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Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / Consultation Fees - how much does your vet charge ?
- By cavlover Date 25.09.09 09:38 GMT
Following on from the c-section price thread I am interested to know if there is a wide variation in standard consultation fees. Only a few years back it was £9.50 at our vets but is now £18. It varies at our vets depending on the animal - £16 for a cat and less I think for a rabbit, guinea pig etc.
I am in the North West.
- By colliecrew [gb] Date 25.09.09 10:24 GMT
£11 for the consultation fee. I am in Perth, Scotland
- By fushang [gb] Date 25.09.09 10:38 GMT
my vets is £25 we are in midlands.

my vets refer you to ' vets now' at another surgery on sundays only, their consultations after 7pm are a whopping £86 after 11pm  it is £120!!!!!!!
- By Dill [gb] Date 25.09.09 10:46 GMT
Last time I took one of mine to the vets, 3 years ago, it was £25 consultation :eek: For an elderly cat (final journey, cost extra)   and that's in one of the most deprived counties in Britain!!
- By Tessies Tracey Date 25.09.09 10:47 GMT
6 months ago, £35.00 per consult.  SE England.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 25.09.09 11:00 GMT Edited 25.09.09 11:02 GMT
Current consultation price is £28-something (including VAT), in south Warwickshire.

The consultation fee is reduced or waived for routine claw-clipping or PTS, etc, and is less for follow-up consults for the same condition.
- By LucyMissy [gb] Date 25.09.09 11:17 GMT
I use 2 vets - 1 charges £19.50 per consultation although this is waived for some routine procedures (I only pay £18.00 to have anal glands emptied). My other vet charges about £22.00. That's in West Yorkshire.
- By cavlover Date 25.09.09 12:39 GMT
It really amazes me how much fees vary. I thought £18 having been only £9.50 a few years ago was quite steep, but clearly it isn't! Our vet charges cheaper consultation for subsequent visits with same complaint too.

Now, our vets only charge £22 for a vaccine booster, which when you consider £18 is the consultation fee(presumably), it is extremely cheap.
- By Dakkobear [gb] Date 25.09.09 13:02 GMT
Depends on the animal but ours charges £5 to trim the rats teeth - can't remember what it is for the dog though - we are in Fife
- By Masonsmum [gb] Date 25.09.09 13:13 GMT
I took Mason to our vet for a small skin complaint on his leg. I walked away with 1 small tube of cream and a £69 bill :-o
- By Pinky Date 25.09.09 14:29 GMT
I had to have my poor old moggy PTS 2 years ago, it was a Sunday and cost me £110 :(

Consultation fee around £28

Had a retained puppy canine removed from one of my girls last year, £79, they did give her a scale/polish and veneer though, like she needed it at such a young age :(
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 25.09.09 14:42 GMT

>they did give her a scale/polish and veneer though

Scale and polish, yes, I can understand that, but you seriously mean a veneer? Those cost hundreds of pounds for people! I've never heard of vets doing them on dogs!
- By Sue H Date 25.09.09 15:22 GMT
Ours has just increased to £18...i'm in the North West also.
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 25.09.09 18:52 GMT
Suffolk - £24 usually but took Zuma up today for vet to have quick look at patch he scraped on back edge of his lower lip, only got charged £14.95.
- By paulaj [it] Date 25.09.09 19:15 GMT
North Wales £14.95 there was a vet in our area that did not charge a consultation fee but a few months ago they implemented one which is also £14.95.
- By mahonc Date 25.09.09 19:32 GMT
24.50 + vat in liverpool. and free for any follow ups!

however i have just returned from holiday and my girl needed a staple removing from their local vet. was charged 5.50. was pleasantly surprised although not a big job i thought i would be charged a consult.
- By misswager [gb] Date 25.09.09 19:53 GMT
Think its £25.00... I am in Essex. It should be free for follow ups as its the same condition, this is not the case at my vet! Grrrr
- By suejaw Date 25.09.09 20:09 GMT
Mine is around £25 for each consultation and continuous consultations for the same condition is a little bit cheaper.
I'm also in the SE..
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 25.09.09 20:15 GMT
£18 for dogs £11 for small animals not sure about cats. I'm in Fife
- By suejaw Date 25.09.09 20:19 GMT
I'm outstanded by the difference in prices and to think i would be on the same wage doing my job anywhere in the country.. So there are pluses to live in more remote areas of the UK.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 25.09.09 20:24 GMT

