theres nothing and the next, they're in. I have never noticed the symptoms you mention, well I have, usually in a pregnant bitch. Theres not the slightest chance of this is there?
- By fushang [gb] Date 26.03.10 22:00 GMT
no def not. she only comes in once a year and as always been like it with her seasons. shes had 3 and is 3yrs old. once shes in season despite not eating she will pack on the weight which is difficult to shift. i can only show her for 7mths of the year. i would rather have her come in season more frequently and have her in good condition than have one big drama.

ive heard evening primrose works? anyone used it? sorry gone off topic again
- By rocknrose [gb] Date 26.03.10 22:12 GMT
LOL No I meant the swollen teats and being sick in the OP were signs of pregnancy rather than a season
- By fushang [gb] Date 26.03.10 22:13 GMT
oh eck sorry   lol
- By Emz77 [gb] Date 27.03.10 08:29 GMT
Nothing changes in my bitch until you see swelling of the back end, but my male will tell me about 2 weeks in advance that she is coming in ;-)

The symptoms you are describing I have only seen in my bitch when she is pregnant... sickness usually around 3 weeks or at labour. never had it in a season?? How old is your bitch, has she had a season before? If i were you I would have her to the vet for a quick check up just to be on the safe side.
- By annastasia [gb] Date 27.03.10 10:06 GMT
Ours moult heavily before a season too.
- By abraham [gb] Date 27.03.10 12:47 GMT
One of my girls becomes the bitch from hell about 10 days before her season, and then she becomes the angel from heaven lol
- By white lilly [gb] Date 27.03.10 15:17 GMT
our girls hump each other about 3days before we see any blood ....1 of the girls becomes a sod around food and dont let the other have her food so we have to let them feed away from eachother
- By tadog [gb] Date 27.03.10 15:41 GMT
I find you can tell by the bitches behaviour. a few weeks before they seem to be a bit more naughty, and also they do pee more often, to leave scents for the boys, telling them to 'get ready'! they will blean themselfs more often also...I find, but then we are all diff.
- By Trialist Date 27.03.10 15:42 GMT
I'm just waiting for one of my girlies to come into season - reckon within the next week.  She had a very heavy moult in early January leaving her looking a pathetic waif and stray! She's now looking glorious, coat soft and silky and glossy, lots of tail/leg feathers back again. For the last couple of weeks she's been weeing quite a lot, and getting it up quite high (not terribly lady-like!). She's been a tad grouchy with the boys, and girls for that matter, over the last week. This is fairly standard for both of my non-speyed girls. Apart from the boys telling me she's in, or coming in, I look regularly at her vulva, it tends to go a bit pinker and 'flopier' for want of a more technical expression, though doesn't get too much bigger prior to the season.
If you are anticipating her coming in fairly soon, and she's not going to be spayed prior to the next season, I find it quite useful to keep a not of signs and rough dates when things happen ... it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it next time around, specially if, like me, you've got a girl who has yet to come into a regular cycle. Hope this is a bit of help.
- By darren69 [gb] Date 28.03.10 21:33 GMT
Hi Guys

Her vulva is not swollen yet nor is she started to bleed but i thought that there could be other early signs she has im just not sure .

1. she has been moulting for about a week
2. in the last 2 days started to pee alot more
3. she is also getting randy when i play with her she tries to hump my feet
4. her nipples seem to be getting bigger.

But there is no way possible she is pregnant

I have been checking her each day with a tissue but no discharge yet.

Its the first time i have owned a female and was looking for some expert advice from you guys i just want to try and be prepared not caught out

Thanks Darren
- By Emz77 [gb] Date 28.03.10 21:50 GMT
is this going to be her first season? If it is, her nipples may enlarge slightly from what they were before, but will stay that size as her body is maturing! this happened with my bitch but they got no where near as big as when she was pregnant!!
- By darren69 [gb] Date 04.04.10 19:07 GMT
Hi Emz77

No this is going to be her second season her first season there was no early signs woke up one day and she started to bleed now that was in sept last year so going by the 6 month gap she should soon be due to start.

I just want to try and be prepared rather than caught of guard this time if possible and try to find some early signs in any.

- By Trialist Date 05.04.10 12:31 GMT
Sounds as though they're all different! My girly is now in season. Her first season was just before 1year old, 2nd 10 months later, 3rd 7 1/2 months later, and now this is the 4th she's hopefully settled into a 7 1/2 month cycle! As mentioned, with my girls (and the breeder of my girls) we expect a moult to occur a couple of months prior to going into season.  They get rid of the old coat (when they look really scruffy and as if you don't look after them at all well :-) ) to build up a beautiful, glossy coat that basically says "look at me, catch me if you can"!!  I think it's just a case of being vigilant now, and when she does come into season, write down dates and coat, and anything else, changes ready for next time. I have done this and it's been a real help ... I've a memory like a sieve!!
- By white lilly [gb] Date 05.04.10 16:45 GMT
im the same ,i have to write every little thing down carnt remember!....1 of our girls has just last some her coat about 3weeks ago and is starting to swell but she isnt due till june so i dont know whats going off with her? this will be her 3rd season but she did go 5months plus 8days with her last.
- By mariap2694 [gb] Date 12.04.10 15:18 GMT
Hi white lilly my girl is loosing loads of hair my house is full of tumble weed every where She missed in January so is not due till june but i just went to see the dog to keep the courting alive and he was very very intrested i am confused can she come into season this early last one was dec 29 that she startedx
- By JeanSW Date 12.04.10 21:53 GMT

> i am confused can she come into season this early last one was dec 29 that she startedx

If you have other bitches, they can bring another bitch in earlier than expected.
- By white lilly [gb] Date 13.04.10 09:50 GMT
sorry i missed this ,yes has jean has siad if you have another bitch that has just had a season it can bring your other girls in sooner ,that is whats happening with mine ,i have litter sisters with seasons 4months apart , 1 is having a litter in 3weeks ,so she is coming in early ,i think another year or so and their come in at same time lol
- By darren69 [gb] Date 26.04.10 19:34 GMT
Hi Guys

Thanks for all the advice and just to let u all know she came into season started to bleed on monday 19th April last week blood all over the place again and should be ready for mating at the end of this week.

Thanks Darren
- By white lilly [gb] Date 26.04.10 19:52 GMT
good luck darren :)
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