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- By Pookin [gb] Date 03.07.09 17:52 GMT
I was just wandering how often everyone else worms and fleas? I worm every 4 months and do the spot on flea treatment every 3 because thats what the packets say to do. The thing is my dogs never have fleas so should I be using the flea treatment on them as often as the pack says or do they not have fleas because of the treatment?
- By georgepig [gb] Date 03.07.09 17:58 GMT
I've never used flea treatment on my dog and he's never had fleas (watch him get them now :-)).
- By Pookin [gb] Date 03.07.09 18:05 GMT
Lol, that's exactly what will happen you've jinxed yourself now! I was thinking maybe I don't need to flea them but then I bet they'll be crawling. Really paranoid about fleas cos my parents had them really bad a few years ago, they got into the carpets and furniture and in the end they spent a fortune on flea sprays, treatments and it took months to get it under control, all because my dad kept telling himself he'd de-flea the dogs tomorrow!
- By ceejay Date 03.07.09 18:27 GMT
That reminds me - got to go to vets for worming tablets - every 3 months as the packet says.  No I don't deflea - my dog is paranoid about having something squirted on her neck, she thinks I am going to do something dreadful to her - she is a worrier like me!  I did have jumping dust in my last house but I didn't ever get around to treating the carpets.  My d-i-l and son live there now with 2 cats and no complaints so perhaps I was paranoid too! 
- By crinklecut [gb] Date 03.07.09 18:51 GMT
I worm my dogs every three months. I would only de-flea if I saw one on any of them, luckily, despite showing most weekends they don't seem to get them.Found they were more likely to get fleas when I had cats who went out.
- By peppe [gb] Date 03.07.09 21:53 GMT
Worm tablts from Vetmedic are a lot cheaper than the vets.  I flea every 2 months.  I used to have a rough collie that I thought never had fleas but always found I thought were small grains of earth in his hocks. I decided to treat him for fleas and they disappeared never came back I think they much have been flea dirt but never any round his neck, he never scratched either.
- By merlyn26 [gb] Date 04.07.09 15:42 GMT
i worm with drontal or droncit every 3 months (as this treats for tapeworms) and use advocate every month as this does for fleas and for roundworm (as well as lots of other things) personally prevention of fleas is far better than cure cos once your dog gets them its not easy to rid your house etc of them - adult fleas only make up 5% of the flea population so for even the one flea you find on your pet there will be loads of eggs and larvae around the house! yuk! but its the worms we should all be most concerned about - advocate is the only product that treats for angiostrongylus vasorum - which can kill!!!!!! - have a look at the "be lungworm aware" website! if your dogs are like mine and enjoy eating grass, drinking from puddles or picking up snails to play with or you ever leave their toys outside over night - then they are potentially at risk!
- By goldie [gb] Date 04.07.09 15:42 GMT
I worm every 3months. But dont use flee products,as i do all my dogs defleeing with the bone comb if they have one and thats not often.
Hoovering is the secret weapon...hoover as much as possible.
- By alpha [gb] Date 07.08.09 14:43 GMT
For fleas I do both my dogs monthly with frontline every 2 months since our 1st and only infection. No noticable side effects.

As for worms, like Merlyn I was under the impression that Advocate was the only protection from lungworm, then I discovered the difference between 'commercial' vets and vets there for the animals. Speaking to some other more friendly vets I have found that other products will also be affective, a fenbendazole wormer such as Panacur for example is effective in puppy doses for pups and small dogs. These vets have howver said that advocate is a top class product just dont be duped into buying it by a vet with a good markup on a 'fad' product.
Anyone know why Panacur favourites for dogs is withdrawn?
- By Miranda53 [gb] Date 07.08.09 14:59 GMT
My dog has a combination flea/worming treatment (Advocate) once a month.
- By WestCoast Date 07.08.09 15:03 GMT
I feed garlic and haven't had any fleas since 1996. 
I only worm nursing bitches with Drontal Plus when I worm their pups with Drontal Suspension.
I use as few chemicals as possible on my dogs and myself. :)
- By Pinky Date 07.08.09 15:10 GMT
Same as Westcoast for me, no flea treatment just garlic,  oh and we have tiled floors so that might help. Don't worm very often either and when I do I used Panacur oral suspension 10%  :)
- By Brainless [gb] Date 07.08.09 15:54 GMT
It is interesting that my friends in the USA do not routinely worm their dogs or litters but have fecal samples analyzed first.

If those from a litter show worms then the pups are wormed.

the adults are tested every now and then especially the bitches.

