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- By Anndee [gb] Date 20.03.10 21:37 GMT
Has anyone used tripe to help firm up loose stools.
I've just read that it can help to re-adjust the bacteria balance in the gut, but it has to be fed 60% tripe to 40% fresh meat which can be plunged into boiling water if desired.
I'm giving it a go with my girl who had the runs before I went down to Crufts (she didn't go!) When I got back I tried the Dorwest tree bark powder but that just made things a thousand times worse. Literally explosions!!! Sorry if thats too much info.
I decided to fast her for 24 hours with fresh water only, and then put her onto tinned food which included tripe and have just today given her the fresh raw (plunged in boiling water) from PAH. We'll see how we get on but I'd love to hear if anyone else had heard of this before with tripe.
- By JeanSW Date 20.03.10 21:46 GMT
Never heard of this personally, but would say that several CD'ers use Tree Barks with good results.  All mine get a sprinkling on food daily.  I'm not sure that it would have caused the problem that you've described.

Assuming that the vet has discounted any medical reason, I would give Protexin to settle her tummy.
- By Anndee [gb] Date 20.03.10 21:56 GMT
Thanks JeanSW. I know it is the Tree Bark as I used it a long time ago with her problem and it didn't work then, but lots of people kept saying it would work while down at Crufts, so I thought I'd give it another go but I guess I was right all along. I'm afraid the Protexin doesn't work either nor does things like Diarsyl or kaolin. they just seem to aggrevate the problem!
she has severe food intolerances and gets bouts of colitis/IBS so i have to be very, very careful what she gets. this has been on going since she was weaned at 3-4 weeks old so its something she was born with. She is now 6 1/2 years old so its been an ongoing battle with her, which if you put in Safi in the 'search' I'm sure you'll come up with her history on here. ;o)
- By JeanSW Date 20.03.10 22:05 GMT
Poor girl!  She must be a nightmare to feed!
- By cocopop [gb] Date 20.03.10 23:16 GMT
How is she with chicken? I've found that a raw wing per day can help, :-)
- By Dill [gb] Date 21.03.10 14:00 GMT
If she can tolerate milk then Natural Yoghurt will help.   If she can't tolerate milk then it could make things worse ;) 
- By Roxylady Date 21.03.10 14:29 GMT
I'm not sure if this will help your problems or not, but my GSD has Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome and has a very high percentage of scar tissue in her stomach, so I have to be so very careful what I feed her. I saw the specialist Rob Foal from Cambridge ( marvellous consultant) and he advised me that he always recommends 2 foods for this problem (if this doesn't work then obviously other treatments need to be considered, but this is a starting point ) and that is either JWB turkey and rice or good old Chappie original (tinned) as these are both additive free and easy on the stomach. This is of course used with medication as well. JWB worked a treat and if she manages to steal from one of the other dog food plates then she gets the runny bums so I have to be so careful.
I hope you find a way of calming her colitis
- By Anndee [gb] Date 23.03.10 18:19 GMT
Thanks for all your suggestions. I was hoping to get some feedback on the tripe issue itself but I am now giving it a go, so we'll see what happens.