> £11 for the consultation fee. I am in Perth, Scotland

20 miles down the road in Dundee I am about £20 for an initial consultation and slightly cheaper for follow ups.  It would work out cheaper for me to drive to the vet in Perth but time is more precious than money so I will stick where I am :)
- By allaboutme_79 Date 25.09.09 20:29 GMT
Im in west mids, mine is £25 for dogs and cats and £15 for small animals, cost me £39 to get my canary put to sleep :(
- By Harley Date 25.09.09 20:42 GMT
Around £28 in Kent but seeing one of the nurses for things like claw clipping is free.
- By killickchick Date 26.09.09 07:26 GMT
£27.47 for consult  £10 for nail clipping. I'm Kent/Surrey border.
- By Henri3402 [gb] Date 26.09.09 08:51 GMT
£27 just over a year ago, thankfully haven't been since apart from boosters, we're in Aberdeenshire but the veterinary hospital is Aberdeen.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 26.09.09 09:14 GMT
£18 here in South Manchester on average I would think.
- By STARRYEYES Date 26.09.09 09:39 GMT
£26.00 here in Liverpool
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 26.09.09 14:21 GMT
Mine seems to be in the region of £12.00 initially and check ups are free. out of hours around £70 including vat.
Thats Croydon not too bad I dont think mind I seem to have an awfull lot of out of hours recently!
- By Goldmali Date 26.09.09 14:49 GMT
Just under £20 at my vet, Lincolnshire.
- By arched [gb] Date 26.09.09 16:12 GMT
Mmmmm - seems the best plan then is to marry a vet :-) !!
- By Daisy [gb] Date 26.09.09 17:56 GMT
My new vet in Norfolk (in the sticks) - £30+ (can't remember exactly) for first consultation, £24 for follow-up ! Was recommended to me, but too early to say whether he is worth it :) Otherwise I will have to pick someone out of the Yellow Pages :)

- By Pinky Date 26.09.09 20:43 GMT

>> they did give her a scale/polish and veneer though

That's what they told me when I picked her up, scale polish and veneer, I have the receipt, apparently standard practice at my vets when dental work is done.
- By Whistler [gb] Date 28.09.09 07:22 GMT
Anal glad again cost £91 for a consultation, antibiotic injection and some pribiotic stuff to add to his meal. I think its £25 consultation.
- By mastifflover Date 28.09.09 11:58 GMT
Our vets charge £27.50 for the first consultaion (cheaper for follow ups), but there are plenty of free consultaions with a nurse (fully qualified nurses) such as post-op check, puppy/kitten first health check, weight/diet clinic, senior pet check-ups.
There is a cheaper local vet to us, but I know the standard of service form the vets we use is fantastic, they trully care about the animals they treat and really are worth every penny, whats more is they are an animal hospital, so have all the facilities for emergency & out of hours treatment at the clinic, covered by thier own vets that always work at the practice.

I do believe that the standard of care & service is much more important than the price (& I am FAR from being rich or even well off!!!).
- By cavlover Date 28.09.09 12:23 GMT
"I do believe that the standard of care & service is much more important than the price (& I am FAR from being rich or even well off!!!). "

But nobody wants to be ripped off either and there is nothing to suggest that those of us who pay less are settling for a sub-standard service compared to those on these boards who pay an awful lot more. We all want the best for our dogs/other pets after all.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 28.09.09 16:07 GMT
£30 for my vet, we're in north London. I can't wait to move to Suffolk!!!
- By mastifflover Date 28.09.09 17:35 GMT

> But nobody wants to be ripped off either and there is nothing to suggest that those of us who pay less are settling for a sub-standard service compared to those on these boards who pay an awful lot more. We all want the best for our dogs/other pets after all.

