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- By andreapattison [gb] Date 05.11.09 14:06 GMT
I have a 12 week old Pug x Shiatsu puppy. On a morning his first couple of bowel movements has this jelly like substance to it with sometimes one or two spots of what appears to be blood.

He has had his first injection and is awaiting his second ( I took him last week but they were reluctant to do it whilst he was like this) They gave him an antiobiotic injection and he's been wormed completely up to date using Panacure.

He is otherwise fit and health, eating and rinknig and playing as normal

I read that it could be colitis, some people have even said parvo which I think is unlikely as he is howing no signs of being unwell

He is on dry food, a mioxture of JWB and Pedigree Puppy I have only been giving him Pedigree Chum Puppy as we got it with him and he was already used to it, could it be this thats causing it as a lot of people have said Pedigree Chum sin't good for a dog

Any help is appreciated, he is at the vets this evening for his 2nd injection
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 05.11.09 14:38 GMT
Shiatsu isn't that a car???  How long have you had him for?
- By andreapattison [gb] Date 05.11.09 14:43 GMT
I meant Shitzu.

We have had him approx 3 weeks
- By Dogz Date 05.11.09 14:59 GMT
A change in diet can cause this, has the jwb  been added very minimally and slowly,if not that could be it.
Karen :)
- By andreapattison [gb] Date 05.11.09 15:20 GMT
Actually instead of adding it slowly I tried to change it by replacing 2 of his meals per day with JWB, do you think this could have caused it?

I amopen to buying any food which is best for him, what are your opinions?

I have heard that Orijen is good
- By Dogz Date 05.11.09 16:25 GMT
I believe that is too much of a transition. I think it is best to add a little at a time, not a whole meal, so that would certainly be my guess.

As for which food, they are all probably acceptable to various standards.
So it is up to you and how you want to feed him.
You could search the posts here about food and feeding and see lots of folk have differing ideas.
My dogs are fed a mix of raw, Arden Grange complete, (sometimes I change AG) and domestic leftovers.

Karen :)
- By arc [gb] Date 07.11.09 08:58 GMT
We have a six month old pug puppy and he had mucus stools and runny tummy one day this week but was otherwise well, playing and full of energy. When he did his last poo it was a strange collection of bits of things he had hoovered up during the day - string small bit of plastic. Since then he has been fine poo back to normal. I am now constantly vacuming / sweeping etc. I don't even know where he came across these bits and bobs as he is never left alone and we are always careful what we leave on the floor as we have a young baby. I guess baby proof is not dog proof.
Hope your pup is better soon and that it is nothing too serious. x Anita
- By MADDOG [gb] Date 07.11.09 12:33 GMT
I think even manufacturers of dog food say change over slowly by mixing it together small amounts of the new stuff to larger amounts of the old stuff & build up. 

Hope your pup is ok, it's probably the food, but obviously monitor his behaviour & how he is in himself.  Make sure if he has plenty of fluids too. :-)
- By cambria Date 07.11.09 14:50 GMT
Hi, just wondered what your vet said about your pups bowel movements?
Hope the pup is ok
- By Boxacrazy [gb] Date 07.11.09 17:29 GMT
The best way to change over to a new food is as others have suggested slowly.

Most suggest over a 5 day period...

I.e. for each meal
Day 1 75/80% old food with 25/20% new food in each meal given
Day 2 75/60% old food with 25/40% new food in each meal given
Day 3 50/40% old food with 50/60% new food in each meal given
Day 4 25/20% old food with 75/80% new food in each meal given
Day 5 0% old food and 100% new food in each meal

Of course you can keep day 5 as day 4 % and then day 6 = all new food.

Some say to add a teaspoon of natural live yoghurt to each meal.
To help with the change in diet.
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