Roxylady - It does seem as if she tolerates Chappie quite well, for her! I have also actually being giving her some JWB fish & veg and this again doesn't seem to be causing a problem. She is getting some tripe mix on a morning and some JWB kibble for her tea. Its always a very fine line with Safi as she can be good with something for a few days and then it all goes wrong!!! Hey Ho!
thanks again
- By Roxylady Date 23.03.10 18:53 GMT
I hope it works out for you. I did try the fish JWB but my GSD became so poorly ( I don't know if it was the fish oil ) she had bleeding from her spleen, my vet believed that it was the fish allergy. So back to the Turkey and Rice and nothing else ever again !!! I've learnt that if it works stick with it.
- By little jayne [gb] Date 23.03.10 21:02 GMT
I have had the same problem. Tried the tripe as it did work with one of my other dogs. But not with this one. So I bought Heal from the CSJ(working dog food site) . It is brilliant worked with in 4 days just sprinkled it on her food. She is fed on JWB. Would highly recommend it. Hope you find a solution as it is soul destroying
- By STARRYEYES Date 23.03.10 21:56 GMT
- By little jayne [gb] Date 23.03.10 22:33 GMT
What a bril web site. very straight and to the point. unlike some that take hours to read and then you still are none the wiser. thank you for that thread
- By Anndee [gb] Date 25.03.10 15:48 GMT
Thanks Starryeyes.
it is a very good site and very helpful. It seems that I am heading along the right track. At the moment!!!
- By Anndee [gb] Date 26.03.10 12:51 GMT
Well. i just had to share this with you!! My apologies for the content ;o)
This morning Safi did the firmest formed motion EVER!!!! I can't quite believe what I saw. Not only that but her actual body temp feels quite cool, which normally her paws can feel quite warm. Not good.
I am just so excited how things are at the moment with using tripe. today she has had it raw not plunged in boiling water for 10 secs. Purely as I didn't have time to do that before feeding them. She was going to get weaned onto raw tomorrow any way so its just come a bit early.
i really can't recommend Colins from Farmfoods enough. He has been so helpful with everything. Its well worth a look at the printable booklet on their site if your dog has skin/intolarence or bowel problems. Have a look at the site anyway
Click on the link below. I hope I've done it right.
- By Dude Dog [gb] Date 26.03.10 23:25 GMT
Tripe seems to have settled our 8 month old too as shes been on and off loose since we got her. Combination of tripe and JWB lamb and rice seems to be doing the trick.
- By Anndee [gb] Date 27.03.10 17:29 GMT
It really is amazing how it works. its so stinky you'd think it would do the opposite.
- By Dukedog Date 28.03.10 15:38 GMT
I have found Chappie original tinned food (with absolutely nothing else in my dogs diet) to be excellant food for giving firm stools. I have always had GSDs and they are notorious for tummy and stool problems.
- By IanKing [gb] Date 30.03.10 11:20 GMT
I agree - I had an old boy Stafford that had digestion problems on and off most of his life.  I had to manage his food carefully for many years. My vet first suggested the unbelievably overpriced vet supplied food to settle him - when I told him what I thought of the price of this (in no uncertain terms!) he went a bit sheepish and suggested Chappie canned food will do the same job.  It  certainly did - I had him on it for a couple of weeks - no treats or scraps - cleared up his really bad diarrhea very quickly.  From time to time I had to use this. 