I am not suggesting that a cheaper vet is sub-standard in or vice-versa it's just that I personally have cheaper alternatives to the vets I use, however, I  prefer the standard & range of service and the fantastic compasion & understanding I get from my vets, so have no feeling of being ripped off atall, in fact I feel lucky to have such a good vets so close (1 mile away, & they run an animal ambulance for emergencies) :)

As I said, the price isn't important, it' sthe standard of service, this works boths ways, if you have a fantastic vet that is 'cheap as chips' who offers a good range of services - great stuff :-)
- By puppygirl [gb] Date 28.09.09 18:23 GMT
£17.50 in northern ireland. Thats just for the consultation.
- By Freds Mum [gb] Date 28.09.09 18:48 GMT
Im in the south west. I pay £28.99 for a consultation and £23 for a follow up consultation.
I cant argue with paying the prices - i know im paying for the vets knowledge and is one of the main costs of pet ownership that we take into account when getting an animal BUT i object to paying a consultation fee when i go in telling the vet roughly what the problem is,or to tell him what he diagnosed first is no better AND even more so (much like the NHS) you pay for the medicine and find it is the tiniest tube of ointment/lotion/cream EVER!!!!!
- By Brainless [gb] Date 28.09.09 19:52 GMT
Well today I paid £25 plus the medication (anti-inflammatory injection and 15 AB tablets.) came to just over £40
- By Pinky Date 28.09.09 20:21 GMT
When did you last see a vet or a dentist on a push bike ;)
- By chelzeagirl [gb] Date 28.09.09 20:46 GMT Edited 28.09.09 20:50 GMT
£27.00 at our vets, oh edit to say im in London,
- By Moonmaiden Date 28.09.09 21:14 GMT Edited 28.09.09 21:17 GMT
Haven't had a dog at the vet's for treatment since Kaycee went to the Bridge last year. When he went for his check up's I was charged less than a fiver for the vet's time & the meds he was on. If the pet has no treatment they don't charge, even when I took Wu when he had a grass seed in his paw, I was only charged the full consultation fee for the first visit(well I think it was the full fee)plus the meds & that only came to £25 !! his other two visits I was charged less than a fiver for the vets time & the cost of the meds.

I know one of the vets doesn't have a posh car, when I took a cat(not mine)out of hours he turned up in a W reg hatch back. The practice does have a couple of vehicles that belong to the practice-not flashy just customised vans for collecting any pets that the vet might have to bring to the surgery.
- By fushang [gb] Date 28.09.09 23:03 GMT
there are no vehicles outside our vets so he must live nearby lol  i know his kids are in private education as i groom a dog for his kids teacher ,nosey arnt i lol

one of my dogs had a blood test last week, he couldnt tell me how much it would be cos it was a ' special one' (its prior to mating) and there would be a lab fee. went into day for results and it was £39 i thought it was going to be about £120!!! i came out smiling
- By fushang [gb] Date 28.09.09 23:07 GMT
sorry i meant prior to breeding not actual mating
- By colliepam [gb] Date 29.09.09 06:29 GMT
its about 19 pounds at my vets in notts.13 for follow ups.the v a t enrages me though!
- By Tadsy Date 29.09.09 06:52 GMT
£35 for initial consultation, follow up £22 (last week - Kent.)

Must say I was surprised being charged for the follow up, my old vets never charged it.

- By Brainless [gb] Date 29.09.09 09:54 GMT
Now that is a bugbear to me to,.

It would be illegal to not treat our animals yet we have to pay VAT as if it were a luxury.
- By Daisy [gb] Date 29.09.09 11:51 GMT
Owning a pet IS a luxury - it is not one of life's necessities and they shouldn't be owned unless the owner can afford ALL the expenses :) If an animal is owned by a business, then the VAT can be reclaimed.

- By Brainless [gb] Date 29.09.09 14:21 GMT
The animal may be a luxury, but the Vet treatment is not, adn what about workign dogs as in the Vat on working dog food?
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