They rarely find they need to worm, though in many areas heart worm prevention is a must.
- By STARRYEYES Date 07.08.09 21:50 GMT
I am also feeding garlic every day
- By jdp1962 [gb] Date 07.08.09 22:09 GMT
Worm every 3 months with milbemax keep a watchfull eye for the other :-( and manage to keep on top far 
- By colliecrew [gb] Date 07.08.09 22:57 GMT
I don't flea treat as a routine measure.

Panacur wormer 3 monthly as mine do like to munch on rabbit poo on occassion! 

- By JeanSW Date 07.08.09 23:49 GMT

> Don't worm very often either and when I do I used Panacur oral suspension 10%  :-)

Same here!  Barabara is right though.  I once had faecal samples done on the Beardies for curiousity - no worms were found.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 08.08.09 10:17 GMT

> I once had faecal samples done on the Beardies for curiousity - no worms were found.

Do you not think like with vaccination the vets make checking for need more expensive than treatment, so most opt for treatment.
- By JeanSW Date 08.08.09 10:31 GMT
You could be right Barbara.  Titre testing is far more expensive than having a booster done, so why not?  I can't remember the exact cost of having the faecal sample carried out, just remember that, at the time I thought WOW! 

It's not cheap to worm, but certainly less expensive than the test.

Disgusting habit, I know, but I do regular poo inspections (I don't get out much!) and I never see a thing.
- By karenclynes [in] Date 09.08.09 17:36 GMT
I use advocate on my girls a couple of times a year and worm them every four months and touch wood never had a problem.  I also do the house once a year, (flea not worm :-D)
- By Pookin [gb] Date 10.08.09 12:32 GMT
An update on my new flea regime. I still worm the dogs regularly because there are rotten sheep carcasses all over the mountain where I live which makes me paranoid about worms. But with great trepidation I didn't do the flea treatment and tried garlic on their food everyday, so far they do not seem to have picked up fleas, which is good but they still get ticks every now and then, why doesn't garlic keep those away?
But the horror of horrors was when I discovered yesterday morning that I had a tick! It was disgusting, can't have been there long because it wasn't swollen, but I was too revolted to get it off myself, woke up my friend who was staying over to do it for me, she wasn't happy to be woken up at 6am :(
Really gross, now I'm paranoid about having tick diseases but I won't wear shorts in the tall grass fields again
- By Whistler [gb] Date 10.08.09 12:58 GMT
Ditto Milbemax ours recently there are slugs all over the place, Advantix monthly March - Sept then stop.
Drontal three monthly both. (Milbemax was given to us re lungworm.)
- By Moonmaiden Date 10.08.09 13:04 GMT
Milbemax should be used with great caution on some herding breeds, unless they are DNA tested Normal for MDR-1
- By Whistler [gb] Date 10.08.09 14:29 GMT
Thanks for that I just shoved it in a piece of cheese and he ate it!
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 10.08.09 15:23 GMT
I only worm every 6 months and haven't had to use any flea remedies for many a year, I also use garlic and never seen any fleas for about 8 years?
- By Anwen [gb] Date 12.08.09 07:21 GMT
I haven't used flea treatment for years, not since our cat died, and -touch wood- haven't seen a flea in all that time. I worm every 6 months, June and December, so I'll remember when they were done last.
- By Annabella [gb] Date 12.08.09 19:35 GMT
I worm mine once a year with drontol,very rarely use flea treatment only if nessary .
- By welshdoglover [gb] Date 16.08.09 21:39 GMT
Garlic?  Never heard of this before for fleas.  Does it prevent them or kill them and exactly how do you feed it?

I've got visions of doggies eating garlic mushrooms lol


welshdoglover x
- By Cairnmania [gb] Date 17.08.09 11:42 GMT
I follow the recommended vet advice.  Worm every 3 months.   Use Advantix for fleas and ticks every month, but not during the Winter.

Ages ago I had a 5 month old puppy that nearly died from worms.  Her breeder was in a rehab and her mother was looking after the litter.  Mom did not keep up with worming and the result was a nearly dead puppy.  This was my first dog, had already taken the pup to a vet for an MOT, so this was a real shock.  Ever since then though I have made sure my dogs are kept up-to-date on worming.
- By Perry Date 17.08.09 13:55 GMT
Garlic?  Never heard of this before for fleas.  Does it prevent them or kill them and exactly how do you feed it?
It prevents them, it works in a similar way to Brewers Yeast (vit b) once in the dogs system it makes them less palatable to the fleas.  Vitamin b works for people too, if you are someone that gets bitten a lot in the summer could be that you are short on the b vits!

I give my dogs a clove a day or every other day mixed in their food - some people prefer to give the capsules but both work!
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