I almost cheered when he passed a firm stool!! :)  Towards the end its all he could eat.  (many tests on his digestive system showed no problems).
- By jhas [gb] Date 11.11.10 20:53 GMT
protexin does this work doberman nearly 8 years on going diarrheoa ,prokolin using any other probotic out there better not solid yet
I had more test done this afternoon the albumin and globulin  15 and 16 total 31  levels should be between 54-82 info for you  Diarrhoea for 3 months liquid ,test done salmonella campylobacter all clear  ,a heavy growth came up of clostridium  but unsure of results as collection time between samples ,test on  b12 levels decreased levels at 150.0 pg/ml
new single sample sent off and  now alumine levels worried she will need protein supplements drip or powder  and vet said levels not good ,she thinks small intestine disease so ask to consider  ultrasound or biopsies

haematology all fine waiting next results of new stool sample,could get a second opinion will try with out notes as no notes passed from surgery not good and one vet never seen before not happy with me getting second opinion I wish they would speak directly to me ,push for more answer and hadn't had some bloods done.

I was looking at all about bacterial overgrowth ,if there is this overgrowth of bacteria  has this damaged the intestinal mucosa and causing malabsorption ,also it mentions anaerobes are also the major cause of bile salt deconjugation ,the results of which are fat malabsorption and steatorrhea  don't know anything about these and also hydrogen breath testing /
thank you for your help.
also treatment overgrowth antibiotics? partial obstruction? pancreatic problems and ibd?
anyone out there advice raw diet next just like turning a tap on liquid
- By Trialist Date 13.11.10 13:05 GMT
I too have heard that tripe can firm up stools - didn't know the reason why though. I have used to if my dogs have been loose and it has done the trick nicely. I've been looking after one of my pups (4 1/2 months) who arrived yesterday with loose stools. She's gone home with her owner today with the advice to put a little tripe in with her meal - am hoping it works! No health reason for it, just something that happens when living in an area where lots of free delicacies are on offer on every walk :-(

Interestingly someone told me the other day about getting Dorwest tree barks powder. Not sure whether to now though!!

Hope the tripe does help sort her out.

Edited to say: Sorry, see you already posted the tripe sorted her out. Very pleased!
- By JeanSW Date 13.11.10 13:11 GMT

> Interestingly someone told me the other day about getting Dorwest tree barks powder. Not sure whether to now though!!

My smaller breeds tended to go through the runs from time to time.  I guessed it's because the Collies have larger tums to cope with the odd treats.

For a long while now, I have used Dorwest Tree Barks, and the little ones get a light sprinkle on their food daily.  It has reduced the incidence of gippy tums considerably.
- By Trialist Date 14.11.10 17:15 GMT
Thanks, if you use and recommend it then I will try it :-) What about slippery elm? Is that the same thing do you know, or is slippery elm part of the tree barks? Someone else recommended boiled pumpkin to settle the tum and to follow with slippery elm.

One of my girls had giardia (not at the same time as me) and campylobacter (which she passed to me :-( ) before 11 months, and has occasional bouts of the runs, I'm sure as a result of these two conditions. Absolutely fit and healthy in herself though. That's why I was thinking of the Tree Barks.
- By JeanSW Date 14.11.10 22:59 GMT
I've had campy myself, so sympathise!  :-(

I think slippery elm would have the same effect, as it is, I know, part of the ingredients for the Dorwest one.

Although my BC boy is now 5 years old, and long past his tummy problems, he does get some at the same time as the little ones, mixed in with his food.  I guess more for my peace of mind than that he actually needs it now.  I know it was a good deal at Cruft's last year, so will get a couple again in 2011. 

Even with my gang, 2 tubs will last me a year.  If your girl tends to have the odd lapse, I honestly would try giving half a scoop on food daily.
- By Trialist Date 15.11.10 11:34 GMT
Thanks for that, I shall get online and order some today. :-)
- By MsTemeraire Date 15.11.10 21:29 GMT
Well after reading this thread - and others lately - I took the plunge and gave my dog some tripe. I've tried it once before, but it came out the other end at lightning speed!

This was frozen minced, possibly the unlabelled AMP brand and was refreshingly un-tripey in smell, nice and fresh I guess. In fact it didn't smell too dissimilar to fresh cow poo (which is logical I guess!). Half the block with some of his usual kibble yesterday, same tonight, and poo is behaving nicely.

I have a sort of theory though, that all the cow poo he's scoffed out on walks over the last few months has probably primed his system to cope with green tripe perfectly!

Had my slippery elm bark powder at the ready too - but I don't think it will be needed.
- By JeanSW Date 15.11.10 22:52 GMT

> In fact it didn't smell too dissimilar to fresh cow poo

Don't you just love the fact that dog people are so matter of fact about poo!  :-)
- By MsTemeraire Date 15.11.10 23:09 GMT

> Don't you just love the fact that dog people are so matter of fact about poo! :)

I do actually! :)
In my dogless years, my younger sister was forever going on about her dog's poo... No, I didn't think it strange, I just lodged it in my brain that it would be part & parcel one day, as a Nouveau Dog Owner.

I can guarantee my parents never gave a thought to it with our family dogs in the Olden Days. They never looked at it never mind picked up, and left it to sit where it fell. Our lawn was like a Cambodian minefield when we were kids.
- By JeanSW Date 15.11.10 23:19 GMT

> Our lawn was like a Cambodian minefield when we were kids

Thanks for the image!!  :-)  :-)
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