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- By alancourt Date 23.09.09 19:10 GMT
How much should I expect to pay per test.My vets told me it would be £30 per test but on top of that I had to pay the vet £18 for taking a blood sample and £5.50 next day postage.Total £54.40.this seems a little expensive to me?
- By LucyMissy [gb] Date 23.09.09 19:37 GMT
Mine charges £33 but prices can vary wildly. My vet charges £36 for a scan but I rung another nearby vet to see their prices and they quoted £54. Think I will stick to the 1 I have!
- By alancourt Date 23.09.09 19:45 GMT
Is that an all inclusive price (ie includes the cost of the lab test at idexx and the cost of the vets taking a blood sample and posting to idexx) also is it for the idexx quantitative test or just the in house pre mate test which most vets can do which is useless for frozen semen
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 23.09.09 19:49 GMT
Just had a test done. IDEXX charge £24.40 and my Vet charged me £6 something for taking the blood. You can ring IDEXX and they will send you the kit and then you just send the blood off in the prepaid envelope.
- By alancourt Date 23.09.09 19:51 GMT
When you got the result back who interpreted it for you and did you know the correct date to mate
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 23.09.09 19:59 GMT
They ring you from IDEXX and they tell you what the figures are and if they are close to mating they will give you a forecast of when to mate. Your Vet must be taking his 'cut' by sending it off for you because IDEXX provides a prepaid envelope, vial for blood, paperwork and plastic inner envelope. You always get the result next day.
- By rocknrose [gb] Date 24.09.09 13:22 GMT
Yes if you are a bit off time wise, they will give you another day when they recommend the next test to be done. If you are near  to the time they will give you a recommended mating day. Its always the labs that read the tests, they fax the results though to  the vets and the vets ring you and hey presto you can relax or fill the car up rapidly, depending on the result :)

I don't think the test istself is that expensive, what bumps it up is the consulation fee the vets charge, which is always around the £20 mark.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 24.09.09 21:28 GMT
I could of sworn that Idexx charged me £34.00 but that was inclusive of P&P and I paid £18.00 to my vets for taking the blood so yeah I would say the charge is correct.  My girl had missed three times and I finally got a litter of 3 out of her and up to now I'm over the moon with them.
- By annastasia [gb] Date 25.09.09 11:11 GMT
our vet does pre-mate blood tests and charge £25, we get the results within 2 hours usually. a friend of mine always uses Iddex and swears by them but she doesnt have a vet who has the kits for pre-mate blood tests.
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 25.09.09 13:19 GMT
No, just done a test within the last 3 weeks. I also have the paperwork for another test kit in front of me. The charge is £24.40. As I said before my Vet charged me £6.00  and some pence and a friend who did the test 10 days later was charged the same at our Vets. The prepaid envelope comes with the kit.
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 25.09.09 13:21 GMT
The Vets don't have to have the kits. You just telephone IDEXX and they send the kits to you. You take the empty vial to the Vets and ask them to take the blood. You send the vial (all packed well together with the paperwork) in the pre paid envelope that morning and you get the results from IDEXX the next day by telephone.
- By lel [gb] Date 25.09.09 17:13 GMT
Does anyone have a contact number for Idexx please?
- By AlisonGold [gb] Date 25.09.09 17:54 GMT
IDEXX phone  number 01937 544000
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