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- By kenya [gb] Date 09.12.09 15:44 GMT
A friend of mine has a poor doer of a dog, and wanted to try and give her something to help her appetite, she heard that Vitamin B 12 can help, has anybody tried this or has any other ideas to help her appetite?
- By LoisLane Date 09.12.09 18:14 GMT
I'm not sure, b12 is 2.99 in holland and barrat for 100 tablets they are very small, 1 - 5 a day
- By klb [gb] Date 09.12.09 19:55 GMT
I have had some improvement in appittie when using Sorb - Vit b from Animal Health Co on a few individual dogs.  No scientific proof, and improvements could have occured without the VitB, but when appittite is poor I would give it a go based on past personal experience.

- By JeanSW Date 09.12.09 22:29 GMT
I have a B12 injection every 12 weeks, for medical reasons, and it's never made a difference to me!
- By qwerty [gb] Date 09.12.09 22:32 GMT
vitamin B12  is used to treat a type of anaemia in dogs.
- By JeanSW Date 09.12.09 22:59 GMT
yes qwerty
My jabs are for pernicious anaemia.
- By Dill [gb] Date 10.12.09 00:16 GMT
I've used Brewers Yeast Tablets - very cheap and a good source of B vitamins.  Certainly helped the dog rediscover his appetite :-D
- By ShaynLola Date 10.12.09 07:35 GMT
I have pernicious anaemia too and have B12 injections every 12 weeks...never noticed any change in appetite at all either.
- By klb [de] Date 10.12.09 08:29 GMT Edited 10.12.09 08:33 GMT
Vitamin B12 is needed for nerve and blood cell health and is not related to appitite however the water soluable B vitamins are implicated in appitite stimulation. Where issues such as renal disease affect oral intake and processing of food, appitite is suppressed. Vit B complex given to such animals improves appitite and oral intake. See

As water soluable vitamin supplementation carries no side effects (excess is removed from the body via kidneys) I am happy to try Vit B complex supplements for a dog with low appitite of unknown cause - it may not have the same effects as seen in clinially compromised dogs but it can do no harm. From the occassions I have tried it I have seen a small improvement whilest supplementation is taking place.

- By sunshine [gb] Date 10.12.09 09:20 GMT
I've used malted sea kelp with grear success.  I had never seen them have such an appitite.  one will readily take it and the other I had to pop in their mouth.  I have two very picky eaters now with an appitite.

Its worth a try.
- By Pedlee Date 10.12.09 10:30 GMT
What is your friend feeding her dog?
- By annastasia [gb] Date 10.12.09 10:51 GMT
Our female has b12 injections, reason for this was she became very loose after her litter, lost lots of weight but was fine in herself, and still very lively, the vet also put her on a 6 week course of antibiotics and Hills ID dry food, she was fine for a month or two, but now has gone loose again,? she is still on the B12 as her levels are not yet as they should be, she is still also on the Hills ID, this doesnt seem to be suiting her now? anyone any idea what i can feed her? she was always fine before the litter? obviously whatever is recommended i will run it by my vet.
Thanks guys.
- By Pedlee Date 10.12.09 11:24 GMT
What was she fed on before her litter annastasia?
- By annastasia [gb] Date 10.12.09 12:05 GMT
Hi, the female was fed on happy dog before the litter, the litter was born in March this year, she lived with someone else at the time, she has lived with us 4 months now,
- By annastasia [gb] Date 10.12.09 12:09 GMT
Forgot to say her apetite has always been very good, still is, oh and another thing our vet says vitamin B12 can only be absorbed via injection? dont know how true this is? but i guess it must be or she would have give us tablets rather than visiting her everyweek, she is a vet who doesnt agree in over vaccinating.
- By Pedlee Date 10.12.09 12:28 GMT
I'm not familiar with Happy Dog, but if it suited her before the litter why not continue with that?

I feed a combination of raw meat/bones and Orijen, along with the occasional pack of Naturediet. It suits my dogs (Goldies, Dobes and Sussex Spaniel) well and I try to avoid grains simply because canines weren't designed to eat them.
- By annastasia [gb] Date 10.12.09 12:39 GMT
It was imported from Germany, now it is no longer available, will have a chat with my vet as the ID is £58 per sack and if its not doing her any good now i dont see the point in continuing with it any longer.
- By Pedlee Date 10.12.09 13:11 GMT
A friend of mine has a Goldie who had tried every prescription diet under the sun and was still getting diarrhoea and losing weight. I suggested raw, or if she wanted a complete to try Orijen. She opted for Orijen and hasn't looked back, the improvement was amazing. It isn't cheap, although much cheaper than the vet diets, but suits her dog well. She now feeds her other one on it too as she was so impressed.
- By Pedlee Date 10.12.09 16:11 GMT
<<It was imported from Germany, now it is no longer available,>>

I've just checked out the zooplus site and it seems to be available from them (
- By JeanSW Date 10.12.09 22:13 GMT

> oh and another thing our vet says vitamin B12 can only be absorbed via injection? dont know how true this is?

It is most certainly true for humans with pernicious anaemia, it is the only way my body can absorb it - tablets wouldn't work.

I have no reason to believe that it's any different for canines with the same complaint.
- By annastasia [gb] Date 11.12.09 10:54 GMT
Thanks guys, will look into zoo plus and the orjen, which 1 does your friend feed?
Gave her some raw meat this morning will see what happens?
- By Pedlee Date 11.12.09 12:35 GMT
She is feeding the Orijen Adult.
- By annastasia [gb] Date 11.12.09 14:35 GMT
thanx, looked at the fish 1 also.
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